How to Become a Swiggy and Zomato Partner in India

Introduction to how to become a Swiggy and Zomato partner in India: Do you own a restaurant or eatery business? Are you interested in becoming a Swiggy Partner to grow your business exponentially? There is a step-by-step guide in this article on how to become a Swiggy partner in India. Additionally, it lists the documents needed, the benefits, and the application process.

How to Become a Swiggy and Zomato Partner in India
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Bangalore-based Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery service company. It was created to provide a complete delivery and food ordering service for the urban foodie from the best neighborhood restaurants. The company’s app was launched and being marketed by Bundl Technologies Private Limited. At present, Swiggy has a network of 95,000+ restaurant partners across the country.

Furthermore, Swiggy employs more than 60,000 delivery executives, and that number is growing every day. Swiggy currently operates in more than 140 Indian cities. Swiggy is an app-based single-window ordering system for food from over a hundred different listed restaurants. Customers can view the menus and tariffs of different restaurants on Swiggy’s app and order online. Here is a step-by-step guide for restaurants to become Swiggy partners

Guide on how to become a Swiggy and Zomato partner in India, fees/charges, eligibilities, how to add a restaurant, steps, commissions, and guidelines

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Registration process

Get ready with documents

Swiggy requires proper documentation for restaurants in order to partner with them. Here are the documents required:

  • The first thing you need is an FSSAI registration certificate.
  • You need to submit the Xerox copy of your PAN card if your business is a proprietorship. If you are doing another type of business, you must show the company’s PAN card.
  • GST Registration Number.
  • Details of the proprietors, including photos, identifications, and addresses. The following documents can be submitted as proofs of identity: Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter Id, Passport, and other documents showing your address, as well as Rent Agreement, Electricity Bill, and Water Bill.
  • A canceled check for Swiggy’s restaurant registration.

Apply online for Swiggy registration

You can become a Swiggy partner in no time at all if you have all the documents ready. To begin with, you need to visit the Partner with Us link. Enter your details and submit the form. You can also send an email. The email id is

Wait for the company official call

Swiggy officials will contact you upon successful submission of the form.

Understand the terms & conditions

Afterward, the Swiggy representative will meet with you in person to discuss your needs and requirements. The representative will provide a detail of Swiggy’s terms and conditions. You’ll also need to submit a menu card copy.

Get into a written agreement with Swiggy

An agreement will be drafted between you and Swiggy.

Product training and photoshoot

You will receive the necessary product training online and be shown how the app works. Photos of your restaurant will be taken, which will be uploaded into their application software. The documents you submit to Swiggy usually take one or two days to be reviewed. Your restaurant will finally be available on Swiggy after all the formalities have been completed.

Advantages of becoming swiggy partner

Restaurant owners who want to grow their business can use Swiggy without any additional effort. Among its benefits are the following: As a Swiggy partner, you can generate more customer and sale invoices. As a result, your revenue earnings increase. No matter if you own a restaurant that only offers takeout or a fine dining establishment, you can deliver more dishes. Because Swiggy does not require you to provide seating arrangements consequently, it helps in reducing costs, which leads to a higher net profit.

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Food delivery
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The delivery boy and the vehicle are no longer your responsibility after you register with Swiggy. As a result, your operating costs are minimized. A small restaurant can’t afford to keep a devoted person at the phone desk taking orders and writing them down. Then, deliver the food to the customers at a reasonable time. Swiggy takes care of everything. All you have to do is hand over the food to the delivery boy. Swiggy works on a commission-based model. So there is never a loss for the restaurants.

How much swiggy fees/ charges?

Swiggy charges different fees to restaurant owners depending on whether the market is new or mature. Swiggy typically charges restaurant owners commissions between 15% and 20% in developed markets like Bengaluru. Swiggy charges 16% of sales turnover for places where online food delivery is relatively new.

How to partner with zomato

Zomato, a food delivery giant, has been in the spotlight for its outstanding performance in recent years. Zomato is a global company operating in 24 countries, and it has a significant customer base in India. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the dynamics of the market in India, several businesses have paved their way toward digitization. The restaurants that don’t want to create their own websites and set up a separate logistic department can partner with this food delivery giant if they wish to expand their business.

