Top 30 Low-investment Clothing Business Ideas

Introduction to top 30 low-investment clothing business ideas: Are you interested in starting a clothing or garment business? If yes, then you can find the top lucrative clothing business ideas with low investment on a small scale in this article. In India, the textile industry has reached incredible growth in the last decade when compared with the previous decades. The Indian clothing industry is known as a profitable sector for startups. India stands as the world’s 2nd largest producer of textiles and garments after China.

Fundamentally, this industry relies on a wide range of natural and synthetic fibers, including cotton, jute, silk, and wool, as well as manmade fibers such as polyester, viscose, nylon, and acrylic, as its main source of raw materials.

A guide on top 30 low-investment clothing business ideas

Top 30 Low-investment Clothing Business Ideas
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Best 30 clothing business ideas to start in India

Here are some profitable, trending new clothing business ideas for you to consider. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of these opportunities on a small-scale basis and part-time as well. Find the list of profitable low-cost clothing businesses and opportunities below.

Alteration service

A business opportunity that requires alteration skills requires a creative craft mind and sewing skills. Individuals can start alteration service businesses right from their homes with just a small startup investment. You can run this business part-time, too, and you’ll earn a handsome income helping others get the perfect outfit.

Belt buckles making

The name of a company or team is often engraved into the buckles of many sports teams and professions. The leather belt industry is also in demand. By owning a few simple machines and investing a moderate amount of capital, one can start making belt buckles.

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Best 30 clothing business ideas to start in India
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Boutique store

In the current world of the apparel business, boutique stores are one of the most innovative and trending ideas. Individuals can start this business with just a little bit of knowledge of the current lifestyle fashion trend. You will need a strong and reliable supply source for the products.

Children designer clothing

An individual can initiate a small-scale children’s designer clothing business if he or she has a creative mind, fashion sense, and sewing skills. Establishing your own brand or producing clothes for other brands is an option.

Costume rental

Starting a costume rental business on a small scale is a profitable and self-rewarding business. You can start this business from home, and it can also be operated part-time. Costume rental services are sought out by various organizations such as schools, colleges, theaters, dance companies, and acting groups.

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Costume rental service
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Crochet knitting

If you love crochet knitting and would like to turn your hobby into a business, consider starting a crochet knitting business. In addition, one can start a knitting business if they already have another one. Those who are creative and have a desire to start a crochet knitting business from home can start this business with low capital investment.

Custom buttons making

A business making custom buttons can be initiated as a home-based business with low startup costs. People with creative minds can also start this business part-time. There is a huge demand in the apparel industry for custom buttons made of colorful clothes, colors, and modern art.

Designer blouse making

Readymade blouses are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. Ancient Asia Pacific was a popular location for wearing this type of clothing. Traditionally, women wore blouses as daily wear.

With today’s changing fashion style, designer blouses are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. You can wear a designer blouse with a saree, a lehenga, and even with some western outfits.

Designer saree making 

Saris are considered ethnic wear.  As occasional wear, sarees have a good market beyond the Asia Pacific. A designer saree-making business can be started from home. By adding threads, yarns, fabric, and other decorative items, you can turn a simple saree into a designer one.

Dry cleaning service

You can start a dry cleaning service business by merely providing the service to clients and outsourcing the dry cleaning work. With proper planning and substantial capital investment, you can also start your own cleaning business.

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Dry cleaning service business
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Embroidery unit

A successful embroidery unit business venture requires a good business plan and disciplined marketing. In the garment decorating industry, embroidery is considered a value-added process. In addition, it refers to the use of multiple needles and thread or yarn to decorate fabric or other materials.

Fabric store

One of the most profitable retail clothing business ideas is a fabric store. The B2B and B2C markets are always in demand. In order to successfully run a fabric store, it’s important to target a specific niche and select a reliable supplier.

Fashion design institute

Entrepreneurs who come with sufficient knowledge in the field, an artistic mind, and experience in the courses are perfect candidates for fashion design institute business opportunities. Companies are hiring people with different fashion designing portfolios as people are becoming increasingly fashion-conscious about apparel and accessories. 

