Top 25 Agricultural Mobile Apps for Farmers

It has already been about a decade since India began to utilize the internet. By 2022, the internet had reached practically every corner in the country, and mobile applications had touched every industry. Farmers who are connected to the internet use mobile applications on their smartphones. The growing availability of smartphones, as well as the internet, has given farmers an advantage in terms of using mobile apps to assist them to enhance agricultural output.

Top 25 Agricultural Mobile Apps for Farmers
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As part of Digital India, the Indian government is promoting digital agriculture solutions. With the use of mobile applications, they are teaching and encouraging farmers to utilize agricultural technological improvements. For farmers, there are several types of applications accessible nowadays. The majority of them are available in English and Hindi, but some also provide regional languages for a better connection with farmers and to reach every corner of the country.

Crop advice apps are primarily concerned with how the crop should be managed in advance in order to have a higher yield at a lower cost. This enables farmers to comprehend the information in a simple and straightforward manner. Soil testing applications are also available to test the soil and tell farmers about which crops would thrive in a specific type of soil.

Market prices and the latest news on various farming methods employed by farmers around the country are also available in certain applications. Farmers will be able to determine which crops are profitable in a particular season and better understand farming analytics as a result of this.

Top 25 agricultural mobile apps for farmers

Agri App

In our period, this is one of the most useful applications for farmers. Farmers are given information on crop productivity and protection. Experts will respond to farmers’ questions. It also features video-based learning and delivers the most up-to-date market information.


Plantix is a farming program that is utilized all over the world. It’s mostly used to figure out what illnesses impact plants. The software uses live video to communicate with the farmers. We may submit images of the plant’s damaged region so that they can identify the illness and recommend the appropriate insecticides.


It is an application that intends to encourage farmers to switch from conventional farming to organic farming. All organic farming knowledge will be supplied to farmers as a service. Because it is only available in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati, it is more beneficial for northern states.

Kisan Savidha

The government of India introduced Kisan Savidha in 2016. This might be beneficial for knowing the weather prediction for the next 5 days as well as the present weather. It also contains information on the minimum support price paid to farmers. It is available in a variety of regional languages.

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Weather Forecast for Farming
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IFFCO Kisan Agriculture

Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the app in 2015. It provides information in the form of video, audio, and text in a variety of languages. It serves as a source of market pricing and agricultural information for farmers. Farmers can also get in touch with customer care.

RML Farmer-Krishi Mitr

It contains all of the specific information regarding the Indian government’s agriculture plans and policies. It provides pricing of Mandi that is updated on a regular basis, as well as information on pesticide and fertilizer use. Furthermore, it contains all farm and farmer-related news.

Crop Insurance

Basically, this app is meant to give you all the information you need about crop insurance. Farmers will be reminded of their policy obligations. It contains all of the premium information as well as subsidy information for crop insurances.


It uses the device’s location to provide information about local market pricing within a 50-kilometer radius. It keeps farmers aware of the costs of various crops so that they may avoid taking advantage of low-cost markets.

Pura Krishi

Farmers have been using it since 2016. This app was created by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute to assist farmers by offering information on how to increase productivity. The app also contains information about ICAR(Indian Council of Agricultural Research) crop research projects.


Farmers should use it because it is one of the most highly suggested applications. You may use features such as the crop calendar, which will remind you of the steps to do once cultivation begins. It aids in land preparation, seed treatment, crop sowing, crop planning, and other tasks.

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Kisan Yojana

It provides farmers with information about government programs. It also bridges the information divide between rural residents and government officials. It gives information on the various government programs of various states. It saves farmers precious time and money by allowing them to avoid having to travel to the state government office.

Bhuvan Hailstorm App

This app was intended to collect data relating to hailstorm occurrences, as well as photographs and geographical locations, and was introduced by the agriculture ministry and farmer welfare. The app can take a snapshot of a field with latitude and longitude, sowing date, and irrigation source. Data will be immediately updated in the app, and analysis will be performed.

Soil Health Card (SHC) App

This software keeps us up to speed on the nutritional state of the soil for each farmer’s landholding, as well as fertilizer dose recommendations. Every three years, it will be distributed to everyone. This will aid in the implementation of remedial actions for soil deficiencies noted in soil health cards.

Farm Bee

It is a free version of one of the greatest agricultural Android apps. It is accessible in ten different languages. It offers agricultural material and information at all stages of the crop’s life cycle. It comes in 450 different kinds, 1300 different marketplaces, and 3000 different weather conditions. It’s a straightforward app.


For farmers, it’s a terrific multi-purpose program. It’s a user-friendly software that gives farmers access to a wealth of information on government programs, crop management guidance, and market price. This also aids farmers in locating adjacent mandi’s and local markets.

Sowing Calendar

This software assists us in making informed decisions regarding when to seed and what folks in our area are sowing. It also contains essential information regarding plant health as well as the identification of any pets or illnesses. If once coordinates are set we get a 7-day weather forecast for your location.


By just taking a snapshot of your crop, Krish-e Nidaan identifies common plant diseases and pests damaging your crop and delivers a fast cure. It’s the ideal crop health partner, providing accurate plant disease diagnosis and scientific remedies. This pest control and plant-fungal detection software are simple to use because it only requires you to utilize your phone’s camera. Its two-click approach is designed to help your crop develop faster! It is offered in a variety of languages.

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Crop Disease
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Agricentral is a technology-based agricultural software that aims to assist Indian farmers in making more profitable decisions in their farming operations. To lead farmers into the era of digital farming, it uses cutting-edge technology such as global positioning, satellite images, big data analytics, machine learning, and image analytics. You can keep up with agribusiness developments on a local, national, and global level.

Bharat Agri

The software is used to create smart agricultural solutions. It’s cutting-edge software with features like weather forecasting, mapping, and water testing. The Bharat Agri app has the potential to enhance farmer revenue by utilizing their intelligent and adaptable timely recommendations with the assistance of specialists via chatbox and video conversations.

One Soil Scouting

It’s a free app for keeping track of a field’s progress and crop development. It displays the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), which is updated every 3-5 days. It sends out high-priority smart messages about impending weather changes. It shows stored notes and seeding dates even if there is no internet connection.


People who are interested in gardening will find this software useful. It will also assist in the learning of small-scale food gardening. It serves as a reminder of the gardening calendar for planting. People now have access to information on more than 50 different veggies. And the methods for growing them It simplifies gardening for both new and experienced gardeners.

Kisan Kraft

Farmers utilize this app for their agricultural demands. Farmers can purchase agricultural machinery from the nearest dealer in their area. Even large machines can be hired for a limited time. It includes the same features as any other app, such as weather prediction, crop advice, disease management, and expert chat.


Farmers in a community use this app to organize agricultural groups and conduct mobile commerce. Farmers can also offer their crops for sale or purchase. It is currently only accessible in Telugu and English. Farmers can also purchase fertilizers, seeds, and insecticides that are readily available in their area.

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This is artificial intelligence-based software that rapidly detects and remedies plant illnesses from afar. Along with India, this application is utilized in a number of other nations. It aids farmers in a purely digital manner by employing modern computer algorithms. It also sends out alerts in the event of unexpected weather changes.

Urban Veggi

It’s a wonderful tool for city dwellers who desire to grow veggies. Vegetables may be grown on balconies and terraces, as well as in any other part of the house. Preparing the seeders for transplanting and harvesting veggies is beneficial. It is also possible to learn about organic vegetation.


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