Top 10 Best Courier Franchise Opportunities

Introduction to top 10 best courier franchise opportunities: Interested in franchise opportunities for courier services in India? We have compiled a list of the 10 best courier franchise opportunities that are currently available. In the business services sector, setting up a courier business can be a lucrative endeavor. No inventory stock is required for the business. Therefore, a small investment is required to start up. You also have the chance to use an organized system when you become a franchise partner.

Top 10 Best Courier Franchise Opportunities
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In the modern world, courier services are not only essential for domestic use but also for business. Due to the growth of eCommerce in India, the demand for reliable courier services has grown exponentially. Generally, couriers transport information, packages, and parcels from one place to another. When it comes to enabling connections over long distances, enterprises such as these play a very important role. A courier company makes money based on several factors, including speed, security, tracking, and specialization.

You can start your own courier franchise business quickly and easily; you can also take a long time and face a lot of difficulties! In this article, we offer nine steps that will make the process easier.

Guide on introduction to top 10 best courier franchise opportunities, how to start a courier franchise and top 10 best courier franchise opportunities

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How to start a courier franchise? 

Although starting a courier franchise business seems like a good idea at the beginning, you need to consider securing couriers, arranging employee insurance, and making sure that your employees deliver to the right addresses in a customer-friendly way.

1. A solid business plan for a courier franchise

Make sure you select an established courier company before starting your courier franchise business in India. It is ideal to begin by determining whether you will be delivering local or long-distance, and if you will offer services such as packing and unpacking small parcels or bulky boxes, which require a lot more space and effort. It is also possible to choose which type of vehicle will be used for transporting these goods.

2. Planning for transportation

Next, evaluate whether you are going to operate a courier franchise throughout multiple states or just within your home state. You might want to maintain a storefront and arrange local deliveries. Is there an alternative plan as well? It may not be optimal to rely solely on conventional ground transportation such as automobiles. The general rule of thumb is to have multiple backup plans at all times and consider whether special equipment such as planes, trains, and boats will be required.

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 3. Seek expert advice

The chances of you being able to put everything together for your courier franchise company all by yourself are very slim unless you have a lot of courier franchise business knowledge. To finalize the finer aspects of your endeavor, it is recommended that you work with a good mix of consultants. If you intend to operate your company out of your home, you should consult with an attorney familiar with matters related to courier services. Such an attorney will provide you with valuable information regarding local zoning laws.

4. Completion of the formalities

You must register with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and fill out all necessary paperwork before you can start your Courier Franchise Business.

5. License

Getting a business license is the next step. To start your courier franchise business, you will need a government license.

6. Employee on board

Make a list of the different types of people you will need on your teams, such as customer service representatives, package pickers, logistics managers, and accountants. You also need to consider whether you will handle packages that require special certification, such as sensitive materials when starting your delivery business. For example, food ingredients and chemicals for laboratories require a special certification.

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How to start a courier franchise? 
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7. Gather all resources necessary

The most essential resources and tools for your courier franchise business will depend on your goals. If you want to maintain delivery efficiency, choosing the right transportation is very important. Motorcycles and small cars are good choices for transporting small packages. With huge deliveries requiring large trucks, it becomes vital for a business to be able to obtain a loan to access the resources it needs to keep servicing clients.

8. Set your Charge

Determine how much you will need to charge by analyzing your monthly expenses and other factors. You may need to take into account the region’s size. To earn enough money in a huge city, you will need to charge more. You should also research your market.

9. Provide excellent service

Small business owners know that their customers can be their greatest asset or worst nightmare. Be sure to go the extra mile for your customers to demonstrate your commitment to them. As an example, aim to deliver your services within 90 minutes rather than two hours. Your customers will be delighted and tell their friends about it, resulting in an increase in your business!

10. Taxes

Taxes come in many forms, and it is important to be aware of what you may have to pay in the future. It’s important to grasp the various tax tiers and plan effectively because the scope of taxation is greater, from GST to custom tax.

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Top 10 Best Courier Franchise Opportunities

These are some of the top courier franchise opportunities that are available in India.


DTDC is a courier company based in Bangalore. The company is India’s leading courier company. Every month it handles more than 12 million shipments.

