How to Make Money from Seasonal Festivals in India

Most months of the year in India are dedicated to a different festival. The country’s population reflects a wide range of faiths, which accounts for this. At this time of year, the shops are always bustling with people buying gifts and holiday decorations. Retailers in the area that stock their shelves with goods appropriate for celebrations sometimes see a spike in sales leading up to and during the events themselves. 

Compared to the rest of the year, this provides an opportunity for individuals to increase their income. These seasonal enterprises would be appropriate for entrepreneurs looking to launch their ventures. Below we learn how to make money from seasonal festivals in India, the best festive seasonal business ideas in India, and how to promote your festival business. 

How to make money from seasonal festivals in India

Start a sweets business

Particularly during celebrations, Indians have a thing for delicious desserts and treats. People usually look for classic Indian sweets and dried fruits at affordable prices when it comes to entertaining visitors in their homes. Gift baskets, including candies and dried fruits, can be contracted out to places as diverse as companies, mom-and-pop stores, major grocery chains, and health food distributors. If you are short on money and supplies but are looking for something profitable to do over the holidays, try your hand at preparing seasonal treats at home. 

Decoration services and gift-wrapping business

Some people make a living by wrapping gifts as a side business. During the holiday season, you especially have a lot going on. Making money from this demand for gift-wrapping services is a good idea. There aren’t a lot of prerequisites other than the standard equipment.

Get high-quality wrapping paper, a bow, some tape, and scissors. On the other hand, holiday decorations take up a substantial amount of time for households and businesses. People who want to decorate their homes but don’t have the time, energy, or skills to do it themselves could benefit from your services if you establish a decorating firm. 

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How to Make Money from Seasonal Festivals in India
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Catering and event planning business

Planners of events often take care of logistics such as the venue, the budget, the décor, the entertainment, the food, the beverages, the activities, and the invitations. Check with other event planners, caterers, or institutions to see if you can work together on any of the components above if you have expertise in any of these areas, such as decorating. To give them an idea of what you’re capable of, show them pictures from a past personal event you’ve organized or participated in.

The holiday season is a best time to launch a food catering service, yet another excellent way to create money. The fact that many individuals are too busy to create the delicacies they seek causes a significant demand for catering services. Therefore, people would rather shell out money to have their most cherished treats cooked and served to them on special occasions.

Start a Kites business

Kites have been popular activities for many generations and have been around for many years. Kites have a long history. After introducing new technologies, this industry saw relatively moderate growth; nevertheless, on the 14th and 15th of January, also known as Makar Sankranti and Uttarayan, there was an exceptionally high demand for their products.

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Start a Kites business
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There is a significant market for designer kites in places like Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Rajkot. These kites sell out in the hundreds and participate in competitions on large fields. If you are interested in starting a kite business but aren’t sure how to get started, you could give this industry in Gujarat a go.

Start a Diwali gift hamper business

The Diwali gifting sector is one of India’s most lucrative seasonal enterprises. Diwali is a festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. This includes many corporations, MNCs, clients, consumers, suppliers, and contractors searching for bulk Diwali package deals to buying presents for their workers and staff members to give them over the holiday. This business can start with a little initial investment and just a small area. Locating the ideal wholesale market or distributor can assist you in setting competitive prices for your goods.

Start a Rakhi business

One of India’s many holidays celebrated across all classes, cultures, religions, and races is called Rakhi, also referred to as Raksha Bandhan. As a result, the Rakhi business in India has the potential to make a healthy profit. Making and selling Rakhis by hand, instead of buying them in bulk from a manufacturer, is one of the many ways this product can be sold. 

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Start a Rakhi business
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Besides that, the annual turnover for Rakhi in India surpasses millions of rupees since it is also exported in large quantities to other countries. Do some research on the various wholesalers if you are curious about the cost of the rakhi manufacturing equipment and the material. Many people succeed in the export-import trade thanks to the strategies presented here.

