Top 15 Franchise Businesses in India

Businesses love the franchise model because it creates new jobs while also benefiting the organizations. Investing a certain amount of money in a franchise agreement allows you to acquire the rights to any multinational brand under specific terms and conditions. There is no need to invest money in branding, advertising, or marketing since the franchise firm already has a strong customer base and strong brand recognition in the market.

As with every company strategy, there are advantages and disadvantages to franchising. So, before we go into the content, let’s look at some of the positive and negative aspects. To assist you in finding the most fantastic franchise in India, we’ve compiled a list of the top organizations that provide franchise possibilities in India. Let’s go down to the bottom and find out which ones are the greatest. Let’s check out the top 15 franchise businesses in India.

Benefits of franchising

  • Your product doesn’t require any marketing since it’s the responsibility of your parent firm.
  • The likelihood of success is great, while the potential for failure is low.
  • Compared to other businesses, the investment is also lower.
  • Demand drives the supply of goods and raw resources regularly.
  • It’s simple to administer and maintain because of the well-established business concept.

Limitations of franchising

  • The parent firm has a strong effect.
  • To run a retail store, you cannot integrate or add other company brands.
  • As long as you are in charge of the company, you must provide a portion of the profits.

Top 15 Franchise Businesses in India


As India’s oldest and most trusted courier company, DTDC has operated since 1990 and presently has more than 5800 channels throughout the globe. In addition to domestic and international package delivery, it also provides logistical support and logistics management. For DTDC franchises in India, start-up costs are low, starting at 75000 rupees for a 75 sq. ft. franchise space, which might vary based on region.

There are three distinct kinds of DTDC franchises, each of which requires a different investment and does not need a well-equipped office space. For example, in a 10X10 space, you may establish a DTDC company without going through a lengthy application process.


As of 2000, Amul is India’s leading indigenous brand, created in 1946. It’s a terrific way to build a successful company on a shoestring budget. However, it has become India the world’s leading milk producer and the fastest growing franchise in India. Today, it has more than 2500 franchises throughout the globe, making it a global brand. Amul franchises may be obtained for as little as Rs. 2-6 lakhs and can provide substantial profits over a short period.

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Top 15 Franchise Businesses in India
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Officially, you may make between 5 and 10 lakh rupees a month, depending on where your Amul franchise is located. It also provides franchises like Amul parlor and Amul Kiosk that need a specific region. It’s looking for anywhere between 100 and 300 square feet with a decorated and air-conditioned area. As a result, starting a franchise company may be a lucrative and rewarding venture.


Since then, it has established itself as a well-known and respected Indian brand. This is a brand that has surpassed the revenue of rupees 200 crores. This firm was established in 2006 by Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkishan. In the beginning, the company’s product ranges included herbal and Ayurvedic products. After achieving remarkable success in this arena, Patanjali has now extended its business to include beauty goods, health care, personal care, food items, and much more.

It has risen to the top of the value chain in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. You’ll need a minimum of 500 square feet of space and Rs. 7 lakhs in investment to become a franchisee. However, you may spend more or less depending on your financial situation. You may make a lot of money by becoming a franchisee for the company, which has become a trusted and affordable option in only a few years.


KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, a US-based firm founded in 1939 that today has more than 20,000 locations throughout the world. It’s a well-known brand in India, and it sells a wide range of chicken products. In addition, it was included in the 201st place on the Fortune 500 list of the world’s largest corporations.

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Customers love this brand because of its food’s excellent quality and mouth-watering flavor. There are several ways why this is the finest franchise in India. If you want to open a KFC franchise, you’ll need to spend between rupees 1 to 2 crores, including different service fees, in a space between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet. It’s impossible to find a better franchise than KFC if you meet all its requirements and restrictions.


Greeting cards, customized presents, artwork, and other items are among the many products this firm sells via a network of more than 500 national and international retailers. Since its starting in 1979, the company’s goods have won the hearts of many customers. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, birthday, mother’s day, or valentine’s day, they have the perfect present for you. It is thus possible to make money by opening an Archies shop since it does not need a large staff, and you may begin with a floor size of 500 Sq Ft.

Inventories, design, music, and other accessories need an expenditure of roughly 12 lakhs. Therefore, you may expect to make between 25% and 30% of your monthly income. In other words, if you’re artistic and creative, this may be an excellent franchise opportunity for you. You’ll be able to showcase your talents while also helping others present unique ideas for their dear ones.

Dr. Lal Pathlabs

Established in 1950, Dr. Lal Pathlabs is the world’s leading diagnostic services supplier. It has been in the pathology sector for 60 years and is well regarded for its high-quality and cost-effective services. To name just a few, it provides services in places like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), India (India, Bangladesh), Saudi Arabia (KSA), Nigeria (Nigeria), and Bangladesh (South Asia), as well as quality assurance programs in a variety of other nations.

You need three lakhs and 200-250 square feet of ground-floor space with bathrooms and other service amenities to become a Dr. Lal Pathlabs franchise. You may easily make more than one lakh rupees from this franchising opportunity in a month.


