How to Start Puja Store Business in India: License and Requirements

Devotees establish a spiritual relationship with the god by worshiping, chanting hymns, and presenting natural materials such as fruits, flowers, Sweets, flower garlands, etc. Devotees do Puja regularly, generally in a Puja cabinet at home or the Temple. At festivals, a special Puja is done with tremendous excitement and passion. Let’s check out how to start Puja store business in India.

How to Start Puja Store Business in India
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Puja is also performed to commemorate a few significant life milestones, such as the child’s birth, a wedding, a housewarming, or the start of a new endeavor or trip. People used to prepare a list of puja things they required at the beginning of every month. They would next purchase the things from a nearby puja samagri store. Now things have changed. Several items may be acquired on the internet. As a result, you may even receive puja kits for a specific sort of Puja online.

Puja Materials, also known as Puja Samagri, are a list of goods required to complete a given Puja. There are several pujas in Hinduism, and every Puja has its own set of Puja materials. In addition, each Puja has its own set of consequences and necessitates a separate set of Puja items and specific Puja Samagri. Puja items, including Haldi, kumkum, and Chandan, are used in all Pujas.

Festival Puja, such as Devi Puja during Diwali, Devi Puja on Dussera, Shri Ganeshas Puja during Ganesh Chathurthi, and so on, are conducted with tremendous excitement and passion. Puja Samagri (Pooja items) are utilized in these Puja ceremonies. Flowers, rice, burning incense, kumkum, Turmeric, Sandal paste, Puja Bell, Ghanti, and other items are placed in the Pooja Thali. For Puja, Diyas or candles are considered a source of lights and ornamentation.

Puja store products

Puja thali collection

 A Puja plate,  an aarti Diya, a Kalash, a spoon, Ghanti, two sindoor boxes, an oil light, and two diyas should be included in this German silver Puja Thali Set. German Silver is a corrosion-resistant metal with a silvery appearance. This lovely Puja Thali collection has all of the Pooja requirements and is ideal for usage on necessary poojas to give prayers or other events such as rites, weddings, etc.

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Brass Meenakari Puja Plates:

 Puja plates are brass sheets etched with Meenakari work and handmade symbols such as Shubh, Labh, Om, and Swastik. Meenakari art is known for its use of colorful enamels on metal objects. It is often utilized in bridal jewelry, where the etching on the items is covered with Enamel. Meenakari Puja Thali is perfect for Pujas or special events such as weddings. It is also an excellent place to put puja goods.

Aarti diyas in Brass

The Diya, or oil lamp, has divine importance in Puja rituals because it represents goodness, purity, good fortune, and power. The absence of dark and evil powers implies the existence of light. Brass Diyas spread positive energy and make a relaxing atmosphere. These diyas are great for house décor, Puja room decorating, temple adornment, and their spiritual significance.


Choupala or chokra is primarily used to store kumkum/sindoor and Haldi, and it is put on the plate for Puja.


The sound of a brass bell or ghanti is said to be fortunate since it invites divinity and wards off evil. Brass ghanti are frequently used in Hindu ceremonies such as Puja. It is meticulously handcrafted and carved with beautiful detailing. The quality product of the Brass protects the product from being easily broken.

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Kalasha or Kalash

A Kalash is a type of pot used during Puja and marital rituals. The Kalash is filled with holy water and presented to the Lord. Many individuals do Puja and present pure water to the Sun daily. At weddings, a coconut is placed within the Kalash. This is a symbol of wealth and power. Water in the pot reflects Nature’s capacity to provide life.


Sindoor used during Puja’s or other ceremonies is stored in a brass Sindoor box, also known as a Kum Kum Box. During special occasions, that sindoor box is revered.

How to start Puja store business in India

Documents necessary for setting up a puja store and establishment License

Suppose you run a store or any other business institution in India that conducts business. In that case, you must submit an application to the Chief Inspector for a Store and Establishment License within 30 days. Then, you can register for a Shop and Business Act Full license in your state by applying. The identity of the employer, address of the business, name of the establishment, type of establishment, number of employees, and other permissible facts as required must be included in the prescribed form for a license application.

