Money Making Ideas with Amazon – A Full Guide

Money Making Ideas from Amazon.
Money Making Ideas from Amazon.

Money making ideas from Amazon: Amazon is one of the largest E-commerce websites in the world, there are many opportunities for earning money in this site.

A guide to money making ideas from Amazon

Students, people who want to work from home, who are searching for part-time jobs, then this is the best way to make money online easily.

  1. Sell your products online on amazon

This is the one of the best ideas of making money from Amazon. If you manufacture any products and you sell them offline, then you can create an Amazon Selling account and sell your own manufactured product online also. By this you can create an additional profit by selling online. You just need to create an account in Amazon selling then post your product in it. Then also add photos, videos, add summary related to it, means why actually this product is useful and what are its advantages and how is different from other products.

After that, when your product is ordered by the customer, you need to pack it properly with all your logo, instruction books if needed and other things. Then the product will be delivered to the customer by amazon. Amazondelivery service will be sending delivery person to receive the product from your company and will be shipping to customer. You will be received payment for every 14 days.

For this, what you require is GST registration of your company, active bank account details for paying you and also PAN card. You can easily create Amazon Selling account and start selling you products. Mainly the use of selling products by amazon is you don’t need to market your product separately.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

If you want to sell products on amazon but don’t want to involve in packing or if you think that a smaller number of products would be ordered online depending upon the demand then Fulfillment by amazon would become a chance for you. FBA means amazon takes the responsibilities in selling your products, that is as the product is ordered Amazon takes the packing responsibility as well as it delivers to the customer. In this case you need to send the bulk load of manufactured products to amazon, it stores those products in warehouse. As the order is made by the customer, Amazon packs the goods or product with amazon logos and then delivery takes place.

In this case there are advantages like you will be not handling packing, you don’t need to wait for the orders and you can do some other job with this. As amazon only takes delivery process, what it does is it makes product available to prime subscriptions. This becomes additional advantage as this will enable to viewers as free delivery.But the disadvantages are you should only be responsible if any damage take place in the product, whether it might be happened in warehouses also.

If you don’t know about FBA there are some sites like Jungle Scout which gives free training on it such that you can easily start selling. The training also may be of 5 day to one-week training only.

  1. Work as Delivery Agent for Amazon

This is also considered as one of money making ideas from Amazon. As Amazon is a big e-commerce site, it will be delivering many products daily, so it requires delivery boys and delivery agents and it is offering them if required in certain area. You need to have van or bike to delivery and also driving license to start amazon delivery. And they would also be asking you about Insurance policies what they require.

You just need to create account in logistics page in amazon website and then you need to submit details in that form shown to like in which area you want to start delivery service and what vehicle do you have all that. After you submit your application is reviewed by them and you will be notified after they reviewed your details. If there is requirement in that area you will be taken, or else you would be not taken.

For people who are searching for best part time jobs this Amazon Flex is the good one to earn, you could be your own boss. You need to pick up the products from the amazon stations and you need to deliver them to customers according to the location shown in Amazon Flex application.

You would be also getting incentives for this job the work timings would be of 3 to 5 hours a day. Payments would be weekly and the amount would be credited every Wednesday.

  1. Amazon Kindle

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Amazon has kindle application where you can download e-books or can reads those books online. So if you are a good writer, then you can earn a lot by your creativity in all amazon earnings. You should be writing book that may be anything based on your interest, knowledge and creativity. That should be in format of e-books and after that you should be uploading that in kindle application for some money what it deserves. By that way anyone who is interested to read that book would buy that book. Amazon kindle would take some percentage and will give the remaining amount to you.

Before publishing, you should hire a proofreader and an editor to check everything is correct or not. And also, Graphic Designer to make the cover of the book.

If you wrote e-book and wanted to publish on websites, you need to promote and market your e-book and also less customers would be there if you make your own publicity. But in case you publish in amazon, already amazon has huge customer base so, you don’t need to promote separately. If someone searches a topic related to your book then your book appears according to search list and they can download the book. Topic and the Cover of the book should be very much interesting and attract the readers.

  1. Amazon Affiliates

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Amazon Affiliate.
Amazon Affiliate.

This is my favourite option of money making ideas from Amazon. If you have blogs, or your own websites with huge traffic of that page, then you can earn through that websites by advertising products on that websites. Actually, you need to create amazon affiliate account, after creating account you need to need to select products which are related to the websites and share those products links on that websites or blogs. If people who come to the website or blog and makes purchase through the links you kept on the site, then you will be earned some commission through that purchase. Percentage of commission will be based on the demand of the product. If it has more demand you will get less percentage of commission.

  1. Amazon Handmade

You can make money through amazon handmade means you can sell products which are made with hands like crafts and also things like hand-made soaps, clothes, etc. You initially have to fill the forms in amazon handmade and then the form may include to upload photos of handmade products you want to sell and also upload the place where you make these items. There is a good demand for these products as well as you also get more profits. After you submit form or application, they will be informing you in some days and after that if they allow you, you can start selling. As amazon is largest e-commerce website, you have large number of customer base, and amazon would be taking some commissions based on the product by selling.

The main concept in Handmade products is you should be unique from the market and always use your creative brain to make new models or products which are not there in the market, mainly in crafts made by hand the look of the product must be very good. Mainly the crafts are used for showcase in houses and also to gift people on their birthdays and marriages or at parties, so look should be creative and customer should love that product as they see it. Then only the sales would be good.

  1. Merch by Amazon

If you are very good in modelling or designing shirts, t-shirts and also up to date in trending and always checks most trending fashion T-shirts and designs sketches which are to be printed on t-shirts then this Merch is mostly for you. You can sell your designs on this website like it means more t-shirts can be sold than before. Printed T shirts, where you can get the design printed what you want. Printed phone cases where photos you sent to them can be printed and delivered to you.

  1. Buy from other sites and sell in amazon

There would be high demand for some products, mainly in seasonal times, at that times the stock would be finishes in amazon. So, you can buy from other e-commerce like e-bay, other sites at that demand time and sell in amazon for high prices. You should estimate the demand of products, analyze them and buy those products before and sell them. Comparatively this choice of earning may be very less.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon mechanical turk is a market place that connects people who wanted to work with people like businessmen who can hire them for small tasks. Filling up surveys, identifying objects in videos or photos, capturing data. Whatever a business gives tasks you can do it and earn money, by these tasks you can make money but very less you can earn.

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