How to Start Jaggery Powder Making Business?

Introduction to how to start jaggery powder making business: Manufacturing a particular product or item can result in a profitable business venture if the end-product serves as the main ingredient for many items or has large market potential. Manufacturing businesses tend to be very challenging for business owners. The key to being successful is dealing with the right industry. With regard to Jaggery, it is derived primarily from Sugarcane juice and is used in a number of products. 

Guide on how to start jaggery powder making business, benefits of jaggery, equipment, investment, area & manpower required, profitability

How to Start Jaggery Powder Making Business?
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Steps to start jaggery powder manufacturing business

Overview: Jaggery is one of the oldest types of ingredients that are used in many items and products. In rural or urban areas, middle-class or lower-class individuals do not make or demand the product exclusively. It is widely used in almost every household and even on a daily basis. As such, Jaggery has a great deal of demand in the market, which is why it is so lucrative for businesses that make it.

Jaggery is obtained from sugar or rather sugarcane juice, which is one of the most prominent factors to consider. By itself, this proves how easy it is to obtain Jaggery as opposed to other products. Therefore, the investment and complexity involved in manufacturing processes and equipment are reduced. 

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Steps to start jaggery powder manufacturing business
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Some people in rural areas use jaggery as a sugar substitute as well. Due to the high price of sugar, those living in rural areas or belonging to lower social classes find it difficult to consume sugar on a daily basis. As Jaggery is consumed in place of sugar in such areas, the demand for the product is great. Let us explore the process of making jaggery. 

Benefits of jaggery 

Jaggery provides greater nutritional value than sugar as a sweetener and is recommended by many health experts. Jaggery, on the other hand, is either golden brown in color or dark brown in color. Sugar, however, is mostly in the form of translucent, white crystals. Due to intensive industrial processes such as charring, the nutritional value of the former is significantly diminished.

Contrary to the former, the latter is not subjected to excessive processing beyond boiling sugarcane syrup. This ensures that the fiber, mineral salts, and iron in it remain intact. Plant phytochemicals and minerals are effective remedies for many ailments. In addition to a number of other magical benefits, this natural sweetener boosts immunity, regulates body temperature, enhances the skin, improves digestion, and cures joint pain.

The minerals in jaggery include calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and trace amounts of zinc, copper, and zinc oxide. Several studies indicate that jaggery is high in B vitamins, plant proteins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. So, it’s no wonder why eating jaggery has so many potential health benefits, especially during the winter months. The following are some health benefits you can achieve by increasing your consumption of jaggery.

  1. Cleanses the entire body
  2. Improves digestion 
  3. Prevents anemia
  4. Improves immune function
  5. Aids glucose control and weight loss

Licenses required to start jaggery powder manufacturing business

Below is the list of licenses required to start Jaggery Powder Manufacturing Business

  1. FSSAI license 
  2. Firm registration  
  3. Current bank account
  4. Trade mark 
  5. GST registration 
  6. Trade License 
  7. Business pan card
  8. N objection certificate from the fire safety pollution control board

Equipment required to start jaggery powder making business

There is no complex process or equipment involved in the manufacturing of jaggery powder, so you don’t need any major equipment to start this business. You would require the same amounts of machines and equipment regardless of the size of your business. For the processing of Jaggery powder, you will need sugarcane as the raw material. The following equipment is needed for starting a Jaggery Powder business. 

  1. Sugarcane crusher 
  2. Three Pan 
  3. Weighing scale 
  4. General kitchen tools 
  5. Measuring scale 
  6. Sieving machine  
  7. Packing machine 
  8. Ancillary machines 
  9. Miscellaneous equipment
  10. Laboratory equipment 
  11. Storage tanks

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Equipment required to start jaggery powder making business
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Investment and area required to start a jaggery manufacturing business

Two major factors determine the scale and success of your business: the investment you make and the area you choose. To be more precise, the bigger the area, the more successful your business will be.   

A. Your business’s location will have a big impact on your venture over time, but your manufacturing unit’s location is equally important. If you are interested in setting up a successful Jaggery Powder business, you will require a minimum of 2000 square feet. Your business will also require a different type of machinery depending on what you plan to use. 

B. Considering the raw materials are easily available, with sugarcane being the only raw material you would need for your business, the investment amount is dedicated to equipment, space, and the machines that you would purchase. It is estimated that you would need an investment amount ranging from 10 to 25 lakhs INR.

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Investment and area required to start a jaggery manufacturing business
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Manpower required to start jaggery powder manufacturing business

For operating your business unit smoothly, the prerequisite of manpower is predicted to be about 10 persons.

  • Skilled workers required are 4 in number
  • Helpers required are 6 in number

Process of jaggery powder manufacturing business

When it comes to the complexity and investment required for a business, the manufacturing process plays an important role. It is not hard to make jaggery, in fact, it is relatively easy, so you can even hire unskilled labor to get your business started. Let us look at how you can make your own Jaggery Powder. 

1. The first step is to obtain sugarcane of the right quality and type for processing into jaggery powder. The sugarcane used to make Jaggery powder directly affects the quality of the powder. First, you need to crush your Sugarcane using the Sugarcane crusher machinery, which helps in storing the Sugarcane juice as the main ingredient and in a container. 

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Process of jaggery powder manufacturing business
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2. Next, the sugarcane juice will be extracted or known as the extraction process in three stages. In order to achieve successful extraction, it must be boiled, cooled, and filtered. During the heating process, sugarcane juice becomes thick and starts to turn into jaggery. 

3. Cooling is the next step that occurs after the shape is formed. A cooling process helps shape the jaggery into powder form by forming smaller granules and taking the shape of jaggery powder. This process should be done carefully since it will also affect the quality of the Jaggery powder. 

4. After this process is finished, the Jaggery Powder is packaged in Jute cloth, ready to be shipped and sold.   

Profitability in starting jaggery powder manufacturing business

You can earn good profits in jaggery production ranging from 40-60% in India. As it has the highest demand in the market, you can make good profits with a quality product. For this, you have to provide extremely good quality jaggery in various weights and sizes which attract more customers to your business. 


There are many rural households that use jaggery or jaggery powder as an additive or even in place of sugar. For starting a Jaggery Powder business, sugarcane is the only raw material needed. Jaggery Powder is made after Sugarcane juice is pressed through the crushing machine, then the juice is boiled, filtered, and cooled into powder. 


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