Profits from Hand-Made Soap Making Business

Profits from hand-made soap making business

Hey guys, let us discuss a money-making business idea i.e., starting a hand-made soap making business at home. It is considered as one of the most profitable small-scale business ideas. If you are interested to know about hand-made soap making a business plan, this blog will offer you a detailed plan including the aspects such as how much will be the expenses associated to start a hand-made soap business, is hand-made soap making the business profitable or not, do you need to obtain some license to sell hand-made soap, the steps involved in hand-made soap making processadvantages of soap making businessbudget for hand-made soap making businessequipment for hand-made soap making businesschallenges of hand-made soap making business, etc.

Ideas to start and make profits from hand-made soap making business in India

Running a hand-made soap making business is not that tough as many people got succeeded in this business with huge profits. Hence hand-made soap making business is considered as the revenue-generating business idea to start with.

Hand-made soap making a business plan for making excellent profits

As modern society is now very much aware of hygiene the usage of soap has increased and it also became essential. Currently, in the FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) industry, it stands as one of the top-selling products.

The following are the basic steps that are followed in hand-made soap making business plan preparation:

Step – 1: Firstly, you must learn how to start a hand-made soap-making business.

Step – 2: Secondly, what is the equipment necessary for the manufacturing of soaps.

Step – 3: Thirdly, what could be the proper location for the manufacturing of soaps?

Step – 4: After that, how about the details of registering the company.

Step – 5: Then after, if it is mandatory to avail a license to sell homemade soap.

Step – 6: Also, how to apply for the investment and arrange the capital.

Step – 7: Furthermore, the ways to set the cost for the product.

Step – 8: Additionally, how to arrange a suitable accounting process.

Step – 9: Then, you must be aware of the cost sample of the soap manufacturing plant.

Step – 10: Lastly, how you will market your soaps.

These easy steps for soap manufacturing business plan are clearly explained in the following article:

How to start a hand-made soap making business to make good profits

You must know how to start a hand-made soap-making business as the basic step in the soap manufacturing business plan. As the reports suggest there has been an increase in health soaps due to an increase in the awareness of health and hygiene in entire India, the process of hand-made soap manufacturing very easy and simple and can be summarised below.

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How to start a hand-made soap making business.
How to start a hand-made soap making business.

This is done by the cold-press process of soap making. Firstly you need to get the soap base, which is a mixture of soap, glycerine, and a few add-ins like plant butter and extracts for skin benefits. Melt the soap base in the oven. Now add the fragrance oil of your choice and as per the demand in the market also check with the benefits of the fragrance oil. You can also add flowers, dried flowers, fruit extracts, or vegetable extracts. Aloe vera juice can also be added. Orange peels, lemon peels, and the things which are very good for the skin glow and maintain the moisture. Now collect the shapes which are silicone molds. That would be easy for making the soaps.

The handmade soap process just involves melting the base, adding the fragrance, adding the fruit or the aloe vera extract, filling the mold, cooling it, and removes the soap bars which will be attractive shapes and even in colors.

Which location is best for the manufacturing of soaps? 

For the manufacturing of soaps, for small scale operations, you do not need much area. Only you will need space for the storage of manufactured soaps and the administrative activities. Ensure that your soap manufacturing plant is not far from the local market as it decreases the profitability and escalates the cost of transportation.

How to register the company? 

A sole proprietorship is a top option for the registration of your firm if you plan to begin it on a small scale basis because in this type of company formation the charges for registration are low. Whereas for the Partnership options like OPC, and LLP can also be availed for your business. If you desire to initiate on a large scale basis then it is better to get registered as “Pvt. Ltd. Company.

License required for home-made soap business

License required for homemade soap business.
License required for homemade soap business.

You must obtain the needful licenses and permits associated with hand-made soap making business. Then get verified with the local concerned authority and have all the needed licenses and permits in 30 days of opening the soap manufacturing business. Some licenses and permits for soap manufacturing business are given below:

  • Firstly, to avail benefits from the government you must apply your company with Udyog Aadhaar Scheme.
  • Secondly, to safeguard your brand name you should apply for trademark registration.
  • Thirdly, you should get a GST number as well.

How much does it cost to start a soap business? 

It just costs for getting the soap base, fragrance oils, colors, oven, silicone molds, vegetable or fruit extracts, aloe vera extracts, etc. Packaging costs will also be included.

The total cost can be around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000 based on the ingredients which you wanted to include. It is just a simple process that doesn’t include much process and machinery. As it involves very minimum cost it does not require any process to arrange finances. If you are in need you can even apply or small-scale business loans which will be from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000. This will help you to work out on the business.

Profits in handmade soap making business

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Profits in handmade soap making business.
Profits in handmade soap making business.

You can make good profits in the handmade soap making business. First, you need to establish your brand in the market by giving quality soaps of all varieties of soaps, etc. You can expect from Rs. 2 to 3 lakhs of profits from this business. The main thing is you need to research the market and produce the soaps.

The strategy of pricing the product

This is the most significant decision before launching your product. If your soap has rich features and is meant for consumers who are looking for value-based products then you can keep it as a premium soap but in case it has normal features then you should sell according to the competitive price after verifying with other bestselling soaps.

How to set up a proper accounting process? 

It is essential to maintain the accounts from day one of your business as you will have the idea of the profits and losses. Then also you must file annual returns with the income tax department so that you will obtain the healthy financial status of your soap manufacturing business.

How to market your products?  

Primarily, you must maintain the following:

Firstly, the design visiting cards, flyers are print them that are very important

  • Packaging with your brand name/ logo
  • Using the promotional offers in the starting stages

Secondly, you can even market your products by selling online by creating your website. By increasing network with retailers, distributors, etc. you can have many clients as well. Finally, if you could list your product on Amazon, Flip kart, etc. you can have good leads for your business.


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