How to Make Money From 3D Printing: Small Business Tips for Beginners

Creating items with 3D printing is a relatively new technology. A 3D model of your product is designed so that your printer can fabricate it according to your specified requirements. 3D printing has several advantages, including the convenience of usage and the potential to make one-of-a-kind objects at a low cost. Let’s check out. 3D printers are fantastic presents for customers since they can promote creativity and business. Printing is a lucrative business, and the possibilities are almost endless.

How to Make Money From 3D Printing
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Start-up costs for a 3D printing side business are minimal, and the learning curve is short, making it a great option to supplement your income. Whether you want to create a blog or sell 3D printed products, there’s a technique for everyone. Let’s find out how to make money from 3D printing, how much a 3D printer costs, where you can get one, how much money you can make with one, and how to improve your 3D printing skills by reading on. 

Where to buy a 3D printer?

It’s possible to buy a 3D printer on Amazon or a local craft shop. Certain 3D printers can also be found at local electronics or hardware shops. With the printer, you’ll need to buy the supplies to make your goods. Printers come in various shapes and sizes, and each uses a different kind of ink. It’s not uncommon to see products made of polycarbonate or ABS plastic and other popular materials such as nylon and epoxy resins. You can find these items on the internet or at your local craft shop.

How much does a 3D printing machine costs?

Your printer’s pricing and profit might be affected by the characteristics of your 3D printer. To get a 3D printer, you may expect to pay anything from $200 to more than $10,000. One of the most crucial pricing variables is the printer’s speed. Faster printers may cost much more than slower models. Purchasing a quicker printer may be an option if you want to print huge files or have an urgent need for them. On the other hand, if you’re printing more oversized objects, you’ll have to spend more money on your 3D printer’s size.

Overestimating your printing demands in the beginning can allow you to print more oversized objects than you had initially planned on doing. When discussing printers, whether three-dimensional or not, the issue of resolution always comes up. Like the crisp and clean output of a printer that can’t print at 300dpi, the smooth and accurate production of a 3D printer with a higher resolution. A 3D printer that enables high-quality printing is a better choice if you want to make goods with a lot of fine detail.

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Some printers can produce goods with various colors thanks to this feature. However, compared to a single color printer, this will result in higher expenses. A high-speed printer is particularly more important if you want to create colorful structures.

How to make money from 3D printing

Starting a local 3D printing business store

There are several advantages to opening a manufacturing shop in a large city. First, you’ll need clients and a lot of money, but if there is a need for this service locally, your firm might be a huge success! It’s also possible to set up a second company selling your services to local firms. With their help, you may profit from 3D printing on demand and provide your consumers with the simplicity of producing just the items they want.

If you’re looking for a simple way to earn a little extra money on the side, this is an excellent choice for you. You decide how engaged you want to be depending on how many orders you’re prepared to take.

Prototyping services

Services for quick prototyping are next. Engineering, construction, design, architectural firms, and individuals working in those disciplines all seek these types of printing services. Using 3D printing technology, specialists may make a replica of a model they have in mind. They use these models to demonstrate their designs to potential customers. It may also be quite beneficial when conceptually presenting the information.

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A fantastic technique to test the product’s viability is by allowing end consumers to do so. In addition, designers and other professionals who wish to show off their work would greatly benefit. The following are a few benefits of using 3D printing to speed up the prototype process:

  • As a result of the use of 3D printing services, the manufacturing of prototypes may be made both cost and time-efficient.
  • In designing and manufacturing, the chances of making errors may be greatly decreased.
  • Using 3D printing, many versions of the same design are also conceivable.
  • In addition, 3D printing allows you to develop the most complex product designs possible.

According to a recent poll, 3D printing has made prototype services a big success. They are thought to be superior to more traditional methods. For example, architects no longer have to wait weeks for their models to be handmade; instead, they can have 3D printers manufacture them quickly. Additionally, automobile designers are given advantages since they may print multiple vehicle components and test features on several models simultaneously.

