Training on Share Market in India, Certified Courses

Introduction to training on share market in India

A share market is a place where buying and selling of shares are made. A company requires a capital amount to expand a company or to develop a company, at that time the company sells the shares to the public and uses the money to expand. Share market is a place where everyone wants to make money but it is very risky.  Shares may be of two types primary share and secondary shares. This is the best for investors to invest because you can invest any time you want and you can sell them at any time by that present share price.

A guide to training on share market in India

I am sure that you will be having a lot of questions regarding how to enter into the share market and from which broker you want to buy shares, analyzing the growth of the shares.

Primary shares

It refers to the first issuance of the shares of the company which are directly sold to the investors to make a Capital amount. Now, these investors can keep the shares or they can sell these shares in the secondary share market. As the price of the company is increasing, the share prices will be increasing. The increasing or decreasing of the share price depends on the decisions made by that company.

Initial Public Offering

It refers to the selling of the primary shares by the company. Before selling the primary shares, the company distributes shares among their founders, investors, etc who initially invested in the company. After that, the remaining number of shares that are left are sold to the public. Here the term public refers to all people as well as the company members.

Secondary Shares

It refers to shares that are sold by the primary shareholders. This trading of shares will be done in the stock market, everyone can be able to start trading and make money. But you should have a Demat account and trading account to buy or sell shares. Based on the time plan you want to invest, like plans may 1 day, 1week, 1 month, etc you can select, it means you should hold that shares to that time period.

Demat Account

It is the place where we hold shares as well as securities. For example, let’s take a Paytm account where you can pay bills, transfer money online, book tickets, etc. Similarly, by Demat account, you can trade in the share market and it should be a must for trading. At the end of the day in the share market, the rolling settlements have to be settled at the end of the day. 

Trading Account

So, for buying and selling stocks or shares you should have your own trading account. If you wanted to start trading in the share market then the brokerages will be there and they will be giving you the free trading account as well as the dematerialized account that is the Demat account. There are many companies that are brokerages and they will give free Demat and trading account, the thing is they will take commission and they will analyze the market first and tells you to buy shares in some X company by analyzing the data. Some of the brokerage companies are Zerodha, Kotak securities, etc.

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Trading account.
Trading account.

Training on Share Market in India

Anyone whose age is above 18 and has documents like PAN card, Demat account, and Trading account. You should open an account in the Securities and Exchange Board of India with all your details and then you should be searching for a broker as we cannot directly buy or sell shares, there are many numbers brokers which are agencies, companies that are registered with SEBI. Along with this, as mentioned above there should be also Dematerialized account and a Trading account.

Share markets are high risk, before investing in this stock market we should have a lot of knowledge in it. Because there are many circumstances and factors that come into action while increasing or decreasing the price of the share. You should research a lot about a company while you are investing in that company.

There are a lot of books on stock market trading, I say that the reading of the books is the best training for the beginner to understand about the stock market. Some of the best books I suggest before you start investing are

  • The Intelligent Investor by the author Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig
  • How to make money in stocks by the author William O’Neil
  • When to sell by the author Justin Mamis
  • Irrational Exuberance by author Robert J.Shiller
  • Stock investing for dummies by the author Paul Mladjenovic
  • A Random Walk down Wall Street by the author Burton G.Malkiel
  • Market Wizards by the author Jack D.Schwager
  • Stocks for the long run by the author Jeremy J.Siegel
  • Common Sense on Mutual Fund by the author John C. Bogle
  • One up on WallStreet by the author Peter Lynch 
NSE Academy’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM)

It is an online testing and certification program which will be testing the practical knowledge in Financial Markets. If you wanted to know about the technical analysis in trading, that is if you wanted to know how to analyze the up and downs of the share market, this is the best course.

National Institutes of Securities Markets (NISM)

It helps to develop the financial skills to a good level of the Market participants. In general, this has a lot of courses to learn according to your you can choose any course. Basically, if you wanted to enter the share market as a share broker, then this is the best course. This course also has some content about SEBI’s rules and regulations.

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Certified Courses on Share Market.
Certified Courses on Share Market.

So, if you wanted to do trading but don’t wanted to learn these courses then you can read the books as said above and gain knowledge and you can start initially trading in some apps without real money. Just for the process of learning the trade market, these apps give fake money and with that, you can buy or sell stocks in these apps. Finally, after you think that you are perfect with the trading process, you can start real trading in the share market.

Train yourself with two apps shown below in stock market

  1. Stock Trainer

This is a completely free app that tracks the real-time market. In this app, the trading amounts of the earning company are shown at that point in time. In this app, you will get a capital of 500,000. This app is best for stock market beginners, they can trade in the companies they want and can virtualize whether their shares are increasing or reducing. By this, you can analyze that how well are you doing. I say that if you are reading books and understanding the techniques, strategies of the stock market then at this point of time to check yourself you can trade in this app and can find that whether the strategies are working or not.

Train Yourself on Share Market.
Train Yourself on Share Market.

This is also a website where you can do virtual trading and gain knowledge. The thing about this is this consists of both the Indian share market and as well as foreign trade that might be any country, so you can buy commodities of any market you want. This website has no limit of capital, you can spend your wish. Weekly you will be getting updates on how your portfolio performed.

There are a lot of YouTube videos where each and everything of the share market can be clearly explained and there are Market Analysts videos that analyze the market and explain it in detail. Yes, this comes under free training of the stock market. And also, for traders, the time period you want to invest the amount or buy a share of a company is very crucial. Because a company growth can be found in long term periods like 1-year period, 5-year period.

There are many offline private coaching centers also, there you can go to learn courses and after learning there will be exams related to that to give you certification based on it. There is a website called, this is one of the websites for free coaching as it contains a number of videos.

That’s all folks about training on the share market in India. 

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