Offer services for different activities during different festive seasons

It is common for Indian women to decorate their houses’ courtyards with rangoli. These days, a huge Rangoli in front of a home or apartment is a popular way to celebrate holidays and other events. Not everyone has the talent to draw a beautiful rangoli, which is why many people hire professionals to do it. People often pay several thousand rupees for it. Making Rangoli in people’s courtyards for Diwali is another great way to make money.

Mehndi is a kind of body art that women and girls in India traditionally use during celebrations. Good mehndi application is a skill that not everyone has. On make a nice living, you can provide a mehndi service in which you apply mehndi to the hands of ladies and girls. This is a worthwhile endeavor that can keep you busy throughout the year.

During festivals in India, notably the Diwali celebration, people clean their homes from top to bottom. However, in today’s busy world, keeping one’s own house tidy is not a priority for everyone. The home cleaning industry is booming; you can join them and make a living. Since all you need to get started is some cleaning supplies, you won’t have to worry about putting up a significant sum to launch your firm.

Idol selling business

Worship services nowadays often include the usage of prefabricated materials (Pooja). Worship supplies might be hard to come by on your own, so many individuals acquire a significant quantity of pre-packaged pooja samagri all at once. During the Diwali Festival, you can profit by selling pre-packaged puja samagri to the general public. The convenience of having all they need for their Pooja rituals in one spot is a major plus.

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Idol selling business
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Clothes selling business

In celebration of Diwali and Dusshera, many people wear brand-new clothes. Everyone, from kids to adults, loves getting new outfits during Diwali and Dusshera. During Diwali, many individuals make tens of thousands of rupees by selling clothing. For the upcoming Diwali holiday, this is a brilliant marketing strategy. It is possible to profit by buying clothing from a wholesaler and reselling it at a lower price. If you like, you can focus on certain clothing, such as sarees for ladies, dresses, or shirts for men.

Start a firecrackers business

The Indians consider no occasion worthy of a celebration without the customary exploding of firecrackers into the air. One of the best seasonal business ideas in India is selling firecrackers. Fireworks are integral to every major event, from Diwali to weddings to cricket championships. Since individuals of various socioeconomic backgrounds buy firecrackers yearly, selling them can be an excellent seasonal business to launch.

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Start a Holi colors business

Holi is considered the purest expression of romantic love. Marketing the festival of colors does not need to identify a specific age range or target demographic to succeed. Herbal gulal and non-toxic dyes are becoming more popular as people want to protect their and the planet’s health. During March, almost every other family will search for organic Holi colors and expensive or trendy spray guns called pichkaris. This business has generated enormous returns from even a modest initial investment.

Start a Christmas decoration business

People are becoming increasingly excited to commemorate the birth of Christ as the month of December draws closer. Businesses that offer traditional plum cakes, Christmas decorations, ornaments, and trees, as well as gift stores, bakeries, and other retail establishments, tend to do particularly well during the holiday shopping season.

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Start a Christmas decoration business
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Greeting cards during the holiday season are often purchased and sent among friends, family, and business contacts. Accordingly, it’s easy to see why December 1st marks the beginning of a meteoric increase in orders for holiday greeting cards. Artistic people can make money by designing and selling greeting cards. Create them on a computer or by hand. Both scenarios provide substantial financial rewards. 

You can purchase greeting cards in bulk and resell them if you lack the necessary creative ability. As Christmas approaches, many people return to their hometowns to spend the holiday with family and friends. In addition to spending money on food and entertainment, they often like shopping for mementos after the holiday season. T-shirts, mugs, house decorations, and so on with a unique Christmas logo are all popular souvenir purchases.

The Christmas season is also a busy time for the toy industry. This is the time of year when you can find the greatest selection of them for sale. Due to the low start-up costs and high-profit margins, selling children’s toys is a simple business to launch. Anyone with the necessary ingenuity and skill can make and sell toys.

