Earn Money with Country Chicken, Cost, Profit

How to earn money with country chicken farming, cost, profit: Do you want to be an entrepreneur and looking for profitable business thoughts? Here, you can discover the country chicken farming business idea and business plan that would aid you begin your own start-up. This post comprises the types of country chicken breeds, benefit of country chicken farming business and business awareness to initiate this business. Now let’s get into the details of how much money you can earn with country chicken farming business in India.

A guide to earn money with country chicken farming (Desi murgi)

A budget plan for beginning this country chicken farming business is also shown in this article for your enhanced understanding for the investment needed. Let us get into the issue and elaborate what is country chicken, first.

Country chicken (Desi murgi)

Country chicken is commonly known as NattuKozhi in Tamilnadu. In North India, it is called as Desi Murgi or Nati Chicken, Desi Chicken. It is also named as NatuKodi in Andhra Pradesh and in Telengana. Country chicken farming is a virtuous start-up business idea.

Country Chicken are the pure chicken breeds originated in different parts of India. Broiler chickens are typically raised only for meat. These are young chickens which are sold at the age of 6 to 8 weeks. Country Chicken is majorly grown for their eggs and meat.

Country chicken farming in India – a profitable business

Chicken farming in India has been rising tremendously with advanced technology and commercial farming strategies. In past times, desi chicken or country chicken were raised in backyard poultry by people for their own needs of eggs and meat supplements. There has been a drastic inflation since the last two decades and thus the small scale country chicken farming in India has changed from domesticated farming commercial large scale farming to meet the needs of eggs and meat.

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Country Chicken Farming in India.
Country Chicken Farming in India.

Hence, the rising demands have been attained by country chicken farms in India by commercial poultry business on large scale.

Types of country chicken breeds in India

Kadaknath and Aseel are the two main pure Indian breeds reared as backyard poultry also for large scale commercial poultry.

Aseel: Aseel is popular for its fighting potentials, high stamina and magnificent gait. The pattern of movement of the limbs of animals is identified as gait. It has long neck, broad breast, and very strong legs. Aseel is a rarely available breed which can be found mostly in Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajastan. This type of breed lays around 80 to 95 eggs per year.

Kadaknath: Kadaknath breeds typically in bluish to black colour. The internal organs of this breed may also be in dark black colouration. The blood of this breed is darker as compared to usual blood colour. A normal chicken may lay approximately 80 to 105 eggs per year. This breed has very firm immunity that fights diseases naturally. However, intensive rearing state is not recommended since it may cause an infectious disease – Mareks disease for poultry.  Busra, Naked neck, Siruvidai and Peruvidai are other breeds of Country Chicken. Peruvidai and Siruvidai breeds are mainly reared in Tamil Nadu.

Advantages of country chicken farm business

  • High demand: Growing demand for country chicken egg and meat produced by them in India is a positive social aspect that will develop your growth in this business.
  • Low initial investment: You can begin your country chicken farming business even with two birds firstly and rise the count later.
  • Short payback period and faster return on investment: This farming will produce revenue within 5 to 6 months. You can reach a worthy profit in one year after developing the farm.
  • Low or no labour cost: In any business, labour cost will have a major share of income gained by the business. Burt, country chicken farming needs minimum labour. Initially, your friends or family could manage the poultry.
  • Low feeding cost: Various, leftover food wastes, agricultural by products and grains can be used to feed these birds. Therefore, feeding price is very less, which could enhance profitability.
  • Health benefits: Country chicken farming has both social and personal benefits. Your home and your society could gain the health benefits from produced eggs and meat.

