Top 40 Online Home-based Business Ideas

Introduction to top 40 online home-based business ideas: There are some great ideas for home-based businesses that can operate entirely online. You can keep your overhead expenses to a minimum, but you can also work from anywhere with an online business. Here are some suggestions for your online business this year.

Top 40 Online Home-based Business Ideas
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Top 40 online home-based business ideas

1. Build passive income with a blog

You can make money blogging and work from home if you love to share your opinions with the world and find ways to monetize your blog.

2. Become a virtual assistant

Clients hire virtual assistants to take on a variety of tasks, such as answering emails, creating documents, and creating basic graphics. A virtual assistant may also write and edit content, and they may even help their clients schedule content for publication on various platforms. 

3. Become an online freelance writer

Every article you read online has been written by someone, and the writer was probably well-paid for his or her work. Writers can easily earn a few hundred dollars per article if they know how to master longer and more complicated content, but they can earn much more if they learn to master longer and more complicated content.

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Online Home-based Business Ideas
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4. Start an online store

The old way of doing business was to have a storefront and all the related expenses if you had a product to sell. In the world of today, anything can be sold everywhere.

5. Piece together some micro jobs

Fiverr introduced a new way for people to assign and receive work. If you are able to secure more advanced gigs or pick up some regular clients on Fiverr, you’ll be able to earn much more with this platform than $5 jobs for beginners.

6. Write and publish an e-book

With anyone able to publish their work online, anyone can now make a fortune from writing.

7. Surveys during your spare time

What if I told you that you can earn money by taking surveys? 

My favorite survey company is Survey Junkie, although there are numerous others. If you complete surveys on Survey Junkie, you can earn anywhere from $2.00 per hour to $5.00 per hour depending on your demographics.

8. Get paid to shop

There are many online stores competing for your attention, and they are willing to pay for it. You can make money from home by shopping online if you do a lot of shopping online. 

Below is a list of cash-back sites you can shop at! Decide which ones you’d like to use!

  • Rakuten
  • Ibotta (Grocery Rebates)
  • ShopKick
  • ShopAtHome

9. Join a food delivery service

Restaurants are responsible for delivering food when they receive an “order for delivery.”. Those who receive many delivery orders, like pizza joints or restaurants, hire delivery people. However, what about restaurants that only get takeout orders occasionally and not enough to justify hiring a full-time employee to deliver the food? This type of service is on the rise and drivers are able to make a living from it. 

  • Postmates
  • Doordash
  • Grubhub
  • UberEats

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Join a food delivery service
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10. Mystery shopping

It is a dream come true for many people to get paid to shop.

Nevertheless, there are many mystery shopping scams to be aware of. You should never accept an assignment that requires an upfront fee.

11. Start a catering business

Why not start a catering business from home if you enjoy cooking on a grand scale?

Depending on how many assignments you take, and how well you are able to estimate how much your materials will cost, you will make a different sum each week.

12. Landscape design

The home-based business for you might be landscape design if you’re never happier than when you’re doing your yard’s landscaping.

13. Become a tour guide

Despite enjoying exploring all the fun corners of your hometown, you may not have thought about turning your hobby into a business.

14. Start a voiceover business

On YouTube or Netflix, we’ve all seen videos or shows with a narrator who describes the scene but never appears. These actors are called voiceover actors. They’re in high demand. 

15. Work as a dog walker or pet sitter

Professional dog walkers and pet sitters can find help on websites such as In addition to lining up enough pet-related work to fill a regular workweek, you can also use this platform to supplement your income with short-term gigs.

16. Teach english to overseas students

People used to travel to teach English as an excuse to earn money. This is no longer true! In today’s world, the internet makes it possible to teach students online, even if you have kids and a home to maintain.

17. Care for elders in your community

A work-at-home elder care professional typically makes daily house calls to their patients to help them with anything from meal preparation to home repairs.

18. Drive for uber or lyft

You’ll need your own car and to leave home for a few hours each day to drive for Uber or Lyft. It is incredibly flexible, however, which is why we love rideshare work. Typically, you can work whatever hours and days you want, and you can even drive for both apps simultaneously (Uber and Lyft). 

