How to Start Pest Control Business in India

Did you think of any business that helps farmers? Yes, there are many businesses, but the pest controlling business is really worth it. Pests infestation is common in Indian agricultural fields, houses, offices, etc. So, effective control could be the best business to take up. Because they seriously damage the agricultural produce and affects the yield.

How to Start Pest Control Business in India
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To control these losses pest control industry is emerging and has become booming at a fast pace in India. It offers a good number of opportunities for aspiring business people to initiate a new business. Let’s check out more information on how to start a pest control business in India.

Why to start a pest control business in India?

Pest control’s main objective is to protect the agricultural fields from pests and minimize the damages caused to the agricultural produce. Apart from this, it requires low costs and offers a high-profit percentage. Hence it is a highly affordable business idea to start immediately.

How to start pest control business in india

Investment required

Before starting any kind of business, you have to know the costs involved to start the business. For this business, the costs required are very less compared to other businesses. The initial capital will be less than three lakhs if you plan the business smartly because it requires low capital requirements. The pest control business industry is always a hit because of the demand it has. You can arrange the required funds easily and start the business easily to make substantial profits.

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Arranging funds

You can start arranging funds on your own or by owing. That means you can start it by using your own funds as it is a very less amount to invest. Or else you can apply for a loan to start this pest control business.

Draft a perfect business plan

Many of them might have various ideas to start a business. But it would be effective if you craft them properly into a perfect business plan. A business plan would always pave a success path because it includes all the necessities and eliminates unwanted things to start the business. For pest control business, it is better to take training before you start. It improves your skills and makes you aware of all the pros and cons involved in the business. While writing the pest control business plan, you have to consider the following points:

Scope of the business

The first thing you need to determine is the scope of the business. For this, you need to consider the scope, area, services offered like residential services, commercial services, fumigation, removal of termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, etc. Different services as per the seasons, easily offer various other services.

Training and expertise

To provide all these services, you need to get trained well enough in the field of pest control. As this involves hazardous chemicals, it is mandatory to get trained appropriately in this area. You have to gain expertise to handle hazardous substances. You need to have registered in the Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA) to get training. After getting trained, you will receive a certificate. It is just a 15 days course organized by the following institutions:

  • National Institute of Plant Health Management, or
  • Central Food Technological Research Institute, or
  • National Plant Protection Training Institute

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Pest Control
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Registration and license required 

After getting a training certificate, you need to register your business and apply for the registration and license required for a pesticide license. So, you have to register online and offline at your convenience and get permission by filling out the necessary applications and forms by paying the fees.

Purchase the required equipment

Apart from the requirements, you need to arrange a dress code for your employees, transport vehicles, and the required chemicals to deliver great services.  

  • Sprayers
  • Foggers
  • Bed Bug Steamers
  • Bait Guns
  • Pest Control Granulators

You also have to buy good equipment like gloves, respirators, boots, etc. Always select high-quality ones as it pays for the long run.

Hiring employees

You need to hire employees for this business as you alone cannot handle this. It is always better to hire experienced employees who are committed to delivering remarkable customer service. Remember that your employees should be trained properly and need to have proper pest control experience to handle all types of pest control services.

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Hiring employees
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They need to deliver the dedicated work to make your new venture a successful one by satisfying your customers. It is a little difficult to manage the employees or track their performance in the small-scale business. You also need to give training sessions regularly to handle the customers. You need to monitor their attendance evaluate their services.

Marketing your pest control business 

In present times, promoting your business has become the easiest task. This markets your business well to become a successful entrepreneur. It is an effective business marketing strategy to make your business the most successful one. You need to enhance the visibility of your business and make people aware of this.

You can also create a website and brand your business through social media marketing. Your website represents the vision and objectives, services offered, how effective they are. You can also post some live pictures of the services you offer. You must inspire and impress every customer you come across.

Profits in the pest control business

A pest control business always offers tremendous scope for growth and establishing different units at different places. Do not worry about profits in the pest control business. It is really a vast scope business where you can get huge profits. You can make very good amounts that range from Rs. 75,000 to 1,00,000 in the first year itself if you start at a small scale. By this, you can mark the scope of the business.

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Tips for starting pest control business in India

Establish long-term relationships with customers because satisfied customers would definitely share a word of mouth, which is a greater marketing technique. This also gathers lots of customers surrounding them.

  • Hire dedicated and proficient employees
  • Take feedback from customers. This will definitely fetch you walk in positive ways.
  • Use automated and simple business processes. This attracts lots of customers. Also, get available on every social media platform. This will definitely increase your customer number. Increase your business contacts. Concentrate more on offices, houses, commercial spaces, and agricultural fields.
  • At the initial stages, you have to market your business extensively with creative marketing ideas. This will make you stand out from your rivals.

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Social Media Marketing
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Final words

The pest control industry is growing at a faster pace in agricultural lands. You can make separate teams for houses, office spaces, commercial complexes, and agricultural fields. This will definitely help you to track your orders, and mostly you can make more orders through these methods. This is an extremely rewarding idea.

You can make good profits through this business if you plan carefully and implement it without any failure. You have to concentrate on main points like making a good team, purchasing high-quality equipment, and customer satisfaction. This will greatly fetch you in all the ways.


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