Teach 3D printing to others

3D printing may not appeal to a large number of individuals. You may, however, pique the interest of others by raising awareness. Unfortunately, when it comes to local markets, 3D printing lessons aren’t popular since few people know about its advantages, and there are few courses to choose from. Because of this, it’s a good idea to apply on Facebook and other social networking sites. You may also advertise your lessons in print media, such as local newspapers.

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Organize 3D printing seminars to demonstrate the potential of the technology. To assist people to comprehend the need to learn 3D printing abilities, these steps should be followed. Others benefit from your efforts, as well, because of your expertise in the field. Starting a company might be a lengthy process if you can teach people, but it can be very rewarding. In addition, you’ll be paid to share your knowledge about 3D printing with others.

Using a 3D printer to develop and sell products online is a popular way to generate money. There are several methods to do this, but Etsy is the most frequent one. First, you may set up your online shop to sell your wares on Etsy. Etsy takes a modest percentage of your sales, but it’s simple to get started and receive orders from consumers. In addition, you might sell your handmade goods to other Etsy merchants. Your options include creating a product for them or providing a service, such as printing patterns into the fabric that they may then sell.

Even if you don’t plan to use your printer for profit in the long run, you may still generate money in the short term by selling your printer’s parts. With a printer, you can create anything. It’s important to know what 3D-printed things are in high demand so that you can produce and sell them. Here are some examples:

  • Jewellery: This is a particularly popular alternative for makers who have paper cutters or other instruments that are ideally suited for small-scale manufacture.
  • Mugs: Personalized mugs are a great way to show someone how much you care about them. Give it out as a great joke present with some amusing artwork or with your company’s logo.
  • Pet accessories: Cat and dog owners will gladly spend money on items that improve their pets’ quality of life. If you’re making items like collars and leashes, be careful to follow safety rules.
  • Etchings: For those who want to commission their artwork, personalised etchings are excellent gifts for the creative types in their lives.

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Rent your 3D printer

Because 3D printing is still a relatively new technology, only a small number of individuals have one. Even though some high-quality 3D printers are available for less than $1,000, few can afford to get one. As a result, you may rent out your 3D printer to others for an agreed-upon amount of time in exchange for payment. If you possess a professional or industrial 3D printer, you may join a leasing program provided by many 3D printer manufacturers and rent your machine.

An excellent example of a firm making it easy for clients to lease their 3D printers is Fusion 3, a 3D printer maker. They’ve teamed up with other businesses to provide leasing solutions as competitively as possible. Your 3D printer’s location information may also be added to platforms such as, which will allow you to get requests for 3D printing from people in your area. These are just a few simple ways you may utilize your 3D printer to generate passive money.

Homemade products and handicrafts 

Entering the handmade goods and customized crafts market with a 3D printer is another wonderful option to generate money with one of these devices. As a result, there have been several success stories in this field. An excellent illustration of this is 3D printing to create antique-inspired interior design elements. They were manufactured in three days instead of months, and they’re ready to go.

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For example, American Standard and Emerging Objects have gone above and beyond to 3D print and produce one-of-a-kind home furnishings for them. Furniture and silverware and unusual lighting and plumbing fittings are among the 3D printed items.

Set a 3D printing service centre

Setting up a customer service center allows you to print on demand. Many individuals all around the globe are interested in having a handful of their designs produced and sent to them. You may print the designs provided by these clients precisely as they specified. Even if you don’t design the prints, we can print them for you. If you want the design, you may have to pay more. Both ways, you’ll get the benefits.

Once you’ve figured out how to generate money using a 3D printer, it’s time to put that knowledge to use. First, get your online presence up and running so that you may begin taking orders. Next, use social media to promote your 3D printing business. It would be the most efficient method of reaching people all across the globe in the shortest amount of time possible.


Blogging is another option to generate money with a 3D printer. As a 3D printing expert, you may start a website and upload 3D printing information. By building an extensive following over time, you will have the opportunity to start monetizing your website with Google advertisements, articles, banners, or even affiliate marketing. Use Google advertising, social networking, and guest blogging for other niche sites to help promote your website and earn links that will help it rise in the search engine results.


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