Best 50 Passive Income Business Ideas

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Introduction to best 50 passive income business ideas: There is typically a lot of upfront work, but it is often worth it in the long run with the potential to give you some financial freedom. This blog suggests all the things which help you to make easy money, but if you are going to work hard anyway (and if you are reading this, you have to assume that you are the sort of person who works hard), then why not make that hard work pay off even after you stop?

Best 50 Passive Income Business Ideas
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What else can you do other than taking your dream yoga retreat during your mini-retirement?  To get your entrepreneurial juices flowing, we have compiled a list of more than 50 passive income ideas.

Best 50 passive income business ideas

1. Real estate ownership

Property ownership, such as owning an apartment or a house, is one of the oldest ways to generate passive income. Essentially, it involves only regular cleaning and maintenance activities during the year, which, in most cases, you would not be able to perform yourself. When renting serviced apartments, the money comes from renting the property on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis. Because of this flexibility, many people decide to invest in properties. Check out these tips for beginners if you are interested in real estate investment.

2. Crowd-funded real estate

If you want to make an investment in property, but lack the capital to do so, crowd-funded real estate may be a viable option for you. Crowd-funding platforms allow you to invest in some property even if you do not own any property. To learn more, visit Realty Shares or Property Moose. 

3. Use airbnb or home away to rent a room or your house

You can make secure money each month if you use your free space in your apartment or house in a profitable manner. With Airbnb, you can do just that. All you need to do is set up your space and become an Airbnb host. Your entire home can also be listed if you wish. HomeAway and Airbnb both offer this option.

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Use airbnb or home away to rent a room or your house
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4. Let someone camp on your land

Are you lucky enough to live in a picturesque area? Maybe a place that is popular with tourists. Would you be surprised to learn that you can offer a spot in your backyard to a tourist who wants to pitch a tent and spend the night?

You certainly can! Camp in My Garden is one platform you can use.

5. Rent out storage space

When you own an extra-large property that you don’t use, you can convert it into huge storage and rent it out to anyone who needs it. It is true that some people purchase large spaces for this purpose, and after a few years, those spaces become their passive sources of income. Check out this article on why storage units can be a great source of income. 

6. Get dividends from investment

Dividends from stock investments can be enough to make you rich simply by owning shares and investing in a stock. It has its risks and requires a great deal of investigation at the beginning, along with a certain amount of money, but it can be worth it in the long run. Online review sites, such as StockBrokers, are a good place to start if you want to learn more about the stock market.

7. Peer-to-peer lending investment

By borrowing money, you will be able to increase your savings and earn better rates without having to pay bank fees. You can become an investor by lending money to others who want to borrow, and then receiving that money back at a higher interest rate than you’d get from a bank. I recommend you start by reading this blog, which will help you to gain more insight into the topic.

8. Annuity

If you invest in an insurance fund monthly or yearly, you can expect to receive a certain amount of money when you retire. Generally, people decide to receive annuities during their retirement years, but they can choose the period in which they want to receive the money and what investment they would like to make. Find out more about how annuities can benefit you if you have any doubts.

9. Invest as a silent partner

Each of us knows someone who has a great business idea. It’s possible for you to contribute to the owners’ business development and earn money when they develop their ideas as a silent partner if you find those ideas inspiring and sustainable.

10. Invest with robo-advisors

A unique type of investment can be fully automated with the help of software called robo-advisors. Your investment wishes and capabilities can be specified in robot programs and the fully automated system will search for investment opportunities on your behalf. Betterment is one such company that offers such opportunities. Additionally, Wealthfront can assist with the development of a good investment strategy and reduce the risks associated with the beginning of a new investment process. 

11. Create savings

A traditional way of accumulating money in your bank account (or under your bed if you are old school) is a passive investment process that can lead to the creation of a fund that can be used in future investments. Taking notes under the mattress could be a better alternative to stuffing notes under the mattress given previous financial crashes! Online banks offer better interest rates for creating such funds. Check out these 8 tips and start saving today if you don’t think you’re very good at it.

12. Cashback rewards on credit cards

Cashback is something that is really worthwhile for those of us who shop every day with our credit cards. When you set up cashback rewards, they can only bring you income when you pay with your cards. There’s nothing more you need to do. Want to maximize your cash back rewards? Take a look at Forbes’ advice.

13. Cashback rewards on cashback sites

When shopping online, using cashback sites is one of the best ways to get rewards and get rewarded for merely doing what you do every day. Just a few more clicks are all you have to do. Learn more about cashback opportunities at Ebates.

14. Sell ice cream or better still organise someone else to do it

During summertime, is there anything more enticing than ice cream? In addition to increasing your earnings, you could spend less time working during the offseason by being in the right place at the right time. You can hire someone else to do the work and take a small cut if you feel we are stretching the definition of passive income here. Our purpose here is to demonstrate that opportunism can be used to earn passive income. It is always possible to start something and farm it out to someone else to finish it. 

