Top 40 Business Ideas to Make Good Income for Beginners

Introduction to business ideas to make good income for beginners: We bring you 40 proven daily income businesses that you could make money from if you give them a shot. You can earn extra income by following these tips every day. In case you want to be your own boss and are tired of always being told what to do, you can start a daily income business.

Top 40 Business Ideas to Make Good Income for Beginners
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You may gain insight about owning a business that you can grow slowly while making a side income in this article about starting a small business Our 40 daily income businesses will help you earn money every day, so you no longer have to worry.

Top 40 business ideas to make good income for beginners

1. Candle-making

In India, the growing popularity of scented candles is attributed to the growing use of these products in households. Additionally, they are easy to make! It only takes four ingredients – wax, essential oil, wicks, and a mould – to complete the candle.

2. Cloud kitchen

A cloud kitchen business is a great business opportunity for anyone who enjoys cooking lip-smacking food. You simply need a smartphone and a functioning kitchen (of course). With the advent of food delivery apps and services like Dukaan, reaching your customers and promoting your business is quite easy.

3. Home baker

Baking is your passion? Consider making this passion a lucrative business. Spend your money on a good oven and stock up on ingredients – then you are good to go. Focus on your USP (healthy/keto/vegan/thematic). Create your online store and you’re in business! Your online store is already profitable before you realize it.

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Home baker
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4. Social media influencer

Do you think creatively? Are you passionate about creating original content? Maybe you’re an influencer waiting to happen. Start by engaging with your followers consistently on social media. You will quickly build a following if your content is engaging.

5. Digital marketing agency

In 2025, the digital market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 27.4%, surpassing INR 50,000 crore. Start a digital marketing agency if you understand the nuances of digital marketing, and are able to build or efficiently utilize available resources like writers, designers, developers, social media managers, and search engine marketers.

6. T-shirt Business

The T-shirt is versatile and is worn by people of all ages. It is a good business idea that has a wide customer base. There are some hubs like Tirupur where you can source t-shirts from in India. After printing your designs, you can brand them and start selling clothes online.

7. Personalised gifts

Indian culture includes the exchange of gifts at festivals and on special occasions. There is an ever-increasing demand for unique and personalized gifting concepts as people are more creative when it comes to gifting.

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7. Personalised gifts
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8. Tiffin centre

Young professionals migrating from smaller towns to larger cities for better job prospects are common in many cities. Tiffin centers or home-based tiffin systems are on the rise due to the increase in demand for home-cooked healthy meals.

9. Organic farming

Are you passionate about farming? Are you proud of your homegrown produce? It would be easy to turn this into a successful business. With more people becoming aware of the quality of the food they consume, organic farming is growing in popularity.

10. Share trading

Do you like to analyze numbers and patterns? Then share trading is right for you! You can start by investing a small amount. One of the best things about share trading is you can always turn it into a side hustle as it takes only a few hours a day. 

11. Toy shop

The concept of a small toy store near a residential area is a great business idea that requires a very small amount of capital. Make sure to choose toys that are different and unique to make the business a success. If the business goes online, you will reach a wider audience. 

12. Insurance agents

Many people begin their careers as part-time insurance agents while maintaining a permanent job. Nonetheless, some agents have the skills and confidence to make insurance selling a full-fledged business. 

13. Online tuition classes

A good internet connection, a webcam, and expertise in a certain subject is all you need to begin taking online classes. We have learned that online teaching is just as effective as face-to-face instruction. As a result, if you have all the qualities that make a good teacher, online tuition could be the ideal venture for you.

14. Babysitting

Employers are slowly returning to work, but schools remain closed. Babysitters are in high demand for working parents. You can meet their needs by opening a babysitting business. When you are doing it yourself, you only need to invest time in becoming a babysitter. Young girls and women who are not employed can benefit from this business opportunity.

15. Pet-sitting

Starting a pet sitting business is a great way to provide pets with the care and attention they need. It’s not too late for you to promote yourself online through platforms like Waggle, especially if you are an animal lover. If your clients are away, you can take care of their pets.

16. Pet grooming

Grooming for pets is yet another growing market, similar to pet sitting. Dog and cat owners spend a lot of time and energy making their pets comfortable. The pet grooming industry has evolved from paws to pawdicures – it is now a thriving industry. You can start a lucrative business by investing only in a place and pet grooming equipment.

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Pet grooming
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17. Lamaze educator

During a natural birth, Lamaze techniques and related exercises help ease the process. To become a Lamaze educator, you must be certified and have specialized training. As long as you are interested in the topic and possess the required expertise, this is an excellent idea for a small business.

18. Salon services

It may be a good idea to offer make-up, hair styling, and grooming services if you have a flair for those things. Despite staying indoors due to the pandemic, grooming is something everyone needs regardless of weather conditions. In turn, home services have become increasingly popular.

