How to Start Car Decor Business in India: License, Cost, Investment, and Profit Margin

Opening a store that sells car parts and accessories is a smart move since it provides an opportunity to grow into a secure and rewarding line of work. If you have settled on opening one, you must devise a solid business strategy that can act as a road map for your new enterprise. Let’s check out how to start car decor business in India below.

How to Start Car Decor Business in India
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It is essential to keep in mind that the process of getting started can be a challenging endeavor; nonetheless, there are certain things you should be aware of to make your life simpler. Most people in the world have an automobile of their own nowadays. People are so captivated by them that they adorn them to make them seem more presentable. Since of this, it is a good idea to create a shop selling car decors/accessories because many people are seeking a store specializing in this product.

The point is, you need to know what sort of accessories people are seeking so that you can truly concentrate on them. If you don’t have this information, you won’t be able to help them. There is an infinite number of options available to choose from when it comes to this, including seat coverings, air fresheners, floor mats, and many more.

Below we learn about car decors/ car accessories business plans in India, how much does it start a car accessories business in India, about car decors/ car accessories business franchising, the profit margin in the car decors/ car accessories business, and a step-by-step guide to starting a car décor/ car accessories business in India.

How to start car decor business in India: A step-by-step guide

Know more about the market 

The repair of worn out or broken vehicle components is needed for each driver, making selling automotive accessories a lucrative business opportunity. You will not be able to safely operate your car if you do not have these components. However, the quality of each brand is different from the others in this regard.

There are luxury car decors, original equipment manufacturer components and accessories, aftermarket auto parts sold at a premium, and affordable aftermarket auto parts. Spend some time researching the market and the developments in the business, as well as analyzing your rivals to see how they advertise themselves.

It is also essential to investigate the prerequisites for beginning and to operate a firm that sells auto parts and accessories. Even though this sector has minimal entry requirements, you may still be required to get specific licenses and permissions before launching your business. There are additional criteria if you want to provide other services, such as automobile maintenance.

Consider franchising if you think starting from scratch is hard

You won’t have a lot of luck finding a car accessories shop business franchise to acquire, so you’ll have to start from the ground up if you want to get into business selling auto parts and accessories for automobiles. It is a business that welcomes customers of any and every background. Compared to other small-scale enterprises, which often need extensive preparation before launching the firm, beginning a car decors/ car accessories shop business from the bottom up is less stressful.

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In addition, establishing a business from the ground up is easier. When starting a business selling auto accessories and spare parts, your priority should be to locate a storefront that is conveniently located close to a busy thoroughfare or an area densely populated with mechanics. After that, you should make the most of every marketing resource at your disposal, with a special emphasis on the internet, to promote your auto accessories and spare parts.

It is important to remember that the majority of the large and successful automotive accessory and auto spare parts companies around began from the ground up, and they were able to construct a reliable company brand. It takes a lot of effort, hard work, and desire to succeed in business, but you may establish your vehicle accessories and auto spare parts shop company to become a successful brand in your area.

Pick a niche 

You will face competition from thousands of other companies and retailers with accessory shops for cars in this market. Consequently, you must discover a technique to differentiate your business from the competition. Consider specializing even more, to serve your clients better and gain an advantage over your competitors. As your company expands, you will have the ability to broaden the services it provides and provide customers more choices.

For example, accessories for the inside of an automobile have both a practical and an attractive purpose. These components not only provide comfort and sound insulation but also improve the overall aesthetic appeal of a vehicle. A few different submarkets can be found within this industry, such as the market for interior accessories for passenger cars and commercial vehicle interior accessories.

In addition, you can specialize in one or more categories of items, including flooring, interior lighting, steering wheels, consoles, or seat coverings. Decide on whether you will offer new or used auto parts and accessories. You can also sell performance components, maintenance, and other specialized items. To hone in on your market further, decide whether you will sell original equipment manufacturer components, original equipment parts, or aftermarket parts for automobiles. Remember your available funds and the people you want to sell to.

Estimate your investment 

Figuring out how much money you will need to get your business off the ground is the most crucial step in launching a business. This aspect would, of course, be contingent on the types of items that you can wish to offer in the future. Since of this, you need to exercise caution when purchasing some auto accessories because they may be rather pricey. Think carefully about whether or not anything is necessary before making any purchases. Check if anything you purchase may be considered a profitable investment.

Create a perfect business plan 

When opening a shop selling car accessories, you should draw up a detailed business plan to serve as a roadmap for the subsequent stages of your business’s growth. In the first area, please describe the installation services and accessories you want to provide your consumers. In the second part, list the expenditures associated with starting your business.

Some fees include rent, utilities, labor, upfront payments for accessories, business insurance, and marketing costs. In the third part, you should describe several approaches to selling your shop to potential clients. In the fourth part, you should include all management and staff roles.

Select an ideal location 

Every successful firm that sells automotive spare parts must capitalize on the region in which it operates. The placement of their retail shop might be considered a significant advantage. There is a clear link between the location of your car-decors business and its level of success. It is recommended that a business be situated in an area with a high volume of vehicular traffic. Establishing a business that sells car accessories in a rural area is not a good idea.