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The shop or private business will be verified, and a facilitated effective will be granted to the owner following the completion of the application and evaluation by the Chief Inspector. In India, a store or commercial enterprise must show its registration certificate and renew it without fail when it expires. If a shop or establishment wishes to close down, the occupier must notify the Chief Inspectors in writing up to three weeks of the closure. After reviewing the request, the Chief Inspector will deregister the store or business enterprise and invalidate the registration certificate. 

Marketing strategy

Analyze the market

 First and foremost, you must comprehend the market. Any puja item or Puja item certainly has a high commercial value. However, it’s critical to understand the customers’ needs in your area or the area you’ll serve. For example, if you decide to operate a puja store in your neighborhood and primarily an office area, you will almost certainly have a lesser sales volume. But, on the other hand, if you choose a location where many people will be staying, it stands to reason to open a store. 

Maintain products

Concentrate on the items you decide to maintain in the shop. Do you want it to be only a puja samagris store, or do you want it to be a heavenly gifts store? You can store gold-plated spiritual frames, lamps, camphor, and other similar goods if you choose the latter. If you could somehow reinvest in creating a lovely gift shop, you’ll have a better chance of generating a profit. 

Sort of marketing

It is critical to understand the type of economic model you will use. You can operate as a stand-alone business. You may open an online store and use it as a puja store. You can make provisions for Puja samagri digital purchases in this instance. You may also become an Indian puja products franchisee for any well-known brand.

You must adhere to a specific business model when you’re a franchisee. In comparison to a start-up, the liabilities of a franchisee firm are very minimal. You will have market credibility because the good reputation is already well-known. This might indicate that many customers are willing to buy from your stores.

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Pooja Kalash
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Unique ideas for running a Puja samagri franchise successfully

As the religious industry continues to develop, the thought of launching a puja samagri franchising is an exceedingly efficient business idea. However, we need to learn how to run it properly. The trade of religion is one of those industries that will never go out of style. It may come out as a little harsh, but that’s the reality. There’s nothing wrong with generating money from something that benefits people in various ways.

People are also turning to numerous business options as a source of income as the unemployment rate rises. However, starting first from the ground up necessitates significant money and labor. Although if you invest everything into launching a business, there is always the danger of failure.

Great ideas for starting a Puja goods company in India

To establish a profitable puja item company, one must be highly creative and have distinctive designs. This concept will assist you in growing your online puja samagri business.

Gain the customer’s trust by doing the following

People should believe you with everything when running a puja samagri business. So do everything it takes to acquire the respect and trust of the consumer.

Maintain the greatest prices

People do not want to haggle or negotiate while shopping for puja products, and they do not want to spend large sums of money on Puja samagri online purchasing. As a result, you must maintain the most excellent pricing that appeals to the customer’s budget.

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Sites for shopping online

Puja products, Hindu Puja Samagri, and Indian Puja Products and Goods are available online. To hold different Puja and home yagna to obtain the blessings of gods and goddesses in your life, buy online at the best possible price from India in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Taxation and GST

No business setup is complete unless the taxes are understood and an approach to dealing with them is established. Therefore, the goods and Tax Services Board has chosen to add puja samagri to the list of tax-exempt commodities. The tax department has also published a list of commodities that are excluded from Integrated GST (IGST) under international or bilateral obligations for imports by privileged individuals, organizations, authorities, and foreigners on its website.

The inter-state transportation of goods and services will be subject to the IGST, which the Centre will charge. Since the credit for IGST payments may be reclaimed when paying the CGST or SGST.


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  2. I found this article on starting a Puja store business in India incredibly informative and helpful. It’s great to see a comprehensive guide that covers the licensing and requirements aspect, which is often overlooked. Understanding the legal framework and necessary permits is crucial for a successful venture. The step-by-step breakdown simplifies the process for aspiring entrepreneurs like me. Thank you for sharing this valuable information, and I look forward to exploring more of your content to kickstart my Puja store business with confidence!


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