How to Make Money from Logo Design Business

Introduction to make money from logo design business

A logo is a graphic mark or symbol that your company uses on its products and signs to identify yourself. A logo is simply a visual image of your company name.

Logos can consist of words or a design or a design with letters or stylized letters. Registering your logo gives you trademark rights, which means you can proceed legally if another business using a logo that is very similar to yours or matching with your business logo.

Ideas to make money from logo design business 

Logo designing is used to specify a brand or a product or a company or an organization name. Today’s business plan has changed so far as before. To get maximum benefits, we have to establish our presence online. Our Company’s Logo is most essential to create our existence and to establish our brand on the internet.

So this necessity of the people becomes your job opportunity, if you have a creative mind, talent, and have a good knowledge and skill on designing software like Adobe Photoshop then you are the right person to earn income online.

However, it is important to have other sources of income for graphic designers as there is a lean period in this profession. Even the most talented graphic designers might face a time when they don’t have clients.

Logo designing is the most critical issue. If you lead it properly then success is yours!

Step 1: Before creating a logo first learn the overall mood of an organization

This means if you are creating a logo for food industries like McDonald’s or Pizza hut companies then your logo should be playful. For this, you should use a curvy font.

For IT companies you should not use the curvy font as it should be more professional and use the straight font.

And for motor companies, you can use any style for the font but you should focus on the shape and the color of the logo

Step 2: With shapes, you should be careful and want to know what is the meaning of a particular color

And according to it, you have to fill color in the logo. Just take a brief intro of each color:

  • White:       Pure
  • Black:       Secretive and Power
  • Red:         Passion
  • Orange:    Energy
  • Yellow:     Happy
  • Green:     Natural
  • Purple:    Royalty
  • Blue:       Loyal and Prosperity
3. The appearance of your logo should be registered in the mind of people

So you have to use bold font to make it more highlighted.

Procedure to make money from logo design business

By designing logos for different brands, products, and individuals you can earn a decent income online.

There will always be a need for good logo designers. Businesses are popping up every day and not everyone has a talent for designing! So, why not start making money from logo designing, if you have that skill for creating awesome logos.

Upload Designs

It’s a simple 3-step process to upload your logo designs. Enter some details of your business to help buyers, find your things, and upload your files.

Sell Designs

As a seller, you can be active online but as your wish. Thousands of people browse through our designs daily, so it’s not unusual to be a slacker and sell logo designs without really doing anything.

We will feel proud about ourselves for providing a massive income by earning money online designing

Some tips you need to follow to create a logo design

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Tips for logo design business.
Tips for logo design business.
  • You can start creating on Photoshop if you are fully confident with your design skills or you can create a rough design on a paper
  • To get started you have to open a custom size document of 5 inches width, 5 inches height, and resolution of 300 pixels
  • You can either use RGB model or CMYK as both will result as per the model but to view a clear image CMYK is considered to be better as RGB creates pixels and gets blur if you zoom in your image
  • You can make use of a pen tool or you can take a brush tool to create a logo but the pen tool will create a better sharp design comparing with a brush tool. For a pen tool, you have to work on the path and a layer in which you can start creating a logo design
  • You need to check with every design you have created, and it has its path and layer. If any changes needed you can select the layer and click on the Alt button then you can work according to it
  • After creating the design it will ask you for selecting in your path and then you need to right-click on the path and say make a selection to add color to it
  • You can also increase the size by clicking on CTRL+T. If you need the same design you can create a duplicate layer but you need to flip it by right-clicking and say Flip horizontal or vertical and you also can make use of other options too i.e. Rotate, Scale, Warp, Skew, Perspective, etc.
  • If you want to add some special effects to your logo you can use blending options and as per that make use of it generally we apply stroke option
  • You can also make use of saturation, color balance in brightness/contrast to make color changes. This option you will find in Photoshop software.

