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Top 50 Outdoor Business Ideas with Low or Zero Investments

Introduction to outdoor business ideas with low or zero investments: Many business owners might think of spending their days in front of computer screens and cooped up in an office. However, you should not let this notion deter you from starting a business. No matter how much time you spend outdoors, there are plenty of outdoor businesses that let you enjoy entrepreneurship and fresh air at the same time. These 50 ideas will inspire you to start a new business and get outside.

Top 50 Outdoor Business Ideas with Low or Zero Investments
Image Source: Pixabay

Top 50 outdoor business ideas with low or zero investments

Lawn mowing service

There are a few things homeowners and business owners need to do in order to keep their lawns well-kept. Providing regular maintenance services to local homeowners and businesses can be done with a lawn mowing business.

Gardening service

You can also offer specialized gardening services if you want to do business with flowers and plants aside from grass cutting.

Landscaping service

Alternatively, you could specialize in large landscaping jobs for homes and businesses for people interested in remodeling or adding some exciting landscaping elements to their outdoor areas.

Lawn cleanup service

Maintaining your lawn can be very difficult, especially if you have pets. You need to spend more time outdoors if you provide this kind of service.

Plant nursery

Plants are a great way to get refreshed. You can grow plants and sell them in local nurseries if you like working outdoors.

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Plant nursery business
Image Source: Pixabay

Produce farm

‘Produce farm’ outdoors would also be a great way to grow fruits and vegetables. These freshly produced fruits and vegetables can be sold at local supermarkets and consumers.

Roadside produce sales

Another option would be to source various produce items (herbs, fruits, vegetables) and sell them outside at a roadside stand.

Dairy farm

A dairy farm may be a better option for you if the product isn’t your thing. You can still provide dairy products for making milk, cheese, ice cream, and other products. However, you will need some specialized equipment to get started.

Livestock farm

Alternatively, you can raise animals on a livestock farm if you have the right equipment, space, and training.

Farm equipment rentals

Renting out farm equipment to local farmers for various purposes will also allow you to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Horse stable

Alternatively, you can offer horse riding lessons or other experiences at your own stable if you have the space and experience.

Dog training service

If you are a professional in training dogs, then you might be more interested in this business service. Hence you can start an outdoor dog training business in which you work mainly with clients and their pets.

Dog walking service

Alternatively, you can offer walk dogs in the local area for people who need your services.

Pest control service

You can also start a pest control company that focuses on people’s yards and around the perimeter of their homes as a means of providing service while spending time outdoors.

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Pest control business
Image Source: Pixabay

Junk hauling service

It is also possible to provide a service that removes junk from homes and businesses, which will require you to spend a lot of time sorting and carrying large items outdoors.

Graffiti removal service

You could provide specialized graffiti removal services for businesses and homeowners who wish to cover up outdoor graffiti.

Car wash and detailing service

Further, you can start a business providing car wash services at a fixed location or even traveling to the area of your customers.

Bicycle repair service

You could set up a bicycle repair shop in a garage or enclosed outdoor space if you prefer to work with bicycles.

Above ground pool sales

Selling above-ground pools to homeowners in their yards or from a showroom would be a good business idea if you prefer a sales-based business.

Pool cleaning service

A pool cleaning service could also be set up where you can provide regular maintenance services to homeowners with above-ground or built-in pools.

Window washing service

If you don’t have the time or desire to clean windows yourself, you could offer outdoor window washing services to homeowners and businesses.

Awning cleaning service

This is another type of cleaning service business, and you can clean outdoor awnings for companies or homeowners whose outdoor awnings look filthy.

Gutter cleaning service

As an alternative, you can provide gutter cleaning services. In addition, it can help you build up a client base with whom you can provide regular services.

Roof installation and repairs service

You could also provide one-time services to homeowners, such as roof installation and repairs.

Deck building service

A great way to spend a lot of time outdoors is by building an outdoor deck for homeowners who want to add some unique outdoor seating.

Fence installation service

If you want, you can also offer your services to homeowners in your area to install or repair fences.

House painting service

It should be easy to spend time outside if you specialize in house painting, especially if you do exterior painting.

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House painting business
Image Source: Pixabay

Construction cleanup service

Cleaning services could also be offered to companies that wish to outsource this part of their work.

Woodworking service

You can set up a woodworking workshop in your backyard or garage where you can complete various woodworking projects for customers.

Handyman service

Another option is to become a handyman, where you will complete different outdoor projects for homeowners.

Tour guide service

Having a business where you offer tours outdoors or have a kiosk outside that answers visitors’ questions and provides guidance could be a good idea if you live in a tourist area.

Outdoor travel excursion service

Additionally, you can arrange special excursions for visitors such as hiking or biking tours, rock climbing excursions, and even water activities.

Scuba diving excursion service

You could offer scuba diving lessons or excursions if you’re a qualified scuba diver and live in an area where scuba divers frequent.

Outdoor fitness classes

Entrepreneurs who have a passion for fitness can start a business offering outdoor fitness classes in areas such as yoga, pilates, gym, Zumba classes, etc.

Summer camp

It might be more fun for you to plan kid-friendly outdoor activities. This might be an opportunity for you to create your own summer camp.

Boat tours service

With a boat and access to the water, you might be able to start a tour guide business where you provide guided tours.

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Boat tours business
Image Source: Pixabay

Boat rentals

A boat can also be used to start a rental business for people looking to spend a day on the water, or you could offer a dinner cruise service.

Fishing guide service

In particular, if you’re interested in fishing, you could offer a fishing guide service to tourists interested in learning about the best fishing spots in your area.

Hunting guide service

A hunting guide service could also be offered to visitors who have access to enough land safe for hunting.

Bicycle delivery service

If you live in the city but still like to spend much of your time outdoors, then a bicycle delivery service might be a good option for you where you can deliver bicycles anywhere in the city.

Snow clearing service

During the winter months, you can offer homeowners snow and ice clearing services. The warmer months are also an opportunity for those who run lawn mowing or landscaping companies to add this service to their business. 

Christmas tree farm

Depending on how much space you have, you can plant some evergreen trees and set up a Christmas tree farm where visitors can pick out the ideal tree for the holidays.

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Christmas tree farm
Image Source: Pixabay

Garage sale organizing service

You could also consider offering a service for homeowners planning on having a garage sale but need some help setting it up and organizing it.

Ice cream stand

The outdoor market is an excellent place to sell ice cream if you want a product.

Fair food vending

Alternatively, you can sell corn dogs and funnel cakes, which are popular at fairs and similar events. Outside stands are also available at various events regularly.

Farmers market vending

Grow your own food or produce a wide variety of products and host a stand at a local farmers’ market. The majority of farmers’ markets take place outdoors.

Flea market vending

Similarly, flea markets are mostly held outdoors. Selling handmade and secondhand items at different flea markets would be a good idea.

Mobile retail boutique

A mobile retail shop set up in a camper or similar setup can be taken to art fairs and other outdoor shopping events for those looking for retail business opportunities.

Coffee cart

Another option is to set up an outdoor coffee cart at a local event or a busy pedestrian thoroughfare.

Landscape photography

Furthermore, you can make money by selling or licensing photos taken outdoors.


The above-listed business ideas don’t need much investment as you can start them outdoors based on your interests. You can make decent amounts without any hectic schedules. These simple outdoor business ideas can make your day more exciting, along with good earnings. Most of these businesses are easy to start and don’t need a long list of equipment. Give them a try right from today!


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