Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

Most Successful Small Business Ideas with Low Investment


An entrepreneur fights for capital that can allow him to effectively realize his idea. For any tycoon, a great business is not principal intensive. Several small business ideas need very less investment. These ideas, if implemented well, can ensure that the business accompaniments and is money-making. A business idea with low savings is a very desirable proposal. However, most individuals are not sure what those thoughts would be and how they might fit into their outline of things.

Before starting any kind of business, you need to have a perfect business plan, documents required, license list, area or space required, investment, raw materials or machinery, and other important things. All these you need to think first and then start your business with a perfect projection. You also need to calculate the profit margin, and how you will manage the expenses in the initial stage, hiring staff, etc.

List of Most Successful Small Business Ideas in India

Tuition/Coaching Classes

This is one of the best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment. Do you recall your favorite subject in school? Did you swim through Mathematics like a wizard or did you have distinct chemistry with Chemistry? If you nod vertically, a room, few chairs, a board, marker, and napkin are all you would require to start teaching a topic. If you know a foreign language like Spanish, French, or German, you could easily inform lessons in such languages and begin a small business lacking any great capital. There is always a claim for foreign language classes from students and professionals hence you should not worry about the channel as an entrepreneur. The idea is not only associated with low investment and high returns, it also has a certain logic of cash inflow and demand certainty. For such businesses, you can jolt with a very small business loan as well and there is no lack of avenues from where you can get an uncomplicated loan to begin this type of business.

Event/Wedding Planner business

This is one of the best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment. Weddings never go out of trend. Whether the economy is prosperous or going through a downturn, there is always a scope for weddings. To add to it, weddings can be classified as the “big fat Indian weddings” to very private assemblies. To put things in perspective, the Indian wedding market was estimated to be about ₹33,000 crores during 2017 and it is growing at a rate of 20 percent annually. This showcases a huge opportunity for wedding planners who can plan wedding themes, planners, decorators, caterers in place and perfect plan and establish the entire wedding ceremony. It entails initial capital investment for supervising, logistics, and preparations for which a plethora of small business loan possibilities are available at your disposal. While the early investment is low, the returns that can be expected once the business scales, but is indeed significant.

Cooking Classes online or offline

This is one of the best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment. If the fame of shows such as MasterChef is there, then it is a clear indication that cooking classes may be a great venture idea in India. It requires very low capital but can gain good profits. All you need is to arrange a kitchen and equipment, the associated infrastructure, the raw materials, and cooking resources. Anyone who has the potential of this business must plan for a very low initial investment. They can get small business loans from a wide range of banks. Once the cooking class is arranged, the proprietor can operate several batches at the same place. The Capex investment is hence nominal, and small working capital investment would be enough to run the enterprise flawlessly.

Driving School/Cab Service business

This is one of the best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment. If one has ample driving skills and can purchase a vehicle necessarily 4-wheeler, driving lessons can be serviced to people. With the same vehicle, the person can teach around 10-15 people in a month and gain a decent amount with low investment. It might not be very tedious to obtain a small business loan and purchase a car. Besides, earnings from the driving school can be used card loan EMI’s. Depending on the savings, the fleet of cars can be increased, more driving trainers can be hired, and the business can grow. A person may also get a small business loan to purchase a new car. If he has the necessary driving skills, he can register for a cab service such as an Ola or Uber. Once he does that, he can provide rides through the cab driver app and gain income to clear off his loans and save for further growth.

Food Catering Service Business

Food Catering
Food Catering (Image credit: pixabay)

Everyone relishes good food. A food catering business is always in demand. Various occasions for instance birthday functions, anniversaries, weddings, etc. need food to caterers who take care that the food served is enjoyable. For a food catering service, all you require is a kitchen and a few chefs to cook, some to serve, deliver, and manage logistics. If you always desired to own a dream restaurant venture? You can initiate with a food catering business as it is comparatively a low capital-intensive venture with a high return prospect. You can obtain a loan for the capital and gradually build a great food chain. Considering our country and the festivities, ceremonies, and events which we have throughout the year, a catering service is all time having demand. It is one of the best small capital ideas in India.

Fitness Centres or Gym

More than 65% of India’s crowd is less than 35 years aged. The youth currently becoming health-conscious and numerous stands to be members of a fitness center or gym. They love to hit the gym and perform a few exercises to lower their calories. The remaining 35% also include a lot of fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. Anyone who has excelled in an area of fitness can initiate a fitness center. The place or infrastructure and equipment can be rented or purchased. Space can be used for around 16 hours daily as people like to walk into the fitness center at various periods during the day. The idea of opening a fitness center with low investment is vital. Even if the person, who is willing to begin the center is unable to secure the budget, he has multiple options at his disposal to get a business loan. It is a very money-making business idea as endorsers of the fitness center find it problematic to keep coming to the fitness center repeatedly but most of them avail annual subscription which is many times non-refundable.

Computer Training Center

This is one of the best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment. We are in an era wherein there is a great requirement for computer literacy and expertise. If one has a basic idea of how to start a computer and how to work with simple applications such as Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the chances of engagement of the person is more. Hence, there is a great need to learn computers, specifically programming and the booming areas in technology such as AI, blockchain, data analytics, IoT, and many more. Are you having experience in any such area? If yes, you can begin a training center equipped with a broadband connection, a few computers, and learning tools such as whiteboards, projectors, etc. The business is powered by knowledge and even some investment. Multiple batches can be initiated for college students, working professionals, etc. and an ample gain can be achieved with an initial investment. Apart from that, a business loan could be availed for such ventures.

Boutique, Salon, and Spa

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Salon Business
Salon Business (pic source: pixabay)

This is one of the best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment. There is always a need for personal hygiene, style, and grooming related services. Once you do an initial investment in the shop and raw materials, if you can concentrate on selling and brand partnerships, and there is a high possibility to turn into a profitable business idea. A small business loan could be availed as well. If you are desired in becoming your boss with any such venture, then now you go proceed!

Real Estate Agent or Broker

This is one of the best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment. By some market research about the real estate market in the area and some knowledge of the prospects for both commercial and residential real estate, one may plan to begin a real estate agency. If you have good communication and convincing people skills, you are likely to entice buyers and sellers alike, and grabbing a deal could aid you to gain a handsome commission. The capital required to start this is very minimum and as you establish your network and start your role in more such projects, the commission you earn can succeed your venture into a highly profitable one.

Web/Social Media Agency

In the digital age, most companies are willing to invest their marketing budgets in advertising through digital mode and paid social media platforms. If you have a good idea of marketing, communications, branding, online presence management, and social platforms, you could initiate your own business to help organizations to establish them strongly digitally. All you need is an office set-up, a few computers with some skilled experts and you are equipped to begin. In case you are not having ample savings, kindly check out some options to avail of a small business loan for initiating a web/ social media agency.

Conclusion of Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

All these lists of businesses are the most successful ideas where you can earn good profits with no or less investment. There is less risk involved and you can start all these business ideas within no time and especially from home. They don’t need any special place to start with you can start in your home itself. Just you can start them immediately and always remember before starting any kind of business you need to have a perfect business plan and the most important thing is customer satisfaction. These two are the main reasons for the most successful businesses even though they are started on a small-scale.


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