After all these steps followed you have to save the file in PSD and JPEG format and if changes required you can accordingly work on the PSD file.

How to promote your logo design business?

You can promote a logo design business in many ways. Some of them are more time-consuming than others, but if you want to grow your business you should commit to spending at least a couple of hours per week on these marketing techniques, even after you have as much business as you need.

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Many of the methods listed below are inexpensive or free and can lead to increased exposure for your business and new clients.

  • In the logo, design projects get your line of credit
  • Design a business card
  • Encourage referrals
  • Promote yourself on social media
  • Maintain a graphic design blog
  • Position yourself as an expert

How much do I charge for logo design?

Prices will vary for logo designs, and the price of logo design will depend on the quality.

Anywhere the cost of a logo design is from $0 to tens of thousands of dollars, but if your business is small-scale and looking for quality design, a good logo design should cost between $300 and $1300.

There are many other things as well. Logo design cost can be from 5000 –10000 RS to lacs. A good logo designer follows one important part of the logo is the ration of design or text used. There is one very important part of the logo which a good designer follows is the ratio of design/text used. The appropriate ratio of 16:1 can be termed as a golden ratio that any bigger company will dream to have in their logo.

Few more details

Before diving straightaway into the marketplaces for selling your logos online, let’s take a look at some other interesting information.

Passive income by selling logo

As we all know, every genuine business needs a brand name that is nothing but a logo to carry out efficient promotion campaigns. Whether it is about promoting the logo business online or offline, the logo has to be unique. Every day, there are millions of business websites being developed for you to sell your logo.

A logo marketplace helps you to sell your logos with a standard license. For a minimal amount, you can sell your logo more than once, if it was not registered. Make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions of a website before you start to sell out logos. Implement these tricks to make some bestselling logo designs.

Keep your focus on trend

When people need a particular type of logo, make sure you have it to provide them with the same. It is important to check out the trends and update your designs regularly.

Check out other’s designs

When you are running out of ideas, it is a wise move to check out the portfolios of other designers.

Check out the best seller logos

You need to know what’s more in demand to ensure earning money logos that you are designing according to the needs of clients.

Trademark and Copyrights

While designing and registering a logo you must know about the procedure of registering a trademark and copyrights as well.

What is a trademark?

In general terms, the trademark is nothing but a brand or logo which represents your business.

A trademark can be a word signature, symbol, logo, brand name, device, wrapper, labels, tagline, or a combination of colors and are used by goods or manufacturers or service providers to identify their products and services. It is used to differentiate the owner’s products or services from the other competitors.

Trademark a logo will cost with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is $225–$600 as of January 2017, plus legal fees. You can register a trademark with your state for $50-$150.

Process of registering a trademark

Step 1: Search for a crazy-enough brand name

Step 2: Making the trademark application

Step 3: Filling the brand name registration application

Step 4: Examining the brand name registration application

Step 5: You can public in the Indian trademark journals

Step 6: Issuance of the trademark registration certificate

The procedure for copyright registration is as follows:

  • Get the application ready based on the first schedule to the rules
  • For each work, there must be a separate application for registration
  • The requisite fee should be accompanied by each application as given in the second schedule of the rules
  • The applicant or advocate should sign the application in whose favor a power of attorney has been executed. Power of attorney should be signed by party and advocate acceptance should also be enclosed

An author of the work will be the first copyright holder. The author can transfer the rights to anyone. Often Authors will transfer copyright to companies that publish their work.

The conclusion to make money from logo design business 

A logo has a convincing power that exceeds language barriers. Design is a universal language and hence has a broader appeal. However, all of this will only work if the logo will come back with a strong distribution network. A good logo without audience reach will look like a great idea without implementation.

If you have a little extra time during the weekdays, you should consider setting up a fully functional website. Make sure the design is attractive to make huge money from the logo design business. Only then you would be able to sell your designs online. Otherwise, it’s very easy to get lost in today’s brand crowd

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