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Business App
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Zomato provides the restaurants with a variety of options for attracting customers to their restaurants. Even restaurants located in remote regions can operate actively with a Zomato Business App ID. Whether you own a restaurant or Dhaba, or if you’d like to digitize your business, then you have come to the right place. We have everything you need to know about how to list your business on the Zomato app, get registered as a Zomato Partnership, and use Zomato Business App to attract more customers.

Eligibilities for registering a restaurant on Zomato

  • Restaurant owners must meet these eligibility criteria before they can start the digital process of getting partnered with Zomato for food delivery services:
  • It is essential that the entity originates in India and has a Private Limited Registration, Partnership Registration, or LLP Registration under a regulatory body
  • According to the business turnover, size, nature, or size of the business, the business entity should be FSSAI registered or licensed.
  • In India, the business entity will need to register for the Shop Act License and GST.

Step-by-step guide to adding a restaurant in Zomato

To begin with, register your restaurant on Zomato

  • Use any search engine and find the Zomato Partnership programs page that displays Zomato for business.
  • Select the option – register your restaurant at the top right corner of the page. 
  • Fill out your contact details such as your e-mail address and complete your OTP verifications
  • When you have filled out all the mandatory details, submit a request to become a Zomato Partner.
  • The alternative method is to call this contact number (+91-8039654500) to arrange a partnership with Zomato. Talk to the executive about how you intend to register your restaurant. An executive from Zomato may assist you in the process or return your call the next day.
  • Documents for submitting should be kept handy. Restaurant owners who want to do business with Zomato must have the following documents in order: GST, FSSAI, Owner’s PAN, and restaurant bank details.
  • Finalize the online ordering menu, additional charges, schedule, and other details once your legal documents are ready.
  • Upon successful registration, the documentation will be completed within a few days. A Zomato representative will call the restaurant owner to collect the legal paperwork. Before going live, the Point of Contact (POC) is assigned to them. They can e-mail if they cannot make POC contact.

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Manage Account
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Steps to register for Zomato business app

  1. First, restaurant owners must list their restaurant on the website before using Zomato for Business App. When they do so, they receive the login credentials for the Business app.
  2. Download the app and log in using the same credentials you used to claim the listing.
  3. Access your restaurant’s management section from your smartphone.

Steps to use the Zomato for business app

  • Receive real-time notifications
  • Manage reviews and respond to them
  • Directly update or manage listing information online
  • Promoting your business through Zomato to existing and potential customers
  • Create a new menu or upload one
  • The promotion of musical events, food festivals, etc.

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User Reviews
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Zomato’s commissions

Zomato’s commission charges for delivering food to your customers should be the first thing business owners know when they register with Zomato. Zomato currently charges a commission fee of 7% to the restaurants under its food ordering service. Payment gateway fees and delivery fees appear to be excluded from this figure.

For restaurants with fewer than 50 orders per week, a platform fee of Rs. 99 will be charged along with a 2.99% commission. Zomato allows restaurants to claim a discount on commission charges if they sell more food items via Zomato. If you reach 50 orders in a week, you will receive a good discount on commission charges.

Guidelines for restaurant owners:

  • Restaurant names: Restaurant owners are required to add the listing information for their Zomato partnership according to their restaurant’s correct spelling and tagline
  • Restaurant address: The owner of the restaurant must include the correct address listed in the legal documents. A standardized format should be used without abbreviations and should contain correct landmark details.
  • Business hours: Restaurant owners need to provide accurate business hours of their restaurants so users know if they can order from them while they’re open
  • Updated menu: Owners must keep their menus up-to-date as and when possible. The Zomato Business App allows them to update the menu whenever they make changes. Updating the menu with the right information is vital to attracting customers.
  • Restaurant features: Restaurant owners need to include details about veg, non-veg specialties, happy hours, and other details
  • Attractive photos: Owners should upload photos that are clear and attractive. If you don’t have clear and high-quality pictures of your food items, Zomato users might not order from your restaurant.
  • Audit reviews: It is important for owners to read reviews of their products sold. Having this information gives them a clearer picture of their customers’ appreciation and their feedback on their services.


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