Garment manufacturing

Textile marketing skills are essential in order to take advantage of the garment manufacturing business opportunity. In the modern world, the ready-made garment industry is worth a multi-billion dollar. Globally, people have become increasingly style and outfit-conscious, which has given garment manufacturers a lot of opportunities.

Garment wholesale business

Wholesalers provide garment retailers with their inventory.In a garment wholesale business, the garment is purchased from the manufacturer, stocked, and distributed to retailers. A supply management skill is required in this industry.

Hand printed fabric clothing

Fabric garments with hand-printed designs are in high demand around the world. Dresses with hand-printed fabric art are in demand. The business can be started at home with low startup capital if one is skilled in fabric art and drawing. By registering your business, you can sell the items directly from an online marketplace.

Image consulting

Make your dream of becoming a fashion or image consultant a reality if you enjoy putting together the perfect outfit. People may not realize it at first, but there are several reasons they may need an image consultant.

Jeans manufacturing

A business opportunity such as jeans manufacturing or denim production requires knowledge of textile design and current trends. Small-scale manufacturing projects can be initiated with adequate planning and substantial investment jeans. Women, men, and children all wear jeans nowadays as casual and informal attire.

Jute bag making

Jute is actually a soft, shiny vegetable fiber that is sometimes called ‘Golden fiber’. Today, it is considered to be one of the strongest natural fibers available on the planet. Aside from that, jute fiber is biodegradable and reusable.

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Jute bag making business
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Leather bag making

There is rising demand for these bags since they are used to carry a variety of items such as laptops, office files, and notepads on a daily basis during official and business activities. Globally, leather bag items are in great demand.

Leather garment making

Starting a leather garment-making business is an option for an aspiring professional in garment fashion designing. Fashion garments for men and women, young and old, have developed a reputation for the use of leather.

Maternity clothing

You can start a maternity clothing business in your home as well as one of the most profitable apparel business ideas. It’s also important for would-be moms to look stylish. Starting a maternity clothing business may be a good idea if you have experience and knowledge of textile design.

Online clothing store

Online clothing stores are now one of the most popular and profitable clothing business ideas worldwide. Online marketplaces are becoming more popular for purchasing dress materials. One can begin this business with substantial capital by having the necessary technical skills and knowledge about supply management.

Online lingerie shop

For women who want to buy lingerie from an online marketplace and have it delivered to their doorsteps, an online lingerie shop is one of the most popular destinations. Having a clear understanding of the product will allow any individual to initiate this business with a proper marketing strategy.

Organic clothing

Clothing that is organically grown or produced is clothing made from organically raised or produced materials. Clothing made from organic materials is generally regarded as a luxury item. This business can also be operated from home if one has a sufficient supply of raw materials.

Promotional wear

There is a huge market for promotional wear clothing worldwide. Promotional wear is needed by all businesses, retail outlets, and organizations. Starting your own business means establishing either your own manufacturing unit or outsourcing the manufacturing to the manufacturer.

Safety clothing selling

Several industries and construction sites require safe clothing. With a solid network with industry houses that are in need of safety clothing, you can launch a home-based business selling safety clothing.

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Safety clothing selling business
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Silk screen service

Silkscreen services can be established by anyone with some simple equipment and machines. The demand for silkscreen services is enormous. Furthermore, you can print any type of product you want.

Tailoring service

One of the most profitable apparel business ideas is tailoring services. Tailoring services are also in demand due to the increasing demand for fashion and style. An individual can start this business with a moderate capital investment with proper planning and marketing strategies.

T-Shirt printing

Shirt printing is a multi-billion rupee industry now, and a small-scale business can be started relatively inexpensively. Compelling T-shirt designs with a catchy phrase attract customers. There are various methods to print T-shirts and before investing in a print method, prospective entrepreneurs must first analyze the market and plan accordingly.


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