Online Money Making for Teenagers, Ideas, Tips

Introduction to online money making for teenagers: If you are a teenager and you are a student or you are doing an internship and wanted to make some income online in your free time, then here are some jobs or ideas to make money online.

A guide to ideas, tips for online money making for teenagers

For these jobs, you only need to have a computer or a laptop with an internet connection.

  1. YouTuber

This is one of my favorite jobs because in this job the YouTuber would be sharing his knowledge or skill or an experience regarding something and also they are gamers who play video games like Pubg and show their game by online streaming and earn money. They are tech channels on youtube that share technical content that they have like Unboxing mobiles, laptops and they compare the new model with other models. They are education channels that share educational content like coaching classes, teaching lessons, etc. They are some traveling guide channels also they share their life experience or how they went to a tourist place and how they traveled to that place and they also say if you want to visit that place what you should do. They are also some interview channels that interview successful persons in any of their careers and they would be sharing their experience like how they came to that stage and what are all the efforts they kept in reaching that place. For doing this job you need to make videos whether it may be animated videos or recorded videos, the recorded videos need to have some good video clarity and good editing and also good dubbing if required, because the audience will be connected to good clarity videos and share them if they like videos.

Making money with YouTube.
Making money with YouTube.
  1. Blogging for online money making for teenagers

A blog is an informational journal on the internet which displays information that you need or what you type in the search bar. Blogging is a job what we do, to upload in the blog with a set of skills like searching a topic, writing content about it, adding related photos to it to understand easily, and making keywords to it such that it can be easily available on internet by searching those keywords.

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A blog is a very good source to link customers to your website if you have any personal website, you can easily promote your website, create huge traffic to your website. You will be earning money by linking the blog to an ad-sense account and displaying the ads on the website and also by linking affiliate marketing to a blog, so if a person who visits a blog will buy a product through your link, then you will be earning some commission.

Make Money with Blogging.
Make Money with Blogging.
  1. Freelancing for online money making for teenagers

A freelancer is a person who would be working for a company by taking the contract for a certain period and who doesn’t have any work pressure or pressure kept by the boss. A company recruits freelancers because if workers are fewer and the company would get another project, then they might not recruit employees because they should train them for a certain period and also after completing the project the employee would be free if they don’t have that many projects. This is the reason they recruit freelancers. Freelancers should have any skill with expert level and should create an account in freelancer sites and should bit the projects in the skill they have. While bidding you need to prove your skills and need to mention your past experiences related to the work. And finally, if the recruiter likes your profile and the amount in which you have bid to complete the project, he will be contacting you and giving the details of the project.  There are many online freelancer websites that recruits many professionals such as Coders, App developers, Web developers, Translators, Content writers and Cad designers, etc. some of the websites are

  • Toptal
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Craigslist
  • Peopleperhour
  1. Online tutoring for online money making for teenagers

Tutoring can be done online also, if you have passion in the teaching field and you are good with the subject and also basics then you can teach the subject online. They would be paying you per hour, you just need to explain the topic and if any doubts arrive, they would be asking in comments, you need to answer after teaching the subject, that’s it very simply you can teach and earn. By this, you can gain knowledge while teaching. If you have a camera with you, then you can record class with it and edit it if required in a subject which you are perfect in and then post those videos on youtube also and can earn through the terms and conditions of youtube. Mainly people who can’t afford tutors watch classes on youtube and are learning nowadays.

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Online tutoring.
Online tutoring.

Some of the websites which recruit online tutors are

  • Chegg
  • Skooli
  • Wyzant
  • TutorMe
  • eTutuorWorld
  • Smarthinking
  1. Content writing for online money making for teenagers

Some content will be written in blogs, a website related to that site, for suppose it is a big website and minimum two contents are to be uploaded daily, then the owner of that website recruits content writers and tells them to write a particular content which is related to that website. Based on the content topic given you need to gather information about that and you should write in terms of your words. The pay is based on the content as well as how many words you write. Yes, the freelancer websites also recruit content writers. As mentioned above the content writer also can create their own website if they have some more skills which are used in blogging. When you start your own website and start blogging, initially you can’t make money as you don’t have huge traffic on your site, as slowing increasing traffic on your site daily by new contents, and after connected to ad-sense you get more money than writing content to someone else company. You can also start affiliate marketing on your website and also earn commissions on selling products.

  1. Earn money by trading in stock market

A stock market is a place where buying and selling of stocks that it might be Indian company shares or other country company shares in our share market or other countries share market, takes place. Investing money in the stock market is very easy but too risky, you should be able to analyze the market and company and prediction should be good. The main thing required for investors is patience because sometimes you need to work in long run for profits. Before investing in any company, you need to research about that company well and invest. Sometimes the stock market is also lucky, but the majority of times technical analysis works out than luck favors.

To invest in the share market, you need to have a Demat account and trading account, and also you need to purchase stocks under brokers, they will be giving free trading account. You can’t buy stocks directly. Demat account means a dematerialized account where you will be keeping stocks which you buy in the electronic form. A trading account means a place where we can buy and sell stocks, or where trading can be done.

While investing you should mainly think about the time period you want to keep the shares with you either it may be one day or one week, one month, etc, and then you need to invest. This is the only investment where you can sell your shares and earn money at any time you want.

  1. Web developer

If you have good coding knowledge and also certifications in web developing, application developing or you are from a Computer science background with those skills, then you can make money as a freelancer by this skill. They will be paying based on your experience and also how well you built the website. You don’t have any pressure from the boss but you need to complete the job before the required time period without any bugs. They are many new companies, start-up companies which require apps or websites, you can give your service to them at a very low price that they afford as they are newly forming. In online, freelancer sites also recruit web and application developers, you need to give good service to them and then the recruiter writes a review about your performance and dedication to the job, this is helping for bidding other projects.

  1. CAD designer

CAD stands for computer-aided design which means when a project is thought to be manufactured, the design or the pictorial representation of the parts is drawn with dimensions. It is basically drawn to understand how a product looks like and in some software complete analysis of loads, animation of shaft rotations also can be made. Plans of houses, buildings can also be made in CAD, so there is a good demand in this business. According to the requirements that the client mentions, you need to make a plan whether it might be in machinery plans or in architecture making building plans. Here, there is also an advantage for CAD designers, you can make any plan, 2d drawing, or part drawings you can sell them online based on the demand. You need to price a drawing based on the demand of it, if anyone interested to buy will see the photocopy how it looks and then purchase them at the cost you kept for sale.

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