DTDC offers entrepreneurship opportunities to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. It establishes a channel for social change. It offers three different business models depending on location and market potential. There are three types: Normal, Subsidized, and Rural/Satellite. Soon after joining a new franchise partner, the company offers an induction training program.

The minimum investment capacity for opening a DTDC outlet in your area is 1.5 lakhs and you need ground floor premises facing the road.

2. Professional Courier

In the courier industry in India, Professional Courier is a very reputable name. In the delivery and logistics sector, the company has more than 30 years of experience. Customers of Professional Courier can send international and domestic cargo. Additionally, it offers specialized services such as logistics, same-day delivery, Pick & Pack, High Alert Handling, etc.

3. Overnite Express

In order to expand its ever-growing network, Overnite Express offers franchise opportunities. Overnite Express offers franchise opportunities throughout India. In general, the company advertises periodically in local newspapers inviting franchisees.

Overnite Express prefers to hire people with a passion for making the business a grand success, month after month, with consistent growth.

4. Amazon Courier

Every day, Amazon ships millions of packages, providing a consistent and stable volume. Regardless of whether you own a van, you can get competitive rates and incentives from Amazon for delivering goods. Amazon simplifies the entire delivery process through its innovative technology. As part of the company’s business support services, you will receive access to tools for starting and managing your business. Using these tools helps plan, run daily operations, provide routing guidance, and assist with customer service.

5. Aramex Courier

Aramex is actually a UAE-based company that has its headquarters in Dubai. At present, the company offers comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions globally. Besides express courier delivery, Aramex offers freight forwarding, logistics, supply chain management, e-commerce, and records management.

 In order to partner with the company, the company is seeking entrepreneurs and well-established businesses. It is simple to apply. The application form and business plan must be sent to the company together.

6. First Flight Courier Franchise

A Mumbai-based company, First Flight. Having been in the logistics and courier industry for more than 30 years, the company has extensive knowledge and expertise. It is the leading domestic courier company in India. For new entrepreneurs, the company offers business associates programs.

 First Flight provides the BA with backbone support on a variety of parameters. In addition to strong infrastructure, there is network strength, periodic training, and IT support.

7. Delhivery Courier Franchise

Delhivery operates in the digital supply chain industry. Currently, eCommerce is a rapidly growing industry in India. With our Delhivery Partner Program, the company provides businesses and individuals with tools to offer shipping and selling as a value-added service.

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Top 10 Best Courier Franchise Opportunities
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 Franchise applications are simple to complete. In order to become a partner, you must first sign up. You must then select your location. After you have been selected, you can begin working with the company.

8. Go Javas Courier Franchise

The company is one of the fastest-growing courier companies in India. Go Javas mainly caters to online sellers and eCommerce companies. To its business partners, the company offers reliable and time-bound supply-chain solutions.

Services offered by the company are among the most eCommerce-friendly you can find.

A fulfillment service, a COD, a real-time tracking system, and a cash refund are included. You can become a franchise partner of the company by following four simple steps.

9. Last Mile Xpress

Last Mil Xpress offers franchise opportunities under the name and style of Pragati Partner. The company provides support and services to both B2C and B2B customers. Additionally, it offers both bike-based and Eco Van/Tata Ace-based services to its customers.

As of right now, Pragati Partners has locations available at Last Mile Xpress in Delhi. Software and training are provided by the company to be a part of this growing venture.

10. Nonstop Courier and Cargo Pvt. Limited

In South Asia, Nonstop Courier and Cargo is the premier provider of integrated package and courier services. It has the largest domestic network covering over 25,498 locations, serving more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Nonstop Courier and Cargo is an Indian company based in Chennai. The company offers franchise opportunities for courier franchises in all parts of the country.

There are many people who are looking for a professional courier service that offers a reasonable price. A courier mainly services three major business sectors in the industry: manufacturing, retailing, and supply-chain logistics. The Indian courier industry currently numbers around 2300 companies. There are thus many options for courier franchises in India.

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Top 10 Best Courier Franchise Opportunities
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It takes a lot of practice and experience to become a successful courier franchise business. It is difficult to set up a successful courier franchise business. The number of challenges you’ll face and the number of risks you’ll have to take and the decisions you’ll have to make will be very demanding. However, it can be very exciting and fun to get into the courier franchise business. Here is everything that you need to get started with courier franchise business ideas if you have ever wondered about them.


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