What can I sell during Diwali?

Snacks and sweets are essential for a successful Diwali celebration. The production and sale of nutritious treats is a viable business idea. You can earn a lot of money selling unhealthy foods and sweets, which are widely available on the market. Numerous individuals make substantial money selling Akash Kandil during the Diwali holiday run-up. This is a simple business to start, too.

Aakash Kandil can be purchased from a wholesaler and resold at a market stall or an already-established retail establishment. At the time of Diwali, each home has a Mitti Ke Diye, or Soil Lamp, burning in the front yard during Diwali. These Soil Lamps are essential to the success of this event. During the Diwali season, you can start a business creating and selling soil lamps. You can make much money by selling stunning Soil Lamps in various sizes and colors during this time.

If you price your eco-friendly lights competitively, you can help save the planet while making a profit. This is a great opportunity to establish a business with little risk and a high potential for financial reward. Decorate your house, apartment, or patio for Diwali with lights and other festive touches. People purchase several decorative goods in bulk at this time of year.

You can launch a successful business peddling ornamental goods like Rangoli and Toran. You can put up a booth and sell them there or add them to your regular store’s inventory. Flowers play a significant role in many Indian celebrations. Many individuals made a living selling flowers and related merchandise during this time. During Diwali, flower costs also skyrocket. You can open a flower shop where you sell bouquets and centerpiece garlands (Maala). 

How can I promote my business at festivals?

Marketing and reaching one’s intended demographic using social media is very effective. Make sure you have planned some of the greatest festival deals and your marketing campaigns underway at least a week or two before the event begins. More people pay attention to videos and reels. Similar to you, we prefer watching to reading. Online community members show appreciation for personal narratives by sharing them with the world through tags, comments, and images.

So, you should use photographs, videos, animated gifs, reels, and other material types to convey a narrative throughout your social media platforms. Displaying your wares in this manner is quite efficient. Making a big splash on social media requires more than simply telling people how fantastic your product is; you need to “demonstrate how your items work.” Selling your goods is a must.

In honor of Diwali, a food business, for instance, can promote its specialized ingredients by sharing mouthwatering photos of meals and recipes using such components. If the brand wants to go for it, they can describe the ideal setting to indulge in the food. It is a fantastic opportunity to develop a deeper familiarity with your audience. People are more likely to enjoy and engage with a brand if it offers something new and useful.

Family gatherings are significant during the festival season. Time spent eating together as a family is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Create something more memorable for them. An example is a 50% price cut on a bill for Rs 5,000. The percentage off that you provide to consumers is entirely up to you. Offering special deals during Diwali can boost business awareness and sales over the holiday season.

The most excellent approach to attract consumers is to give cashback as a loyalty benefit; don’t miss out on the chance to turn a one-time client into a regular one by failing to provide your guests with the highest cashback rewards imaginable. The greatest method to make this happen is via loyalty programs, which enable the business owner to keep their consumers happy and make them feel like their purchase was worthwhile.

The purpose of celebrations like Diwali is to share goodwill with others. Don’t be shy about providing your most loyal clients with some free candy as a token of your appreciation. If you want to wow your customer, throw along a free dessert with their purchase. This will provide an original motion and aid in administrating existing clientele. Freebies can be supplied when invoicing if they fit your restaurant’s budget.

As a parting gift, you can, for instance, give them a set of candles during the Hindu holiday of Diwali. During this celebration, consider holding online competitions and giving away freebies. This will not only increase the brand’s visibility among social media users, but it will also pique the interest of those individuals. A magical method of interacting with clients!


If you have a plan and know where to put your money, making money throughout the holiday season shouldn’t be difficult. You can make additional money over the holiday season by following even just a few of the recommendations that were mentioned above. Do not be afraid to think outside the box. There are several different methods that you can use to increase your income. Make sure you give yourself permission to kick back, relax, and enjoy the holidays.


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