19. Start a daycare in your home

You should consider this idea especially if you are a stay-at-home parent who needs to earn some money. Why not invite a few more people since you are already staying home with your kids? State regulations vary regarding in-home daycare licensing, so you should make sure you comply with them.

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Start a daycare in your home
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20. Become a travel planner

A travel aggregator site can search for the lowest airfare to Saint Louis, but planning a more extravagant trip might be beyond the capabilities of some travelers.

21. Start a house cleaning business

House cleaning is one of the easiest businesses to start since the overhead is low and the skill set is very easy to learn.

22. Start a home inspection business

The role of a new homeowner’s agent is one you may not have been aware of, but it plays a vital role across the country.

23. Start a massage therapy business

Despite the fact that massage therapy licensing requirements vary from state to state, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork can offer assistance to budding masseuses.

24. Prepare taxes for people

Taxes are unpleasant to deal with, but they must be paid whether the economy is booming or tanking. Anyone with tax knowledge, or who is willing to take courses in tax preparation, can start an at-home tax preparation business.

25. Become a doula

Doulas are birth coaches who can help birthing mothers wherever they birth, whether in a hospital, midwife clinic, or at home.

26. Become a hairstylist

Starting your own salon from your home is an excellent way to start cutting hair and giving manicures if you’ve previously done so.

27. Leverage your graphic design skills

A graphic designer is always needed by businesses to create logos, advertisements, posters, websites, and other ways to communicate information visually.

28. Start a bookkeeping business

For accountants who prefer to work from home, this is an excellent business opportunity, even though you do not have to be a Certified Public Accountant to be a freelance bookkeeper. A bookkeeping course at a community college can provide the necessary background knowledge for working in this gig.

29. Start a copywriting business

Advertisers, newsletter writers, commercial writers, direct-mail writers, and other promotional materials are created by these professionals. It is not mandatory for copywriters to have degrees in advertising, marketing, English, or communication, and an excellent writer can do a great job as well.

30. Use your language skills to translate

Translating documents can be a lucrative home business if you know a second (or third) language. It is also important to keep in mind that many translators work as freelancers, so you should consider setting up your own translation business and then offering one-off works to clients.

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Use your language skills to translate
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31. Become a grant writer

In addition to their budgets, non-profits, universities, hospitals, and other community groups rely heavily on grants. However, grants are notoriously difficult to write.

32. Start a home-based organization business

Those who enjoy organizing closets for fun can offer their services to harried and disorganized businesses and individuals. It is easy to advertise your services by creating a simple website or Facebook group. Aside from local social media pages, you could place ads on

33. Herb farming

Taking care of a garden can be very relaxing, as well as very lucrative. Herb farmers can find plenty of customers, particularly if you live in an urban area, given the growing interest in alternative therapies and the demand for organic and locally grown foods.

34. Fix broken electronics

You may be the type of person who enjoys taking apart computers for fun, which makes running your own electronics repair business a natural choice.

35. Do medical transcription from home

Transcription of audio dictations into coherent reports is very much in demand by the medical industry. There is a need for medical transcriptionists to have an education-a two-year degree is generally required to be familiar with arcane medical terminology.

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Medical transcription from home
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36. Collect debt for a living

It takes a lot of courage to go into this industry, but debt collectors only need a phone and a computer to get the job done, making it an ideal work-from-home opportunity. A recession-proof business (or even one that loves recessions).

37. Create homemade goods for

Furniture made by hand is a favorite among everyone. It makes sense to sell your products if you’re already working in your workshop. No matter if you make candles, home d├ęcor, or quilts, making crafts like these is the same.

38. Become a tutor

Tutoring can be helpful but not necessary if you have a background in education. The most important thing is to be exceptionally gifted in at least one subject area. You can help local students do better in their classes if you are well versed in a specific topic such as math or science.

39. Become a personal trainer

Choosing a career as a personal trainer should be a natural fit for someone with a passion for fitness and a desire to help others. The client can meet you in their home, or you can meet them at a nearby gym. 

40. Teach music lessons

Stay-at-home spouses can earn a little extra money by teaching piano (or guitar, violin, or singing) lessons out of their homes.


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