Under 1 Lakh Investment Business from Home in India

With the world changing fast due to technology and more people working from home, there are lots of chances to start businesses from home. The advantage of these businesses is the low entry barriers, flexibility in terms of operation and work hours, and, of course, the opportunity to convert your passion into a profitable venture. This article will explore various businesses you can start from home in India with an initial investment of under 1 Lakh.

Under 1 Lakh Investment Business from Home

Food Catering and Tiffin Services

One of the most thriving evergreen business opportunities, especially in India, is food catering and tiffin services. Indian cities are brimming with working professionals and students who seek healthy, homemade meals, creating a perennial demand for tiffin services. The capital requirement for this venture is minimal, mostly for utensils, raw materials, and basic packaging.

Let’s assume the initial investment for utensils and kitchen setup is around Rs 30,000. Assuming you start with 20 clients, the recurring cost of raw materials could be around Rs 20,000. Packaging and delivery costs may add another Rs 10,000, and if you want to invest in a basic website or app, it could be about Rs 30,000, keeping the total under 1 Lakh. This venture’s profitability depends on the meals’ pricing and the operation’s scale.

Tuition and Online Education

The online education industry has witnessed a paradigm shift, particularly since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has allowed individuals to offer tuition classes, coaching services, or specialized skill training from home. Your investment here would mainly be in a good quality computer or laptop, high-speed internet, and possibly some subscription costs for online teaching platforms.

Under 1 Lakh Investment Business from Home

Let’s consider that the computer costs around Rs 40,000, internet charges are Rs 2,000 per month, and a learning management system (LMS) subscription costs Rs 3,000. This brings the total initial investment to approximately Rs 63,000. Again, the profit depends on the number of students and the fees charged.

Freelance Services

Another booming industry is freelancing, with the availability of myriad services such as content writing, graphic designing, social media management, and more. This venture is typically free, but investing in upskilling courses, efficient tools, and a personal website to showcase your portfolio can boost your visibility. Suppose you spend Rs 20,000 on courses, Rs 10,000 on premium software subscriptions, and around Rs 50,000 on website development and hosting. This totals an investment of Rs 80,000. Earnings here depend on the number and nature of projects undertaken.

E-commerce Reselling

E-commerce platforms have opened a gateway for entrepreneurs to start their businesses from home. You can become a reseller, buying goods at wholesale prices and selling them online at a profit. Your primary costs here would be the purchase of initial stock, packaging, and maybe some advertising. If you allot Rs 50,000 for initial stock, Rs 20,000 for packaging, and Rs 20,000 for marketing, the total investment is Rs 90,000. The profit margin will depend on your pricing strategy and the types of products sold.

Fitness and Wellness Services

Due to increasing health awareness, more and more people are looking for fitness trainers, yoga instructors, and diet consultants who can provide their services at home. Your investment could be in fitness equipment, certification courses, and creating a home studio. For example, Rs 30,000 can be allocated for fitness equipment, Rs 50,000 for a certified course, and another Rs 20,000 to set up a home studio. The total investment comes to Rs 1 Lakh. You can earn by offering individual sessions or subscription-based group classes.

Handmade Crafts and Artwork

India has a rich heritage of arts and crafts. It could be a lucrative business opportunity if you have a knack for creating handmade products. You can sell products like handmade jewelry, pottery, knitwear, or artwork directly from home via online marketplaces. The capital required will largely depend on the type of craft. Let’s say you require Rs 40,000 for raw materials, Rs 10,000 for packaging and shipping, and Rs 40,000 for promoting your store online, making a total investment of Rs 90,000. Profits will vary based on the pricing and popularity of your products.

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Handmade Crafts

Home-Based Bakery

Starting a home-based bakery could be a sweet idea if you love baking and are good at it. You can start by taking orders for cakes, cookies, bread, and pastries for events or daily. The major investments would be in high-quality baking equipment, raw materials, and packaging. If we allocate Rs 40,000 for equipment, Rs 30,000 for raw materials, and Rs 20,000 for packaging and delivery, the total investment is Rs 90,000. The profit depends on the pricing and the number of orders you receive.

Consulting Services

You can offer consulting services from home if you possess expertise in a specific field, such as marketing, finance, HR, or IT. In this case, the capital investment is quite low and mostly involves setting up a home office and a professional website. Assuming you spend Rs 30,000 on a home office setup and Rs 50,000 on website development and promotion, the total investment is around Rs 80,000. The earnings here can be substantial depending on your expertise level and the clients you serve.


With the rise of digital media, good photography has gained immense importance. If you love photography, you can begin your own photography business from home. You may need a good camera, lenses, and editing software. Suppose you spend Rs 60,000 on a camera, Rs 20,000 on lenses, and Rs 15,000 on software, bringing the total investment to Rs 95,000. You can earn by offering various photography services such as product photography, event photography, or even photography classes.

Plant Nursery

As urban spaces shrink and pollution levels rise, there’s an increasing demand for indoor plants and home gardens. You can start a small plant nursery at home if you love gardening. The key costs involved are seeds or saplings, soil, fertilizers, pots, and possibly a greenhouse setup. If we allocate Rs 30,000 for the greenhouse setup, Rs 25,000 for seeds, saplings, and soil, and Rs 25,000 for pots and fertilizers, the total investment is Rs 80,000. Your earnings will depend on the variety and quantity of plants you sell.

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Plants at a Nursery


In conclusion, home-based businesses have the potential to offer a significant income with relatively low investment. The success of such ventures, however, lies in consistent effort, effective marketing, and excellent customer service. 


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