Dominoes is a well-known pizza brand in India, with over 500 locations throughout the nation. It was founded in 1960 and has become the world’s most famous pizza delivery service brand—over 1 million subscribers in more than 70 countries, including India, which is astounding. Pizza, spaghetti, garlic bread, chicken wings, and a slew of other delectable options are all on the menu at this restaurant.

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Dominos Pizza
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Jubilant Food Works Limited owns the franchise in India, thus, if you want to open a location, you’ll need to partner with them. It requires at least an investment of 30 lakhs and a minimum area of 1500 Sq Ft for a franchise. However, due to its well-known brand and widespread popularity, this franchise offers excellent potential for financial success.

Dr. Bathra’s clinic

Asthma, acne, hair treatment, allergy, and many more conditions may be treated at this top network of homeopathic clinics in India. As a result, more than 1.5 million people have benefited from their natural treatments. According to the studies, over 105 clinics in 45 locations throughout India, Dubai, and United Kingdom have been reported as one of the fastest-growing health care organizations.

It has already opened ten clinics outside of India, and patients rave about the clinics’ efficiency and effectiveness. They’re presently spread over India, the UK, Dubai, Bangladesh, and Bahrain, to name just a few. There are competent and experienced employees working for this well-known and trusted brand. To become a franchisee, you’ll need at least 500 square feet of space and an investment of 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs.

They are pioneers in offering value-conscious clientele a full range of grooming options. They’re the best in the salon industry and provide a wide range of services, including bridal makeup, haircuts, skin care, and more, at reasonable costs. Vogue Private Limited owns and operates the chain founded in 2002 and now has more than 70 locations throughout India.

Other services include a spa, hair styling, personal styling, a total makeover, etc. If you want to create a high-end salon, this is a perfect option. A 30-40 lakhs investment and a minimum floor size of 1000 square feet are required to launch a green trend. It is also essential to have a well-designed environment with all necessary salon furnishings.

Café Coffee Day

Coffee connoisseurs flock to this brand because of its distinct flavor. You may recognize it as CCD. “A lot can happen over coffee,” the company catchphrase, and the deliciousness of their coffee has made them famous. The company built a reputable reputation for itself in the industry via its franchise operations in India.

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Café Coffee Day
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Their expanding network has shown that they’re not simply renowned for their coffee, beverages, and snacks; they’re also known for their excellent service and delicious food that appeals to various palates. In addition, CCD franchises can be purchased for as little as ten lakhs and have an area of 1000-1500 square feet, making it easy to open a store.


One of the fastest-growing firms globally is this company, which provides optical lenses, sunglasses, eyeglasses, and frames for all ages. It has grown to be enormously popular throughout India in only a few short years, with outlets in more than a thousand towns and cities. They have a wide range of options, making them the first pick for anyone seeking any optical or lenses.

They established this business to provide low-cost eye care to the general public. Additionally, Lenskart has a specific franchising opportunity for women who want to own a store. Franchisees must have a minimum of Rs.30 lakhs in capital and a minimum of 300 square feet of space; it is ideal if the location is close to optical shops, shopping centers, or clinics.


One of the most popular food and beverage franchises globally, Subway has long been praised for its delicious flavor and excellent customer service. American brand that has been around since 1974 began with subs and salads but has now expanded to more than 102 nations. To become a part of the world’s most famous company, you need to pay 25 lakhs and a space of 300 square feet. Pizza Hut, KFC, taco bell, and many more foreign brands compete with it in India. So take the Subway franchise and make a fortune.

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First cry

It is a well-established children’s and baby company specializing in children’s garments and accessories. The low startup costs and strong profit margins make this a great company to get into. With them, you may save money on high-end children’s clothing while still getting it, and you can also shop online. Because so many people choose Firstcry over other brands, buying a franchise from them might be a wise decision, as parents don’t want to make mistakes for their children.

In exchange for a minimum investment of Rs. Twenty lakhs, the franchisor would provide you with marketing services. In addition, you’ll need 1,000 square feet of floor space in a high-traffic commercial district to store the items’ inventory. As a result, if you want to start making money right away as soon as you open your firm, the First Cry series is a perfect choice.


Asia’s leading preschool franchise brand, KidZee has quickly extended throughout India’s educational system. It has more than 1900 facilities in more than 700 nations. It began in 2003 and has grown steadily in the fourteen years after that. One of the top franchises in India may be started for as little as Rs. 12 lakh and a floor space of between Rs. 2000 and 3000 square ft. In addition, it was recognized as the most fantastic preschool brand in 2018 and included among the top 100 franchise models. This is why investing in the KidZee brand is a wise decision.


It is a well-known and respected name in cosmetics and beauty goods. It opened in 1952, and it has kept its reputation and excellence ever since. Hindustan Unilever owns the brand, which operates in over 75 cities throughout India and has over 150 physical locations. You may either create your salon or get a franchise from them to sell their goods. It’s in high demand, especially during holidays and weddings, and it has a massive following of customers who choose it over other brands for its superior quality.

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As a minimum investment of 25 lakhs, you’ll get training in Lakme products and beautifying to best serve your customers. In addition, Lakme Salons need a minimum of 200 Sq Ft of space to open.


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