Royal Enfield Franchise, Cost to Start, and Profits

Royal Enfield Franchise in India: Procedure, Cost to Start, and Profits

Are you fond of bikes and want to invest in one of the great brands of bikes. Then just think for taking a franchise of Royal Enfield. Royal Enfield is a noticeable Indian brand that manufactures motorcycles. This would serve your interest. Motor ­­­vehicles, either two-wheelers or four-wheelers, were invented to travel from one region to another. But currently, they have changed the style aspect. Not only it is a vehicle for travel, but people also wish something that is proficient and looks worthy. Whether we are speaking about cars or bikes. In terms of bikes, one name that stands out as top in India is Royal Enfield. The company is so prevalent in the country that people can identify the brand just from the sound of their bikes. Royal Enfield is a home-grown brand that has been captivating the hearts of the people for decades with their high-end bikes that perform marvelously on the road and also look decent and even better, making the driver of the bike look virtuous. Thus, if any person is interested in capitalizing in a bike company and has the wealth to invest, this is an appropriate choice.

About the Royal Enfield Company

Eadie Manufacturing Company was founded by Albert Eadie and R.W. Smith in Redditch in the year 1891. It was taken over by Townsend Cycle. The company was then renamed as the now-famous Enfield Manufacturing Company Limited. Licensed by the Indian Madras Motors, which is the company that is a subsidiary of Eicher Motors Limited. The company got into a collaboration with Eicher Group in 1990 and merged with it in 1994.

The bikes are mass-produced in Chennai. The first vehicle was produced in the year 1901, the company stands as one of ‘the oldest global motorcycle brand still in continuous production’. The Bullet variant of the company is having the longest motorcycle production of all time.

Market potential of Royal Enfield Company

Today, Royal Enfield has a worldwide existence as the company sells its bikes in around 50 countries in the entire world. In the year 2015, it is evident that Royal Enfield also crossed the global sales of popular motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson.

There are different kinds of bikes which are sold by Royal Enfield across the world but the many well-known bikes which are sold in India are as follow:

  • Bullet
  • Classic
  • Thunderbird
  • Continental GT
  • Himalayan

Apart from motorcycles, the company provides a range of accessories for its consumers in its stores that include things like helmets, keychains, saddlebags, emblems, etc. The company also sells its own goods. The clothing line of Royal Enfield includes casual shirts, t-shirts, denim, ride wear, and leather jackets. The company has a footwear line as well that adds beauty to the rider.

Royal Enfield is also considered to be one of the most famous and trusted brands in India. The company has about 180 dealers in different parts of the country and about 100 authorized service centres. Royal Enfield bikes are not only just vehicles but a fashion aspect. The company is present in countries such as Germany, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, the USA, and many others. Royal Enfield has a reputation that does not need any marketing.

Advantages of Royal Enfield franchise

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Advantages of Royal Enfield franchise.
Advantages of Royal Enfield franchise.

There are many advantages of getting associated with or becoming an owner of a Royal Enfield franchise.

  • There are different support groups set up by the company whose role is to assist an individual in starting a Royal Enfield store. They teach the individual about business and lead them about how to run a franchise. Training and assistance concerning stock, branding, and customer service are also given by the company to the franchisee. Marketing assistance as well is provided to the franchisee in order to proficiently operate their business and gain income. The company also helps the franchisee in identifying a location for the store and provide field support too.
  • The dealership agreement about 5 years that is minimum must be signed by a franchisee. After that, the company can alter the duration of the agreement at any period.
  • The company’s established brand name and its concrete establishment across the country itself mark that the motorcycle company like Royal Enfield is indeed a great choice to spend your capital.

Requirements for attainingRoyal Enfield franchise

One significant prerequisite to attain a Royal Enfield dealership is to obtain an area or space for the store.

  • You need to arrange the documents like Aadhar card, address proof, PAN card, and bank statements are some of the documents to be attached along with the application form for a Royal Enfield dealership.
  • A motorcycle requires a good space because different motorbikes should be kept for display in the showroom. The minimum space that is needed is around 4,000 square feet.
  • Segments like the main working area, a lounge for clients, a parking place for bikes, an office, and space to display goods also mandatory with the store.

Royal Enfield franchise cost and profit

Cost or investment to attain Royal Enfield franchise

To have an association with the famous Royal Enfield brand, any person should pay a substantial sum of money that is between 50 lakh to 1 crore rupees. Moreover, 1 lakh rupees is also needed by the franchisee for theRoyal Enfield franchise fees. Not only that a royalty fee of 5 percent from the monthly gross sales of the store should be provided to the company.

Profit and return on investment in Royal Enfield franchise

Royal Enfield being a popular brand ensures profits for the franchisee. The company is so famous that it never involves in marketing for advertising the products. The profit margins on Royal Enfieldbasically can be expected to be a minimum of 20 percent.

How to take the Royal Enfield franchise?

The procedure and steps to obtain a Royal Enfield dealership are easy. Anybody should follow the mentioned steps to apply for a Royal Enfield franchise in India:

  • The first step is to get on to the company’s official website.
  • Then select on the ‘Become a Dealer’ menu that at the bottom of the page.
  • The individual will have an application form apart from the requisites that need to be fulfilled.
  • The individual must fill the application form and submit many personal and professional information about themselves. Documents like Aadhar card, address proof, PAN card, bank statements are also needed.
  • Submit the application form after finishing it.
  • After submission, the application form will be examined by the Royal Enfield personnel.
  • The application is reviewed based on many aspects and a personal consultation with the candidate is also steered.
  • Later on, if they decide that the candidate has a good experience and is proficient in handling the business, they proceed further.
  • Along with this, you can also plan for the Royal Enfield service centre franchise, which will boost your profit margin.

Royal Enfield franchise contact details

If one desires to reach out the Royal Enfield staff and enquire anything that they have, can note the below information:

Official website:

Telephonenumber:  18002100007 / 04412230400

Office address: No 624, Tiruvottiyur High Road, Tiruvottiyur, Chennai – 600019, Near Tiruvottiyur Bus Terminus.

FAQ regarding Royal Enfield dealership

How to get Royal Enfield dealership in India?

Answer: To apply for a Royal Enfield dealership, one must visit the company’s official website and fill out an application form for applying the dealership. Personal and official information will be needed that must be filed by the candidate in the application. The form will then be revised by the Royal Enfield personnel who will select whether the candidate has a good experience or not and depending on that, they will choose whether to step forward with the applicant or not.

Is Royal Enfield dealership profitable?

Answer: Yes, the Royal Enfield is indeed a profitable business. Based on evidence obtainable on the internet, the basic profit margin for Royal Enfield products is around 20 percent.

How much does it cost to open a Royal Enfield showroom?

Answer: A sum of fifty lakhs to one crore rupees is required to open up a Royal Enfield showroom. An additional franchise fee of one lakh is also requested by the franchisee.

What are the most popular motorcycle models of Royal Enfield?

Answer: Bullet, Continental GT, Classic, Thunderbird, and the Himalayan are the well-known models of Royal Enfield.

What are the documents needed to apply for a Royal Enfield dealership?

Answer: Aadhar card, address proof, PAN card, and bank statements are some of the documents to be attached along with the application form for a Royal Enfield franchise.

What is the duration of the Royal Enfield franchise agreement?

Answer: The Royal Enfield dealership agreement should be signed for a minimum duration of 5 years.



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