19. Organic and natural cosmetics

The popularity of organic and homemade cosmetics is on the rise. There is a demand for brands that do not test on animals or use harsh chemicals, as many people are fighting against brands using these practices. Vegan, cruelty-free, natural, and handmade beauty products and brands are becoming more popular than ever.

20. Antique business

It can be quite flamboyant to do business in the antique business. There are large-scale as well as small-scale operations. A small shop or online store selling antique furniture and artifacts can be opened if you have access to such things. In order to participate in auctions and bulk purchases, you will need to build a network. 

21. Tarot card reading

India has become a hotbed of west-influenced trends, including Tarot card reading. Tarot card reading is a technique that people resort to at times to predict their future because we are curious creatures. In order to practice legally, one must be able to do tarot card reading and complete a professional course.

22. Party planner

It doesn’t matter what happens, celebrations never stop. It is amazing how people can find reasons to party no matter how small. Planning is something that goes behind everything from PJ parties to thematic parties and everything in between. You can also outsource it if you want an easy way out.

23. Wedding planner

Weddings are a big deal in India – they survive almost any adversity, be it recession or pandemic! The number of weddings will keep increasing, and there is always a need for a wedding planner. Instagram and Pinterest are only setting the bar high with their social media channels.

24. Fitness trainer

Fitness is a goal for most people these days. No stone is left unturned today when it comes to staying fit and looking good – from Keto to intermittent to paleo! The majority of clients hire personal fitness trainers who enforce a strict regimen and motivate their clients to get fit faster. Fitness freaks should get their trainer’s certification and begin training.

25. Handmade soap business

Handmade, natural soap is being used extensively these days – for gifting, as part of a conscious initiative, and so forth. There are not many ingredients required for soap making, and the process is a low investment. The process could easily be done at home and a batch of 100 soaps could be made in one batch.

26. Co-working space

In the current economic climate, this is one of the most promising businesses.

27. Homemade chocolates

There is no celebration or special occasion that can be complete without chocolates. There are many varieties of chocolates that can be customized to suit a client’s needs.

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Homemade choc
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28. Home-cooked snacks

Our lifestyles have always been characterized by snacking, and that trend continues. Making snacks has been a tradition for centuries. Many people are switching to traditional homemade snacks as a healthier alternative to processed and packaged unhealthy snacks.

29. Freelancer

A freelancer can start off with skills such as writing, designing, coding, video editing, etc. Fiverr and Freelancer are two popular websites and social media forums where you can offer your services, receive work, and get paid for it. 

30. Photo business

With a passion for photography, owning and managing a profitable business should be no problem. It is quite lucrative to create an online photography business – you can do wedding photography, travel photography, product photography, stock photography, etc.

31. Landscape designer

You can design the landscaping and plant types for a given space as a landscape designer – meaning it has a much broader scope than gardening.

32. Yoga instructor

Health is achieved through yoga, one of the most ancient techniques in the world! Strengthening the core, improving flexibility, and improving balance – yoga offers it all. The benefits and importance of yoga are becoming increasingly apparent.

33. Dance classes

Besides being a very graceful art form, dance is also a great exercise. New-age choreographers are creating fun new ways to engage people in this form of exercise and art. 

34. Masala-making

The secret masala recipe is a part of many Indian families. Having access to this secret and turning it into a business is an outstanding opportunity. 

35. Real estate agency

Investing in real estate can be a lucrative business with good potential to make a lot of money. As far as investments go, margins are considerable and investment networking is all that it takes. 

36. General store

Even though this is not a very low-investment business, if planned and executed well, it could be highly profitable. Our shopping habits have changed drastically due to the pandemic. The grocery store is now selling groceries online.

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General store
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37. Recruitment agency

One business that doesn’t require too much investment is a recruitment agency. A few dependable, reliable clients or good contacts will suffice. By collaborating with HR personnel incorporate companies, you could easily set up this agency if you have a flair for networking. 

38. Tax & accounting service

Consider starting your own tax and accounting services business if you have a degree related to accounting and taxation. The services you provide can be useful for both individuals and businesses. Make sure you have the necessary degrees, certifications, licenses, and, more importantly, interest.

39. Seasonal business

One of the smartest small-scale business ideas, however, requires flexibility and alertness. Make sure you’re selling something in demand. The celebration of Diwali is marked by crackers, the celebration of Ganeshotsav by Ganesha idols, Rakhis at Rakshabandhan by rakhis, and so on. At the end of every season, you can sell these items and make a profit.

40. Dropshipping

Retailing has a twist, and dropshipping is similar. Dropshippers only need a website where they can accept orders. When you place an order, you purchase the product from the wholesaler, and the wholesaler sends the product to the customer. It does not need to be stored or handled by you. This is a brilliant business model that is quickly gaining traction. You can benefit greatly from platforms such as Dukaan for your dropshipping business.


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