Profits in Guar Gum Making Business (Cost to Start)

Introduction to profits in Guar gum making 

The guar gum has many applications in our day to day life. Thus the thought of guar gum manufacturing is a great thing to initiate as a small-scale business. From industries related to textiles and confectioneries, guar gum powder could be used for making the product more attractive. In India for example Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh are the chief producers of the guar seeds. Out of the entire production, about 90 % is backed through small-scale industries. Hence, the business of guar gum powder is having an unlimited market with the chances of high profits.

Ideas to start and make profits in Guar gum making business

Guar gum is commonly called guaran, which is a galactomannan. It is fundamentally the ground endosperm of guar beans. The guar seeds are properly dehusked, milled, and screened to get the guar gum. It is usually available as a free-flowing, off-white powder. It is a natural food thickener, similar to locust bean gum, tapioca flour, or cornstarch.

It is also seen that it has more thickening capacity than cornstarch if compared to its price aspect. This has made it a widespread additive in products like puddings and ice creams. Earlier it was also an ingredient in non-prescription diet pills intended to generate a sense of fullness.

Guar gum powder and its usage

It is the flour obtained from the guar seeds which is a suitable source of gum and is dispersible in either hot or cold water providing a high quality of viscosities. You will get an extensive range of grades of guar gum powder. Moreover, it has many properties that are employed in a wide range of industries. The major industries are printing, paper industries, finishing of textiles, and confectionery. It has the property of a thickening agent and thus used to aid decoration in the textile industry. In the food sector, it is used as binding, thickening, and stabilizing agents.

The market potentiality of Guar gum manufacturing

The global guar gum powder market reached a total volume of 849, 429 Tons in the year 2019. Guar gum powder is obtained from the guar plant that is generally found in India and Pakistan. It is a free-flowing powder that is whitish to yellowish with a slight odor. Guar gum powder has a nice fine texture with an excellent thickening ability and a high solubility in both hold and cold water. Nowadays, drilling companies use guar gum powder to upsurge the viscosity of water, which is later employed for extracting oil and natural gas through tight rock formations.

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The market potentiality of Guar gum.
The market potentiality of Guar gum.

Guar gum powder finds many uses in various industries. As a food preservative, it emulsifies, binds, moisturizes, stabilizes, thickens, and suspends many liquid-solid systems and avoids the formation of ice crystals in frozen products. It is also employed to impart softness and sponginess, improve the texture and structure, extend the shelf life, and increase the moisture retention in bakery products. Apart from this, guar gum powder is used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals as thickener, conditioner, and viscosifier in shampoos and toothpaste, a binder in medicines, and as a mild laxative and soluble dietary fiber. Also, guar gum is applied to thicken the dye solutions in textile and carpet printing, imparting more sharply printed patterns. Moreover, one of the vital applications of guar gum powder lies in petroleum extraction, considerably in the segment of hydraulic fracturing. This powder also acts as an effective gelling agent and is an outstanding lubricant, owing to which it is engaged in oil well stimulation for lowering gel lumping.

Area required for Gaur gum making business

The location does not affect the business much. But it should be large enough to arrange various machinery and equipment. It should have a facility for the transport system.

Guar gum manufacturing process

The endosperm is mechanically separated from the guar seed which has about 80 % Galactomannan. The worth of the product is decided based on its viscosity. Higher the viscosity, the greater you will get cost for the product.

It is completely a mechanical process for obtaining the guar gum. The seeds are primarily split into two halves and next the hull of the germ is scrapped off mechanically to get endosperm. Again the refined guar splits are attained by splitting the guar seed into two halves through the de-husking and polishing the grains.

Basic machines required for Guar gum manufacturing process

Cleaner, splitter, pneumatic conveyor, elevator, dehusking, cone mixer, centrifugal roaster, bagging, rotary siever, flaker machine, cooler, conical blender, pneumatic dryer line, and others are the common machinery needed for the guar gum manufacturing.

Steps to start the Guar gum manufacturing unit

If you are now persuaded that the guar gum manufacturing business is a good business prospect, then you must check the below-mentioned steps to initiate the same –

Gaur gum making a business plan 

gaur gum making a business plan is a significant aspect of any business; it contains the whole details for the operation for any business. It will also have particulars regarding the stages and arrangements for the future of the business like how you are planning to operate the business and what are the intentional steps to raise the same and the sources for the arrangement of the investment.

Investment or cost to initiate Guar gum making business

You will need to arrange a capital of Rs. 8 lakh to 10 lakh based on the capacity, amount of capital for the acquisitions of various machinery, and the activities related to the business. With the new guidelines of the Indian Government, with a perfect business plan, you can effortlessly get financial aid from banks with no collateral.

Profits in Guar gum making business

You can earn good profits in the guar gum making business as it has a huge demand in the market. Guar gum making business profits ranges from 40 to 50%.

Promotion of Gaur gum production

This business also needs some promotion to stand in the market and you can do that by ads in newspapers and the distribution of flyers around the city to attract the people in your region. The idea of guar gum manufacturing is a nice opportunity to begin and set up as your own business.

Below you will find the various application of Guar gum in different industries

Paper industry

It is also used to increase the sheet formation, its folding and imparts a denser surface of printing.

Textile industry – It helps in finishing, sizing, and printing.

Pharmaceutical industry – It is a major ingredient in the bulk-forming laxatives.

Cosmetic industry – Employed as a thickener in shampoos, toothpaste, and conditioners.

Explosive industry – Used as a waterproofing agent after proper mixing with ammonium nitrate and nitroglycerin, etc.

So if you are planning to start Guar gum making the business, it is the perfect time to spend your capital on it.

To reduce the input costs and make more profits, you can start a commercial Cluster Bean Farming (Guar).


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