Profits in Honey Processing Business (Cost to Start)

Introduction to profits in honey processing business in India (Cost to Start)

The main objective of a honey processing business is to transform the collected honey into the purest form by eliminating the impurities and separating the waxes. Hence, it can be thought of as a business where the beekeeper can earn income with this step. Indian bees provide honey which is obtained with the use of advanced honey extraction methods. This business can be initiated in any region but make sure the bee insect is accessible for more than six months in this region.

Ideas to start and make profits in honey processing business

The honey that is collected has hemophilic yeast which causes fermentation of the honey. Hence, it is needed for the honey processing unit to maintain the extracted honey quality. Thus it must be clear that effective processing of honey is essential to maintain both the quantity and quality of the honey. The complete information of the honey processing business is explained in the entire blog stage wise.

Honey processing product and application

Honey is consumed as a dessert in our everyday food intake, and it also helps in the preparation of confectionaries for many years. Several applications have been seen in the honey processing industry. Moreover, honey can also be employed in Ayurvedic medicine. Similarly, there are various home cures where honey is given for cough, and thus, honey is well-noted as an important ingredient in cough syrups. This is also consumed for people who are planning to start dieting. You can even see honey as a significant element to some lozenges. As you start to explore the international market, you will know that the demand for good standard honey is more and it is definite to earn foreign currency by honey processing business in a country like India.

The market potential for honey processing business to make profits

The market potential for honey processing.
The market potential for honey processing.

When entrepreneurs initiate the honey processing business, to know the need in the market, they can obtain from the food processing units, Ayurvedic shops, and even the export market. In order to attain the attention of the consumers in the international market, it is important to procure a good quality of honey and be careful in processing. When the products are exported abroad, it is required to check the quality of the product for the presence of any pesticides or insecticides which are commonly seen in the honey. Moreover, it is often observed that the countries that opt for the honey which is imported to their countries look for the proper certification to ensure that the honey imported from authentic sources. So such a procedure has been introduced to effectively monitor the honey quality.

Honey is collected by the tribal people, and it may not be appropriate to carry across to foreign countries as such. Thus, the honey processing method is very crucial before it is packed for export. Apart from the international market, it also has its applications industries like confectionery, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical segments. Thus, the need for food items like honey is increasing day by day and customers need good quality honey for their usage. In this segment, China is one of the leading honey-producing countries, and in this way, it stands to be one of the largest exporters in honey. Due to the growing awareness about fitness among the people, honey is taking its stand as one of the healthy foods, so its need in the domestic market will definitely increase in the future.

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License, registrations, and permissions for Honey processing business

Below is the list of licenses, registrations, and permissions required for the Honey processing business in India.

Registration of firm: You may begin the small to medium unit either as Proprietorship or in the form of a Partnership Firm. If you are beginning this business as One Person Company, then one should register your firm as a proprietorship.

GST Registration: It is mandatory to have a GST Number for every company.

Trade License: It is also very important to have a trade license from local organizations.

MSME/SSI Registration: It is mandatory to register your business with Udyog Aadhaar MEMS registration that will aid in availing subsidies or any facilities from the state government.

Trademark: It is also very essential to secure your brand and you must apply for a trademark.

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI): Honey is a food ingredient that is the reason you must get a food operation license and FSSAI license which is mandatory for any food industry.

IEC code: In case you are also interested to export your processed honey to abroad then you must apply for IEC code.

The machinery required for the Honey processing business

It is known that about 30 to 35 lakh rupees are needed for beginning honey processing industry but half of this amount, the entrepreneurs can purchase the equipment needed for the business. Some other machinery needed for this business is mentioned in the next section below.

A storage tank is needed that will cost around 5 lakh rupees.

honey processing machine price is estimated to be 1.2 lakhs, which is required for processing raw collected honey.

Honey handling tools are needed that will be about fifty thousand rupees.

Some other utensils needed for honey drying and honey filling utensils, and for the bottle washing items that will sum to 1.5 lakh rupees.

Some other tools are:

  • Honey
  • Lid
  • Empty bottle and other empty containers
  • Labels and others

The procedure of processing honey

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Honey Comb.
Honey Comb.

The beekeeping farmers or the entrepreneurs are accountable for storing the honey, and the honey is gathered from them. After this, the quality of the honey is examined for any chemicals like pesticides or insecticides. After the inspection is accomplished, the honey is ready for processing stage, and thus it is done in the processing unit. When it is fed to the machine, it becomes thick since this removes wax and moisture from the honey. After processing of the honey, it is placed into a wide-mouthed bottle and sealed totally to preserve its smell. After this, the honey bottles are carefully dried and then labeled as per the requirement.

Investment required to start a honey processing business to make profits

The cost of honey processing business maybe about 35 lakhs in case the individual does not acquire land and instead you can use a rented piece of the area in the starting stage. Some other associated costs to the building are described below.

The cost of purchasing the land maybe about 5 lakh rupees.

The cost of constructing the building may also consume 5 lakhs or more.

For machinery and other tools can be purchased for 15 lakhs.

For water and electricity facilities it will take around 1 lakh rupees.

Some other expenses should also be considered while operations in buying various tools associated with the business before you start the activities.

Profits in honey processing business

As honey has the highest demand in the market due to its medicinal properties and the usage in confectioneries and other food items. You can easily get profits ranging from 40 to 45%. Profits in honey processing business are high as it involves only removing the impurities.

How to sell your processed honey 

Moreover, you can sell processed honey even online stores as well which is trending nowadays through your website if your budget permits or via the popular e-commerce sites.

You can sell your processed honey in local markets or you can even sell in the medical stores. You can also register in B2B websites and B2C websites in online markets to promote processed honey products.

You can also sell your products in medical stores, supermarkets, small stores in shopping malls, etc. Advertise about your product through social media to get a huge number of clients in this way you can increase and promote your business. Even though there are several processed honey manufacturers in India, but the demand for encouraging the new product is also high because of its medicinal properties. So, you need not worry about the market. You can sell your product based on the processed honey wholesale price in India.

To reduce input costs and increase profits, you can start commercial Honey Bee Farming.


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