Renting out commercial retail space in a high-traffic shopping district or downtown location from a commercial real estate agency is a good idea. This area must be big enough to exhibit a variety of car decors and accessories to entice clients. Your retail space has to feature a storage room for more things and a spot for you to attach accessories like tire rims and lighting covers.

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Register your business

The kind of legal organization that you choose to establish a car spare parts shop under will have a sizeable impact on the scope of your business when it opens its doors. Through the franchise model, some retailers that sell automobile accessories and spare parts build their industries for the market in their immediate vicinity. In contrast, others do so for the market in their metropolitan region, and others do so at the national level.

You have the option of founding a general partnership, a limited liability corporation (LLC), or a sole proprietorship for a firm like an auto parts and car accessories shop. Each of these business structures has its advantages. It’s very uncommon for a small car accessories and spare parts shop to be run by one person as a single proprietorship, particularly when starting on a tight budget in a residential area. On the other hand, many people favor limited liability firms for clear reasons.

Purchase your accessories

Obtain accessories for your automobile from manufacturers and sellers of accessories. Attending local vehicle trade events is a great way to stay updated on the latest trends in automotive accessories. Invest in accounting and retail software that will allow you to check inventory and keep track of sales. Invest in display racks and storage to showcase your auto accessories.

Hire the employees for your car decors business

Except for Point of Sale (POS) Machines, shelves, and software programs, this kind of business often does not need any specialized technology or equipment to operate successfully. Also, you will need computers, an internet facility, a telephone, a fax machine, and office furniture (chairs, tables, and shelves), amongst other things. You can get these things in very good condition if you buy them second-hand.

When it comes to employing staff for a conventional vehicle accessories and auto spare parts shop company, you should make preparations to hire a competent Chief Executive Officer (you can occupy this job), Resources Manager, Store Manager, Merchandise Manager, Sales Girls, Sales Boys, Accounting Clerk, and Cleaners. You can fill the post of Chief Executive Officer yourself.

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You will be able to collaborate with some of the most essential employees listed above. To successfully manage a basic automotive accessories and auto spare parts shop on a modest scale, you will typically need anywhere from three to six essential staff members. This is the usual number of employees required.

Ensure protection for your business

If you consider launching a store that sells auto parts and accessories, you won’t register your business for intellectual property rights or a trademark. Because of the nature of the sector, you can successfully run it without ever having to press charges or initiate legal action against another party for violating your business’s intellectual property without your authorization.

There are no prerequisites in terms of education or experience that must be met to launch such a retail establishment. To master the ins and outs of buying and selling car auto spare parts, all you need is some instruction that is not organized in any particular way. On the other hand, if you come across any certification that you believe may be useful to you in your car accessories business, then you should pursue it without hesitation.

Choose a pricing strategy 

Purchase your goods in fairly large quantities straight from the manufacturers since this is one of the most important things that will help you sell your car decors/ accessories at rates much lower than the competition. The reality is that when you buy anything directly from the manufacturer, the price per unit will often be lower if you buy a greater amount of that thing.

You should also ensure that you keep your operating costs to the bare minimum and direct your efforts toward marketing and developing your brand name. This is yet another method that will assist you in retailing your auto spare parts and accessories at the appropriate price. You will not only be able to save costs by using this method, but you will also be able to more accurately price the things you provide as a result of doing so.

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Market your car décor business

Starting a business selling automobile accessories doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if you get your feet wet by managing an auto parts shop on the outskirts of town when you first get your feet wet. A significant percentage of your starting capital will go into ensuring a store in a favorable location with a respectable car accessories shop and stocking your business with a diverse selection of car accessory kits sourced from various automobile manufacturing firms.

If you want to develop the firm on a huge scale, you will need financing since it is expensive to begin a typical large-scale car parts business. When starting a business, developing a well-thought-out business plan is one of the most critical aspects. It is possible that you will not have to make as much effort to convince people to invest in your venture if you have an excellent and compelling business plan paper.

Being a business owner requires actively promoting your company’s products or services. If you do not go all out to use strategies that will assist you in attracting customers, you can expect to struggle with the firm. Well-known companies are now driving the current market for the industry, so you will need to follow their lead if you want to be successful. The following is a list of some marketing strategies and ideas that you might use:

To advertise your shop, you should distribute introduction letters and copies of your brochure to garages specializing in car maintenance, repair, and service. Join clubs in your area that deal with car accessories and automotive spare parts to keep up with the latest news and advice from the industry. Give careful consideration to the look and feel of the inside of your neighborhood shop.

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Promote our business by publishing advertisements in newspapers and television and radio broadcasts. You can increase awareness of your concept by promoting it on the internet, on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as on blogs and online forums.

What is the profit margin of the car décor business?

You should prioritize reaching your basic targets and aim to attain a labor rate of 70 percent and a parts rate of 40 percent. In general, accessories are offered at slightly lower prices. The gross profit margin ranges from around 10 percent to 30 percent, depending on the item sold and the pricing of similar products in the market.


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