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Sell ice cream or better still organise someone else to do it
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15. Own a vending machine or laundromat

If people do most of the work, having vending machines or laundromats around the city is not so passive as owning an ice cream stand. However, it requires relatively little maintenance and doesn’t require constant attention. Additionally, it offers additional income and, if it grows, can become a serious business. Do you like this idea? Check out this article.

16. Rent equipment you own

Your high-value equipment, such as audio, video, or anything else that most people do not own, can be rented out without doing anything. Putting a few ads online can earn you an income, while you get people to come to you to borrow the equipment and return it to you. Start today by making a list of all the stuff you can rent!

17. Drop shipping

It is not passive work, on the face of it, to create a website, market, and sell something that somebody else has produced, but it can be if you work in marketing, for example. With tools such as, it is relatively easy to build a website and even an e-commerce site. The processes involved in drop shipping can easily be outsourced so that the business can become passive income once it is up and running. Make sure to do all the necessary preliminary steps before you get started.

18. Own a party space such as a marquee

As the owner of rental equipment, your job is to transport the equipment to the people who rented it, such as a marquee for a party or celebration. If you want to make it passive, they might even come to you and pick it up. Marketing is the most important part here, and after renting you can sit on your couch and wait for the money to come. Does this sound appealing to you? Start today by following this step-by-step guide!

19. Post a commercial on your car

One way to earn money is to rent out your car window and door for an advertisement. To find out how Carvertise works, visit their website. 

20. Earn money through platforms by doing what you usually do online

Watching videos, researching online, or doing other stuff you do almost every day can make you money very simply – just by doing that. The possibilities are endless with platforms like Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks, but make sure they are legit before you start!

21. Earn money by scanning grocery receipts

Many of us shop for groceries almost every day, and when we get the receipts, we can earn money through several apps by scanning them. Learn how to earn money from grocery receipts here.

22. Drive for uber and make money

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could drive your car to your usual places and make money for doing so just by picking up other people going in the same direction? Uber allows you to do that, and it’s completely passive since you are doing the things you already would.

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Drive for uber and make money
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23. Become a referral source in your field

You can become a referral source if you believe that your business, website, or blog can help someone sell their products or services. Referring others to a company’s products and services can help their business grow if you are an influencer in your community. The amount of money you can earn from each referral depends on how you feel about the person or business you are promoting.

24. Write an e-book

The process of writing an e-book takes time in the beginning. Remember that e-books can range in size from a few pages to hundreds. It is possible for you to receive royalties from selling your book online for years after you finish publication, depending on the topic. Several platforms are available for publishing and selling e-books, including Fiverr, Amazon, and Blurb.

25. Write a few kindle books

Do you dream of becoming a novelist? Your own books can be published and marketed on Kindle, Amazon’s powerful publishing platform. Make sure the topic is popular, make sure the content is authentic, and note that you don’t need to be an expert writer. Because Kindle requires special formatting and conditions, it does not belong under the e-book topic. For more information, see here.

26. Buy a website or blog

You can get a good start in developing a business by purchasing established websites or blogs with specific traffic. The business can be developed for profit or the traffic can be increased and resold. Flippa is a great place to find such domains and websites.

27. Create a blog and market it

It takes many skills and knowledge to create a blog and make it profitable, along with the not so passive activity of creating it. It is possible, however, to generate passive income rather than active income from it once it is established. Share your content on social media, post quality pictures, and develop a tie with your readers are just some of the many ways you can make your blog the foundation for marketing ideas, such as Google AdSense or Affiliate marketing. It is possible to automate or outsource a lot of the process, allowing you to earn passive income while doing the things you want to do.

28. Email marketing

In addition to online marketing, email marketing can also generate additional passive income. You can earn additional income by sending emails promoting products and informing people to buy. As an example of passive email marketing, you can send affiliate offers through your email network, which is even more effective if you have built up a strong email list through other platforms. Through lead generation and networking through LinkedIn, you can also create a valuable network of high-value individuals (or pay someone else to do it), although doing the latter is difficult to be credible.

29. Network marketing

Building a network of networkers to promote and sell your products is part of network marketing. For this type of marketing, Avon is the best example. The network itself grows and, at the same time, your earnings grow. In the beginning, you need to provide all the resources, but later, it grows on its own.

30. affiliate marketing

As a referral, affiliate marketing works in the same way. You sell other people’s products and hope to earn a certain commission if a purchase or sign-up occurs. You can sell products or services from other people and get your own revenue from that, or you can create an affiliate platform if you are into a particular topic and have relevant platforms. We suggest that you start with beginner’s steps if you are new to this. 

31. Make youtube videos or tutorials

The act of filming a video and posting it online for millions of people to watch is an effective way to earn passive income. The first step is generating enough views, but there are many opportunities to earn money. 

32. Create online courses and webinars

With a bit of hard work at the beginning, you can create the right course on the right online platform, with a popular topic, and increase your earnings long-term. You earn a royalty every time someone purchases a course or webinar, and if the topic is perfect, you can earn a royalty for years. For a good start in the world of selling courses, you can check out Learn Words and Teachable.

