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Small Business Question and Answers

Do I have the determination to own a business?

Being your own boss is an asset, so you have to make a note of your strengths and weaknesses is important. To know your skills, you need to question yourself the following. 

Small Business Question and Answers
Image Source: Pixabay

Ask yourself questions before owing a business

  • I am a self-starter. How well can I manage a variety of personalities? 
  • How good I am at making decisions? 
  • Am I mentally strong to run a business? 
  • Can I run the business successfully? 
  • Can I plan and organize business efficiently? 
  • Am I strong enough to motivate myself?
  • Can I maintain a proper balance with my family?

Which business can I choose?

Based on the skills and interests you have to choose the best business which suits you well. For instance, if you are trained as a beautician, you may want to start your own beauty salon. You can review your options by taking advice from local experts and business persons. 

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Which business can I choose?
Image Source: Pixabay

How can I write my business plan? 

A business plan defines your business goals, market research, the investment required, marketing strategies to promote your business or product, income statement and balance sheet, prons, and cons. This helps you to make the right decisions on the type of business you choose. Make sure that you make a good Business plan because it plays a crucial role while applying the business plan. 

Why should I define my business in detail? 

It really seems silly to ask yourself, what kind of business am I interested in? But many of the businessmen broke because of not asking this question themselves. Because a watch store owner once realized that his all-time is going just by repairing watches but not by selling the watches. That means he is running a repair shop, and hence he decided to discontinue the sales. This has increased his venture development and saw a true success. 

How to become successful in my business? 

For this, you need to consider these four basic needs for small businesses. Many of them start their businesses with these bases, which includes: 

  • sound management practices
  • industry experience
  • technical support
  • planning ability

Truly these are key factors that will help you to run your business successfully.

How to hire qualified employees for my business?

Choosing employees for your business is a major step in any business because this is crucial as the employees play a key role in running your business successfully.  To acquire this, you need to be specific in deciding what you want them to work on. Based on the roles and responsibilities you allot to them, hiring can be made. Most importantly, you have to make sure that every employee should be adaptable to work on tasks and requirements.

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employees for business
Image Source: Pixabay

Interview with care and assess their skills by testing them with good questions. Moreover, you also have to explain the work which you are offering them and ask them what is their basic idea and strategy. How will they start? These kinds of surveys make your work easier. Because hiring an employee is a tough task these days. So be attentive and handle with care. 

Can I hire my relatives to work for my business?

In most businesses, family members and relatives helping the owners of small businesses will be really rewarding. Even though they are your family or a relative, consider their loyalty and respect for you as a business owner. Simply it’s a give and takes the policy. This really increases the enthusiasm in them if they are rewarded with a good amount for their work. Consider their ideas as well, which imparts respect towards you. These small things will definitely increase your business as well as your respect towards you. 

Do I require a computer for my business? 

Make your business online. In today’s world, every business has become online to sustain the tougher times like the COVID pandemic. Hence you need a computer to even maintain your business balance sheets, requirements, monthly sales, etc. On a computer, you can easily make a note of all the requirements for your business. The client’s details can also be maintained easily on a computer. Apart from these for any business you require a computer, but you can avail by considering the following points: 

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Image Source: Pixabay
  • Decide how many computers you need
  • Select the best configuration for your personal system 
  • Install the relevant software only if you require
  • Make sure that you know how to operate them before buying 

How can I get a business loan? 

A business loan is a must for any kind of firm because one cannot invest his own savings or capital in the business. So, everyone will choose to opt for a business loan. For applying for a business loan, you are asked to provide financial statements, a perfect business plan with detailed information about name, location, production facilities, legal firms, marketing strategies and plans, goals, financial analysis of the business, requirements, and operating procedures. Always remember that a clear description of every business plays a crucial role in approving the business loan. 

How much profits can I expect in my business? 

You can first calculate your profits based on your income and expenses. For this, there is also a standard of comparison known as “industry norms and ratios” which assists you in calculating your profits. Return on investment (ROI), is estimated based on the amount of profit gained on a given amount invested in your business. 

What does marketing strategies involve in my business?

Marketing your business plays a pivotal role in promoting your operational concern. Here are four basic marketing factors popularly known as four P’s. These include product, price, place, and promotion. This doesn’t mean just marketing through advertisement and selling. So you have to know the requirements of the customers, understand it from their point of view, apply all these to your business, definitely, you will become successful.

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Social Media Promotion
Image Source: Pixabay

How to know the market potential for business?

The major points that decide the market potential of your business are

  • Determine the customer need
  • Estimate the geographical size of the market
  • Analyze the strength of your competitors
  • Market share of your competitors

All these points will help you to get the market potential of your business.

How to plan marketing strategies to promote my business? 

Nowadays, social media is playing an efficient role in promoting every business. Just think of a creative promotion that reaches the maximum number of people. First, you need to create a need in the promotion then you need to explain how your product will fulfill the need. In this way, you have given a detailed promotion for your product. This makes a maximum number of people opt for it. Giving a clear picture of your product will definitely attract customers.

Why are few locations better than others? 

The business locations are based on the type of business you choose to start. For this, you also need to consider market potential, employees availability, competitors around you, customer accessibility, which determines the success of your business. Whereas for few businesses, it decides the success as well as failures.

Home businesses grow well because their products are promoted in supermarkets which is not related to area or location. Hence they receive success with low investments. In-home businesses’ quality plays an important role in success.

How can I set prices for my product? 

You can set the price levels based on the production expenses, labor charges, taxes, etc. After determining all the costs, you can add the profit desired and give the price for your product. You also have to compare it with your competitors, if you plan to give it a little less than your competitors you can attract half of the customers. The most important thing in running a business with profits is providing a quality product. Good quality products will always attract lots of customers.

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Image Source: Pixabay

Is it advisable to rent or own the equipment for business?

For this question, you need to have a careful analysis before deciding which one to opt for.

Can I start a business from home? 

Yes of course. It is a good idea, as per the experts, the new small businesses can be easily operated from homes. But you have to be quick and smart enough to manage the business from your home.

How can I get the details about the suppliers relevant to my business? 

Most of the suppliers also want to support the new accounts. So you have to prepare a list of categories of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in and around your business location. So that you can minimize your transportation expenses. After collecting the list you can prepare a list on your computer by noting all their contact details, how much price they can offer. So that it could be easy for you to compare and select the best suppliers or distributors, or manufacturers.


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