Country chicken farming business idea

  • A country chicken certainly live for six or greater than six years. A chicken basically lays eggs for 2 years. Broiler chickens begin laying their first egg in 17-19 weeks. However, country chickens take few more weeks for producing eggs.Aseel breed may start laying the first egg after 28 weeks. Kadaknath breed could take 25 weeks to begin laying eggs.
  • An average country chicken lays 90 eggs as an estimate every year. So the annual revenue from one chicken through eggs is estimated to be 900 to Rs.1350. A chicken can be sold for greater than Rs.500. If you raise around 100 country chicken in the starting, then you can achieve a huge revenue of approximately Rs.3 Lakhs to Rs.5 Lakhs in a year.
  • Aseel may get 1.25 kilograms in 20 weeks. Likewise, Kadaknath breed may get 950 grams in this duration. An average weight of Aseel breed hen is around 3 to 4 kilograms and Aseel breed cock is around 4 to 5 kilograms.
  • The quality of eggs and meat will be improved if you propagate the birds in a stress free organic farm.
  • This country chicken business will be greatly money-making when you raise chicken in sheds instead of backyard farming procedure. This is an excellent commercial form of rearing country chicken for profits.
  • Although country chicken has more resistance to infections, vaccination is significant step when you maintain a large scale commercial farm.
  • Country chicken basically depends on scavenging insects in nearby places where they grow in free range and to ensure high protein intake it is important to provide cereals for quality meat and egg production. For meat production cereal feed must be fed twice a day along with mixed grains such as Ragi and broken rice. Commercial feed is not needed in a high amounts if you grow country chicken in free range.

Cost to start a country chicken farm

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Cost to Start a Country Chicken Business.
Cost to Start a Country Chicken Business.

The budget to start a country chicken farm for raising 100 chicks is given as an estimation below-

A shelter made with simple nets along with local available materials around 1000 sq.ftis Rs.5000.

Cost of chicks, each chick costs Rs.25 so for 100 chicks, it costs Rs.2500.

Cost of feed for chicks per one year, excluding domestic food waste is Rs. 12,000.

Miscellaneous costs include Rs. 5000.

Total initial investment for the business is Rs. 24,500.

The total estimated initial budget is Rs.24,500, approximately for raising 100 chicks. You can also start this at a small scale as domestic farming with very little investment less than this.

The demand for country chicken is so high compared to other chickens and to start that business it also requires low investment and rearing cost. Thus, the business would attain high success rate and profitability.

Marketing of country chicken

Marketing country chicken is very easy as it is highly famous and the indigenous chicken variety is always in demand in the markets. They can be supplied in shops or the farms and can have a tie-up with hotels for supplying country chicken on a regular basis. Country chicken business will be an alternative source of income and will be an integrated farming system.

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Marketing Ideas of Country Chicken.
Marketing Ideas of Country Chicken.

Early investment and final profits of country chicken farming project

Many of them have started small country chicken farms with 10 chickens and large scale farms with more than 10,000 chickens. In India there are large scale broilers and country poultry farms. Most of the farmers are aggressive in making country chicken farming while jumping in the farming field. When it comes to farming, they set up their own lands. The country hen farming requires a little more investment than home farming. If the decision is to build a farm and make a huge profit, investment will require more. In order to build a farm, investments need to be on the basis of number of hens we are going to grow. One sq.m is required for a country chicken then for 5000 chickens 5,000 sq.m. is needed and also requires up to 6,00,000 rupees for the development of 5,000 country chickens.

Country chicken market and sale price

The country chicken is worth two or three times more than the price of broiler chicken. Broiler chicken is sold at Rs. 140. But the country chicken is sold from 300 to 400 rupees. Now the broiler egg is Rs. 5 and the country chicken’s egg is Rs. 15. Changes in this condition may come, and for the broiler chickens. But remember that there are no exclusive shops for country chickens. Therefore, we can make a country hen shop and yield more profits than expected. There are also some big shops that buy directly from country chicken farms that lead to developmental-pathways.

Nowadays, selling of products makes huge profits for the middlemen. Hence, instead of giving themby farming and even by developing the production of separate meat shops and earn more profits. That’s all folks about how to earn money with country chicken farming business. You may be interested in Poultry Farm License, Guidelines, Permission in India.



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