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Create online courses and webinars
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33. Gooagle Adsense

It is possible to advertise on websites, blogs, and Youtube channels that are owned by you through Google Adsense. Although it is true that web users are more and more accustomed to advertisements, it can still provide a decent income depending on the traffic you have.  

34. Design a comparison, guide, or library website

As you build these types of websites over time, you will begin to receive a lot of traffic and earn through various online advertising strategies, and if the niche and content are strong, you will not need to spend a lot of time maintaining them. As we all use comparison sites, this is a worthwhile investment with the potential to remain active for many years.

35. Build an offline store for your business

Do you have an offline business that is successful? Create an online store and start earning money from the same business both online and offline. Before you begin operating, there are a lot of things you need to do, such as develop your shop website and market your products, but it is relatively easy today with services like Shopify.

36. Create an app for android or ios or use money making apps

It’s not easy building an app, but if you’re in charge of it, you could make it easier for everyone. You could also check out apps that can create passive income if you are not a programmer.

37. Buy an existing online business

Just as with domains, people buy online businesses and take the revenue or make them make even more money. In most cases, they receive passive income as soon as the business is developed. offers a variety of businesses for sale that are looking to be bought.

38. Outsource your active business online

You can create passive income by hiring someone else to manage your business for you. It might be hard for you to justify giving up some of your hard-earned profit to bring in outsourced labor, but it does give you more time to do other things, such as sit on the porch drinking beer or start another passive income stream.

At the very least, you could delegate repetitive processes to a virtual assistant, freeing up valuable time that you could invest as you see fit!

39. Buy and sell domains and usernames

Back when the Internet started, domains that were created using the simplest keywords were worth only a few dollars (and perhaps less). Similarly, social media usernames were worth very little as well. If you can find them, purchase them, or own some that you already own, you can sell them and earn money without really doing anything. Before you do anything, do some research on selling tips. 

40. Sell photos online

Selling your photos online is a good way to make some extra money if you have a passion for photography. You’ll need time to build a portfolio and a profile, but once you do, you can get some income based on how many people download your photos. There are several platforms where you can post and sell photos, such as Shutterstock or iStock Photo.

41. Make royalties from music

How about creating a jingle and earning money from it? After you upload it to a music distribution platform, it is possible to sell it. Check out this guide for more information.

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Make royalties from music
Image Source: Pixabay

42. Make royalties for graphic design content

It is not uncommon for graphic designers to sell content online. The best thing is that the content is created once, but brings money every time it is purchased from the platform where it is posted. It is possible to create vector graphics or other types of graphics, and you can make money if you enjoy making a logo or a poster. Websites such as Zazzle and 99designs may be a good place to start. 

43. Produce an audiobook

There are many ways to use audiobooks to increase income in recent years, as audiobooks have become very popular. This is similar to an e-book, but it requires specialized equipment to record and upload the book. Among many audiobook platforms available, Feiyr is one of the best.

44. Establish a membership community

Those who are well-known and considered influencers in their fields probably have a community around them. You can create membership fees for members of your community and reward them with valuable information or something else in return if you have a website or blog. Do you want to get started? Read these 7 tips for creating your first membership site. 

45. Install an atm/cash machine

Depending on local laws, you could become an ATM (cash machine) vendor and earn some decent passive income.  You might own a store in which you could place an ATM, or you might find a company that will allow you to place multiple ATMs at different locations, earning a small percentage of profits.  Maintenance may be handled by the ATM supplier depending on the deal. There are examples of this in the United Kingdom.

46. Create a lead collection website

Every business in the world wants to collect leads that can become customers. By creating a website that collects leads and sells them to businesses all over the world, you can generate leads and sell them. This list contains more than 20 example lead generation forms.

47. Design and sell t-shirts or other products online

Some platforms offer the easiest way to get started with little effort for designers and those wanting to start this type of business. You can make a T-shirt go viral and earn a lot of sales if it’s good. People usually start these kinds of businesses doing only marketing and all the other things people do for them, like printing and making T-shirts. Among the many possibilities are Amazon and Spread Shirt, as well as Teespring.

48. Sell your crafts on etsy

Etsy is a great place for creative people to sell various crafts and earn a little income. You can turn your hobby into a profit-making venture if you think of the possibilities. The act of doing something is not really passive per se, but if you’d do it anyway, it can be passive.

49. Selling through ebay

The benefits of selling on eBay are many; you can sell used items, you can sell other people’s items, and you can also sell other people’s products for your own income. Perhaps it’s worth your while to try to sell somebody else’s things if they’re not interested or don’t have the knowledge to do it for themselves. Listing can even be outsourced so you do as little work as possible.

50. Create website themes and sell online

The creation of a website theme will be a piece of cake for you if you are a web designer. Some platforms allow you to sell products online and get passive income each time a purchase is made. The best-known companies in this field are Envato market and Template Monster.


Can you think of another way to make passive income? How about renting out your apple trees to a cider maker? Tell us what you think. 

It is my sincere hope that this has provided you with some ideas on how to increase your income and live a more fulfilling life.


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