10 Best Artificial Jewellery Manufacturers in India

India has long been celebrated for its traditional jewellery but is also a leading player in artificial jewellery. If you’re wondering which brand of artificial jewellery is best in India or which is the biggest artificial jewellery manufacturer, you’re in luck. India has many choices. The top exporter of imitation jewellery is also based here, making India an artificial jewellery manufacturing hub. 

Best Artificial Jewellery Manufacturers in India

This article dives into India’s top artificial jewellery brands, including those specializing in wholesale imitation jewellery suppliers in Mumbai and artificial jewellery manufacturers in Delhi. We’ll explore which metal artificial jewellery is best and provide a list of artificial jewellery manufacturers in India.

10 Best Artificial Jewellery Manufacturers in India


Tanishq, established in 1994, is a testament to the excellence and innovation in the Indian jewellery industry. A brand under the renowned Tata Group, Tanishq has consistently set design, quality, and craftsmanship benchmarks. Their offerings span a vast range, from traditional gold and diamond pieces to a dazzling collection of artificial jewellery.

Tanishq’s attention to detail and dedication to perfection have led to the creation of jewelry admired not only in India but worldwide. Their commitment to delivering only the best to their customers has solidified their position as one of the top jewellery brands, making them a preferred choice for many seeking authenticity and style.

Kalyan Jewellers

Initiating its journey in 1993 in the southern state of Kerala, Kalyan Jewellers has become a household name in India and international markets. Their extensive catalog showcases a blend of traditional and modern designs, catering to the diverse tastes of their vast clientele.

Over the years, Kalyan Jewellers has expanded its horizons beyond just gold and diamond, diving deep into the world of artificial jewellery. Their dedication to being excellent and open has helped them become a major player in the industry. With a vast network of stores nationwide and a significant online presence, Kalyan Jewellers ensures that their exquisite pieces are accessible to all.

TBZ: TBZ (Tanishq Bhaskar)

The story of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, popularly known as TBZ, dates back to 1864. With a rich legacy spanning over a century, TBZ has become synonymous with trust and quality in jewellery. Their vast collection ranges from traditional heirloom pieces to chic and modern artificial jewellery designs.

Every creation of TBZ speaks of the brand’s dedication to excellence and deep-rooted values. Through its long-standing presence, TBZ has witnessed the evolution of the Indian jewellery industry and has played a pivotal role in shaping it. Their expansive retail presence and loyal customer base testify to their unyielding commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Founded in 2011, Bluestone emerged as a fresh face in the Indian jewellery landscape, introducing a novel approach to how people perceived and purchased jewellery. Primarily operating as an online platform, Bluestone redefined convenience by bringing high-quality jewellery pieces just a click away. Though vast, their collection is curated meticulously to cater to traditional and contemporary tastes.

Innovative, trendy, timeless designs mark Bluestone’s venture into artificial jewellery. By focusing on customer-centric approaches, like easy returns and try-at-home options, Bluestone has expanded its clientele and set new benchmarks for online jewellery shopping in India.


Established in 1990, Catwalk is primarily recognized for its stellar range of footwear that resonates with the fashion-forward populace. However, in tandem with its footwear line, Catwalk has ventured into the realm of artificial jewellery, crafting pieces that complement its chic shoe designs.

Every piece from Catwalk’s jewellery collection is a testament to the brand’s understanding of current fashion trends and its commitment to offering top-notch quality. Their earrings, necklaces, and bracelets often embody a fusion of classic and contemporary, making them a top pick for fashion enthusiasts looking for accessories that make a statement.

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D’Decor, which saw its inception in 1999, began its journey as a leading home décor brand, famed for its luxurious and high-quality fabrics and furnishings. Venturing beyond its primary domain, D’Decor introduced a line of artificial jewellery that echoes the brand’s ethos of elegance and sophistication.

Like their home décor products, D’Decor’s jewellery line is characterized by attention to detail, unique designs, and a touch of luxury. The brand’s foray into jewellery has been welcomed by consumers who appreciate the blend of simplicity and grandeur that D’Decor brings. Through this diversified offering, D’Decor has further solidified its reputation as a brand that embodies style and class.


Nakshatra, established in 2000, has a name synonymous with star-like brilliance. It specializes in traditional and artificial jewellery, including earrings, necklaces, and bangles. The designs usually incorporate Indian motifs, making them popular for people interested in Indian imitation jewellery.


Ohm, a distinctive name in the world of artificial jewellery in India, has swiftly risen in popularity due to its cutting-edge designs and commitment to quality. Renowned for its unique craftsmanship, Ohm offers a plethora of designs that strike a balance between traditional and contemporary aesthetics. From chunky necklaces to dainty anklets, every piece from Ohm echoes precision and flair.

The brand’s focus on customer satisfaction and maintaining high-quality standards has cemented its position as one of the sought-after names in the artificial jewellery sector. Beyond the domestic market, Ohm’s creations have found admirers internationally, making them a significant player in the export of imitation jewellery.

PNG (Premium Native Gold)

Premium Native Gold, popularly known as PNG, has a legacy that spans several decades, establishing itself as a titan in the Indian jewellery industry. PNG’s collection of artificial jewellery is as expansive as it is exquisite. The brand prides itself on every piece’s fine craftsmanship and detailed designs. PNG never ceases to impress, from chokers adorned with imitation gemstones to bangles with intricate carvings. Their adherence to the best quality standards and relentless pursuit of innovation has made PNG a go-to name for many seeking high-end artificial jewellery.

RSB (Rajesh Exports)

RSB, an acronym for Rajesh Exports, stands tall as one of India’s foremost artificial jewellery manufacturers. Established to redefine the artificial jewellery landscape, RSB has consistently delivered on its promise. With an extensive network of wholesale imitation jewellery suppliers in Mumbai, Delhi, and other major cities, RSB has ensured its creations reach every corner of India. The brand’s expertise in blending traditional Indian motifs with contemporary designs has garnered immense popularity. Moreover, RSB’s status as a top exporter of imitation jewellery underscores its global appeal and dominance in the industry.

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The artificial jewellery industry in India is vast and dynamic, with brands like Ohm, PNG, and RSB leading the charge. These manufacturers, with their commitment to excellence, innovative designs, and wide-reaching networks, ensure that consumers have many options. Whether it’s a festive occasion or a casual outing, these brands have something to suit every mood and style, truly showcasing the best Indian imitation jewellery.


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