How to Start a Cleaning Service in India: A Best Small Business Idea With Low-budget

The cleaning industry has seen a major surge globally and in India. With urbanization on the rise, there is an escalating demand for cleaning services in both residential and commercial sectors. Initiating a cleaning service is a viable low-budget small business idea that can be executed from scratch. This venture involves a range of services under the umbrella term ‘housekeeping,’ such as general house cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more. Here we learn about the detailed process of starting a cleaning service in India.

How to Start a Cleaning Service in India

How to Start a Cleaning Service in India

Understanding the Market and Crafting Your Business Plan

The first step in starting any business from scratch is understanding the market. For cleaning services, this involves studying the current market landscape, the major players, the type of services they offer, and their pricing strategies. The subsequent phase involves determining your target market, which can include residential cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, or a combination of both.

In India, a burgeoning middle class with disposable income and an increasing number of corporate offices and businesses have amplified the demand for cleaning services. The next crucial step is crafting your business plan. A well-detailed business plan is a roadmap for your business.

It should define your business goals, the methods you will use to achieve them, your target market, your competition, your budget, and your marketing and sales strategies. The financial aspect of your business plan should be well-defined, including your capital, the projected expenses and revenue, and the break-even point.

Capital and Budget Planning

Commencing a cleaning service venture in India offers a notable advantage in terms of its minimal financial prerequisites. Your major expenses will be cleaning equipment, supplies, transportation, and staff salaries. Initially, you can start with basic cleaning tools and gradually upgrade to professional equipment as your business grows. You also need a vehicle for transportation if your services are mobile. In terms of manpower, you can start with a small team and expand as your clientele grows. It’s advisable to reserve some funds for advertising and promotion as well.

As with any other business, you must fulfill certain legal formalities and obtain the licenses needed to start a cleaning service in India. Business registration with the relevant government entity is essential, based on your business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, or private limited company).

Seeking professional guidance is advisable. Additionally, obtaining Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration is mandatory for businesses in India. Having business insurance safeguards against liabilities, while compliance with labor laws and acquiring Employee State Insurance (ESI) registration is necessary for hiring employees.

Building a Competent Team and Investing in Training

Housekeeping services are labor-intensive, and your service quality significantly depends on your workforce. Hiring a competent team is vital for your business’s success. Once you have your team, invest in their training. Cleaning is more than just a simple chore; it requires knowledge about different types of surfaces and materials and the appropriate cleaning methods and products for each. Training your staff not only improves the quality of your service but also enhances their efficiency and productivity.

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Cleaning Service in India

Cost and Profit Analysis

Determining the costs and potential profits is essential to ensure the financial feasibility of your cleaning service business. Suppose we start small with initial costs. You might need approximately INR 2,00,000 to cover cleaning equipment and supplies, transportation, registration, and insurance expenses. Recurring costs would include salaries for your employees, transportation fuel, maintenance, and resupply of cleaning materials.

If you pay each of your two initial employees a salary of INR 15,000 per month and allocate around INR 10,000 for other operational expenses, your monthly recurring expense would be roughly INR 40,000. On the revenue side, if you charge INR 2,000 for a cleaning service and can serve one client per day, your monthly revenue would be INR 60,000 (30 days x INR 2,000).

Subtracting the monthly recurring expense from this, your monthly profit would be INR 20,000. As your business expands and client base grows, enabling you to serve multiple clients on a daily basis, your profitability will correspondingly rise. For example, if you can service three clients daily, your monthly profit could increase to INR 1,40,000. Please note these are rough estimates, and the actual figures will depend on factors such as local market rates, your operational efficiency, and the specific services you offer.

Marketing and Promoting Your Business

Promotion is crucial for the growth of your business. You can start with word-of-mouth marketing, a cost-effective way to gain local customers. Utilize social media platforms and create a website to showcase your services, customer reviews, and contact details. Remember, customer satisfaction is the best form of advertising. Providing top-notch services will naturally lead to referrals and repeat business. Additionally, you can leverage digital marketing strategies such as SEO, SEM, and targeted advertisements to reach a wider audience.

Establishing Operational Processes and Quality Standards

A successful cleaning service is not just about cleaning; it’s also about managing your operations and upholding quality standards. Solid operational processes can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of your cleaning services. Thorough planning and precise execution are essential for each stage, encompassing scheduling, dispatching, monitoring, and feedback collection.

Simultaneously, setting high-quality standards is important. Consistently delivering exceptional service fosters client trust and differentiates you from competitors. Develop a checklist for each cleaning task and ensure every staff member adheres to it. Regularly inspect your team’s work and provide constructive feedback for improvement. Establishing a customer feedback mechanism to identify improvement areas and promptly address customer complaints would be beneficial.

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Home Cleaning Service


Starting a cleaning service in India from scratch is a promising low-budget business idea. It requires careful planning, relentless execution, and continuous improvement. The cleaning industry in India is set to grow exponentially in the coming years, providing ample opportunities for those willing to venture into this space.

By employing the appropriate strategies and unwavering commitment, individuals can establish a thriving cleaning service enterprise in India, positively impacting numerous living and working spaces.


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