How to Make Money from Growing Plants at Home in India

The soil in India is suitable for growing vegetables, fruits to make money. Did you ever think that you could make money from growing plants at home? Yes, you can make it true. You can simply make money by gardening hustle. Every year thousands of individuals grow plants at home and make their side income. Sowing seeds is an effortless task, and with that, you can make money at home. It is super easy to do gardening if it is a hobby.

How to Make Money from Growing Plants at Home in India
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Apart from this, there are so many things where you can get money through growing plants. You can also think of adding a few additional things to sell to increase your income. Folks come and pick up their requirements and pay for them. In this article, you can know how to make money by growing plants at home. Let’s check out how to make money from growing plants at home in India.

Major requirements to grow and sell plants at home

Area required

If you have a small backyard, garden, or terrace, you can immediately start this business. See, you can make use of the terrace and start growing plants in them to make money. You can grow them in large pots and sell them at a reasonable price. 


The soil needs to be fertile for the successful germination of seeds. In case, your land is not fertile for saplings’ growth, one can opt for some methods. The plants must get proper nutrients, sufficient space for rooting, and adhesiveness in the soil for holding it. The acidity of the soil must be maintained so that planting ensures the soil pH lies between 5.5-6.5. To buy all these constituents to make the soil nutrient-rich, you must purchase it online or purchase the readymade soil directly.

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Tools required

The tools that you require for grafting, watering, and other activities related to planting are scissors, watering cans, digging forks, crowbar, germination trays, grafting knives, grafting tape, pushcarts, spades, little storage units in case you are thinking to plant separately. Kindly ensure tools are relevant, and you must not compromise on the quality, which may lead to root and stem damage. 

Care and maintenance

To save your plants from infections from pests, you should use some fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, etc. These are available in the form of spray bottles typically, and you can spray it all over the plants and must apply as directed on the product. To induce the growth of plants, chemicals known as fertilizers are used. They help in healthy plant growth. Even organic manures are used for this purpose. These chemicals are readily available in online stores.

Advantages of growing and selling plants at home

  • It is easy to look after the ‘Baby seedlings’ at home
  • It is easily for maintaining the growth i.e. germination as well as growth. 
  • This eliminates the problem of the growth of difficult soils.  
  • Easy to control the weeds. 
  • You can find it easy to manage the costs.  
  • It is easy to improve the plant uniformity 
  • You can get a good amount with minimum expenses spent, as the seeds cost very less, and you can sell plantings for more value. 

Make money from growing plants

Selling seedlings from home

The first thing in this business is you can make the seedlings and can start selling them. This is the most profitable business as you just need to collect the seedling of your daily veggies. For instance, tomatoes, chilies, cucumber, etc. You can collect the seeds of the veggies you use daily and dry them and just sell them. A simple and easy task to make money. 

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Tomato Plant
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You shouldn’t have to think twice about this one if you have already started your own plants from seed! Plan to sell some seedlings in the early spring. All you need to do is package up some of your seeds in 10-20. Alternatively, you can make your own seed bombs or sell a ‘garden starter’ pack of seeds that grow together. Do your research to learn whether you need a license to sell seeds in your state, just as you would with plants.

Growing herbs to sell

You can easily grow and selling fresh or dried herbs for culinary purposes is an excellent way to make money. You can sell mint, thyme, basil, and rosemary at our local farmer’s market. Herbs, especially medicinal ones, are an important part of the homestead.

Aside from growing them for your own health, you can also harvest and dry herbs to sell at the market. Your homegrown herbs can also be dried and sold in plastic snack bags, mylar bags, or even miniature glass jars or test tubes. Get creative with your labels and make your products stand out.

Grow simple vegetables

Growing and selling tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and broccoli are the most profitable plants. However, do not limit yourself to just planting transplants in the vegetable garden. You may also pot up shrubs, lilies, and houseplants for sale. Alternatively, you can make gorgeous porch planters, miniature fairy gardens, and indoor herb gardens using your creative side.

Grow and sell garlic

Garlic is very easy to cultivate and makes this absolutely makes a fantastic idea. Additionally, the heads can not only be sold at the market for cooking, but they also store well and can be used for planting garlic next year.

Corn maze

Plant a corn plant, and you can sell corn and make money. A fun and unique fall experience can be created on your own property if you have enough space. 

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Corn maze
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Grow vegetables to sell in the market

You can grow whatever kind of vegetables you want and then sell it at your local farmer’s market by collecting, preparing, and storing them in your space.

Taking orders for restaurants and other vegetable stores

If you have enough space, you can grow vegetables, herbs, leafy vegetables and make money by giving to restaurants and vegetable stores nearby your area. You can also give them to nearby schools. 

Grow leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables not only give you lots of vitamins it also helps you to make a good amount of income. Leafy vegetables like Gongura, Thotakura, Methi, Coriander, Curry leaves, etc., are daily essentials. You can even grow them in your pots and make money out of them. 

Growing Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera a plant that gives huge benefits. Growing aloe vera at home is very easy, and you can easily sell the plants and make money out of them. 

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Growing Aloe Vera
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Sell produce

You can start a roadside stand or a local farmer’s market, whichever way you decide to sell your produce. Selling homegrown vegetables is the most obvious way to earn money.

Plants to sell from home by propagating

You can make money by propagating plants. It is very easy to make money out of it. 

Make money from Mushrooms

Adding mushrooms to your garden would be a great idea. You can not only sell them at the market but also use them as a food source for your family. There is a wide variety of mushrooms that can be sold, fresh, dried, frozen, and even pickled! Make sure you check your local ordinances regarding the sale of processed foods.

Make money by selling plants online

You can make money by selling plants online. For this, you can make use of social media. For example, you can start a business in the Facebook market by clicking photos and uploading them online. From this, you can easily receive orders and sell them. 

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Make money by selling online
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How to increase your customers?

  • Spread a word
  • Door-to-door campaign
  • Creating a website
  • Social media postings
  • Google my business


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