Top Best 30 Middleman or Broker Businesses Ideas

Introduction to top best 30 middleman or broker businesses ideas: Are you interested in starting a business without spending any of your own money? If yes, then you can start 50 lucrative small businesses as a middleman or broker. An explanation for a middleman business can be that it is a business in which two opposing parties are brought together. A middleman business brings together these two sets of people who need each other. There are many startups that are valuable and fail to make any money.

Instead of eliminating middlemen, these companies have become them, connecting customers with specific services or merchants. Some successful examples are Uber and Lyft, as well as Airbnb, which provides rental rooms. In addition to raising huge amounts of money, they have all spawned numerous copycats.

Top Best 30 Middleman or Broker Businesses Ideas
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A company that does it well has two major things in common: it uses human input to better serve a narrow market, and it avoids anything that can’t be done within minutes on a mobile phone. Successful middlemen use their staff and users to make markets more efficient, whether it’s through intuitive ratings, manually curating products, or treating suppliers well.

Middlemen are essentially brokers. Someone who sits between two parties and negotiates the best deal for them, and then receives a fee from the price agreed on, or someone who finds two parties that need a particular skill and introduces them. If you set up a business, you could source people to do jobs for your new clients, or as we see all over the internet, you could set up an online marketplace, then take a cut from the transactions and work that occur on your website.

Guide on top best 30 middleman or broker businesses ideas

Guide on top best 30 middleman or broker businesses ideas
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Top 30 business ideas for middlemen/brokers

Freight brokerage – A limited capital for unlimited earning 

Would you like to start a business with limited capital, no licensing costs, and unlimited earning potential? What about a freight brokerage business? A freight broker acts as an intermediary between a company that needs goods/materials shipped, and the company that transports them. Freight brokers do not have to be rocket scientists to start their businesses.

Start-up capital brokerage – Give funds to get income funds

Funding a business venture is among the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face, but unfortunately, it is something we can’t avoid if we want to succeed. Your business can be as a middleman or broker, bringing startup entrepreneurs in contact with venture capitalists and angel investors.

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Launch a marketplace for freelancers 

These sites, such as,, uber, and, are essentially meeting places where people go to find or offer work. A middleman site holds the money in trust for the two parties until the finished work is accepted by the rightful party.

You can start a freelance marketplace for any type of work or profession, such as writing, data entry, copywriting, graphic design, bookkeeping, etc. Your commission percentage will be determined.

Bounty hunting – Make money through bail agency

A bounty hunter is someone who traces criminals who fail to appear in court after the bail agency has already posted bail. To be awarded the bounty, the bounty hunter must locate the fugitive and bring him to justice in the country where he committed the crime. You have to be familiar with the bail and bond laws in your state before you can become a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter demand to undergo training and possess a license in certain states.

Estate agency – A most profitable venture 

One of the most successful and profitable businesses that individuals interested in being middlemen or brokers can launch is a real estate agency business. Although working in real estate can be very rewarding, there are also many challenges.

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Estate agency – A most profitable venture 
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Start a property market website – Earn through your creative designs

Creating a website where people can list their properties for sale, lease, or rent is an easy way to make money from the real estate industry. Operating in the value chain of the real estate industry is a simple business since it requires minimal start-up capital and operates on autopilot. If you are looking for a business idea that deals with real estate, one of the options you have are to create a website that lists properties that are for sale, rent, and lease.

Marketing consultancy – Best business opportunity 

The best business opportunity for you if you are good at convincing and attracting customers is to start your own marketing consultancy business that will help both new and existing businesses to grow their customer base.

Import-export broker – Earn in both ways

They facilitate trade between importers and exporters. Brokers of imports and exports work with U.S. Customs, other government agencies, international carriers, as well as other companies and organizations involved in international freight transportation.

Start your own mortgage brokerage business – NO investment, earn through commissions

During economic downturns, companies and consumers seek mortgages to finance real estate purchases, and many of them use mortgage brokers to assist. Mortgage brokers act as intermediaries between those looking to buy real estate and lenders, oftentimes banks, who can provide financing for the purchase. As compensation for its services, mortgage brokers earn a commission, usually a percentage of the loan amount.

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Start your own mortgage brokerage business
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Commercial loan broker – Earn from between borrowers and lenders

Commercial loan brokers are becoming more and more popular nowadays. You will act as a middle man between borrowers and lenders if you become this kind of broker. You are responsible for helping any person who needs to borrow money choose the best loan when it comes to achieving his or her financial goals.

As compared to any other type of broker, being a commercial loan broker is not hard. Since you primarily lend to businesses, you are not bound by any institution involved in lending.

Become a business broker – Earn as a business transfer agent

A business broker also called a business transfer agent or an intermediary, helps buyers and sellers buy and sell privately held businesses. Their responsibilities include valuing the business, advertising it for sale with or without disclosing its identity, conducting initial interviews, discussions, and negotiations with prospective buyers, facilitating due diligence investigations, and generally facilitating the sale of the business.

Online business brokerage – Earn through sales

In North America, tens of thousands of established businesses and business opportunities change hands each year and now is your chance to cash in on the public’s appetite for opportunities in self-employment by listing a business for sale website.

The site will have a number of sections devoted to different kinds of businesses for sale and opportunities like manufacturing, distribution, etc. For a $100 listing or posting fee, clients receive a six-month listing on the site that describes their business or business opportunity for sale and includes contact information.

Become a construction broker – Earn by facilitating transactions

The idea is to apply what works for brokers who facilitate transactions in apartment sales. Renovation brokers represent homeowners during the renovation process. A person in this position would have renovation skills so that he or she can communicate with contractors and client management skills to communicate with homeowners.

In addition to updating the homeowner regularly, this individual would assist the contractor in solving problems as well as represent the homeowner’s interests.

Art broker – Get money through the sale of artist work

In return for representing artists, showing their work, and negotiating sales either in person or through an auction house, art brokers facilitate the sale of artists’ works to collectors and museums. In addition, an art broker has the ability to increase the exposure of artists by arranging exhibitions of their work and bringing it to the attention of critics and collectors. In this way, he can play a major role in the development of an artist’s career.

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Get money through the sale of artist work
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An art broker needs to be passionate about art, knowledgeable about the field, and have a network of both artists and collectors. Additionally, you will need excellent business skills and available capital to become an art broker.

Establish an elderly recruitment agency

If you ask any older person seeking employment about the greatest obstacle they face, 9 times out of 10, the answer will be their age. Your opportunity to create a successful and profitable business may lie in establishing an employment agency that helps senior citizens find gainful employment.

Training and education cannot replace experience, and this is your most powerful marketing tool for recruiting small businesses and corporations to become clients and to post jobs suitable for elderly people within their firms with your employment agency.

Flier distribution service

Besides being very easy to start, a flier delivery service can also generate a lot of income per year. Promotional fliers have been used by companies for decades as a low-cost, highly effective advertising medium. A phone and a pair of good walking shoes are all you need to start a flier delivery service.

Currently, flier delivery services charge between seven and fifteen cents per hand-delivered flyer. Hire retirees and students to deliver fliers when times are busy as a way to increase your delivery workforce.

Become a mediator

Mediators in most parts of the United States do not need to be licensed or have certificates of training, making them a great choice for a new business venture. Mediation is about bringing two opposing parties together and finding common ground. Mediation differs from arbitration in that a mediator does not favor one party over the other, but remains neutral.

Start a distribution warehouse

A booming market for distribution and warehousing services has emerged thanks to home-based businesses and the internet. But why? Most home-based businesses and cyber ventures lack the infrastructure needed to store and ship the products they sell.

Having a warehousing and distribution service will enable you to act as a warehouse, shipper, and receiver for up to 30 companies at the same time. A lot of research and capital is required for this type of business venture.

Become an artist agent

An artist agent is no different from any other agent in the industry. They simply represent the abilities and skills of individuals or groups of individuals. The artist is compensated by charging a commission on each sale of the work; the percentage is usually between 10 and 20 percent of the total sale price. What is the purpose of having an agent represent an artist?

Artists may need professional representation for a variety of reasons, including greater exposure and recognition, negotiation experience, privacy, marketing abilities, contacts, and various other resources they may not have access to themselves.

Becoming a lease broker

With your experience as a leasing agent, you can assist business owners in leasing the equipment they need to start, operate, and expand their businesses, including computers, machinery, heavy equipment, and specialized tools.

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Become a lease broker and earn comission
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As a leasing broker, your job is to bring together three parties; business owners and managers wanting to lease equipment for their businesses, equipment manufacturers and retailers who want to sell equipment, and lending companies who are willing to buy the equipment and lease it back to the business owner.

Start a referral service

Then a referral service might be the perfect business for you if you’re the one people call when they need a good doctor, lawyer, plumber, or cleaning service. Depending on how big your town is and how many areas you specialize in, you can concentrate on one or several.

A legal referral service could connect callers with family, real estate, or criminal law specialists; a doctors’ network would link patients with pediatricians, cardiologists, and other health care specialists; or a homeowners’ network would refer consumers to plumbers, painters, and cleaning companies.

Start a temporary help agency

Today’s business world is characterized by outsources, downsizings, and consolidations. All of these factors contribute to the success of the temporary worker industry. Shortly put, many businesses and organizations turn to a temporary help agency to fulfill their manpower needs when they need temporary or seasonal help. Rather than posting help wanted ads and interviewing candidates, it will often cost less and be more convenient.

We recommend that if you want to start a temp agency, you concentrate on providing qualified workers in one specific field or industry, such as construction, retail sales, home care, domestic work, office work, or warehouse staffing.

Auto Lease match-Up service online

Rather than purchasing a car, thousands of new and used vehicles are leased each year. You will see from browsing the automotive classified section of your local newspaper that there are many people looking to get out of their automotive lease agreements.

In this situation, an enterprising entrepreneur can create a great business opportunity by offering a service that matches automotive leaseholders with people who are willing to assume their leases.


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