How to Start a Furnishing Home Decor Shop in India

Home is where we relax, uplift our spirits, and grin with happiness. Everyone, including you and me, wants to decorate it with various themes, goods, colors, and art pieces to make it more peaceful, comfortable, vibrant, and attractive. The popularity of interior decorating is skyrocketing. If you’re reading this because you’re looking for inspiration, you may have some ideas of your own. You don’t need an academic degree to start a home décor business.

How to Start a Furnishing Home Decor Shop in India
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All you need is the ability to communicate feelings via colour, contrast, furniture, and other elements of design. As a result, if you have it, then go for it without hesitation. This is also one of India’s rising industries to invest in. You can also start this business online, which can be a small business idea for home décor. There are many home décor items business ideas and in this article. Let’s check out how to start a furnishing home decor shop in India below.

Is the home decor business profitable?

After lockdown, more individuals are looking for ways to improve their living and working environments. Online and offline home décor sales have risen dramatically as a consequence. According to research, the Indian home decor industry is expected to reach $27 billion by 2022.

As a result, getting into this industry today is a smart move. Starting a home décor business has a large profit margin as a bonus. It is possible to maintain profit margins of 20-25 per cent or more. If you’re going to be selling home décor online, there are several different markets you might enter. 

How to start a furnishing home decor shop in India

Analyze the home décor market 

Small, mid, and big businesses compete in interior design. It’s crucial to recognize that millions of competitors will provide identical goods and services at lower pricing than you. Floor coverings constituted a large percentage of the global home design industry in 2019—the finest business concepts. In growing countries like India, the home decor industry is rising.

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After studying home decor and associated services, you’ll know its products. Home décor items include bath floors, carpets, beds, living room, and kitchen wall-hangings. These goods can be readily customized by hand or machine to provide unique services. Increasingly, people want eco-friendly home design. People throughout the globe have realized the value of eco-friendly goods and environments, leading to a demand spike.

Depending on your goods and experience, you can use this knowledge to start a profitable business. Every home décor firm in India must know what its competitors are selling and at what pricing to stay competitive. This not only makes it easy to decide how much to charge for your products, but it also protects you from customers who could attempt to convince you to drop your pricing by pointing to the prices of your competitors as an example.

How to start an offline home décor business?

Create a business plan for your offline home décor business

Beginning and long-term success in the home décor industry need a solid business strategy. So, think of a business strategy for home decor. Make a list of the issues you want to cover in your business plan before moving on to the next step. Starting with product creation and finishing with marketing to boost sales, your business strategy should be product-centric. It’s not over until you come up with a brilliant idea for a home design product.

Additionally, your business plan should contain details about the product’s development and the necessary supplies and equipment. You must get a licence for your home decor products in India. Don’t start creating anything until you have permission to do so. Your business plan includes the money you’ll need to launch your home decor business. As a consequence, go to work raising the necessary finances.

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Choose an ideal location for your home décor business

If you wish to sell your furniture in person, you’ll need to rent a place. An office and creative area may not be the best place to store or sell your furniture or décor. Look for a business-friendly location in an area that suits your needs. A higher-end store is preferable for luxury items to a small, creative one.

Select the manufacturers for your home décor business

Manufacturers that specialize in a certain home décor product line are critical to working with. A contract should be signed with a business that manufactures the home décor products you need. When selecting a manufacturer, factors such as location to showrooms, quality, and cost must be considered.  Consumer preferences and the personal preferences of others in the near area should also be considered.

Hire the staff for your offline home décor business

When customers enter a physical shop, the workers are the face of the business, and they have a large role in determining their preferences and comfort level. The workforce must be polite and well-versed in customer service abilities, as a result. Any business can benefit from simple things like providing customers with clean water and uniforms for employees. You must select skilled and decent staff for your home décor business.

Work on the branding of your home décor business

You’ll have to come up with a business name, a logo, and a tagline before you can do anything more. Customers should be able to deduce what you offer just by looking at your business name. If, for example, you are in the furniture manufacturing business, your tagline should reflect that as well. Using it as the foundation for a corporate tagline for an interior design business would be brilliant. Contrary to common opinion, trademarks do not cover business names, logos, or slogans.

The profit margin of an offline home décor business

Profit margins in the home decor industry are enormous. Profit margins of at least 20% to 25% should be maintained in these businesses. These businesses make a lot of money, but they also lose a lot of money. Several important issues result in considerable losses in this sector, including fire, termites, wood expansion, and shrinkage due to moisture content. There are many industries where payment delays are prevalent.

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Thus, creating a profit margin of at least 10% is vital. The prices of the company’s products should be set at a level that will result in substantial profit margins. Don’t merely lower your prices to compete with your rivals. As a result, instead of being outdone by the competition, focus on a well-executed business plan and a superior product.

Promote your home décor business

Everybody claims to have the finest business concept but making it profitable is the only way to succeed. Consumer education, in this opinion, should take precedence above anything else. You might partner with specialists like architects, real estate agents, and other home decor firms to get into the market.

How to start a home décor business online?

Pick a niche for your online home décor business

You can also start an online home décor business in India. By this, you can also sell home décor products from your home. However, we advise narrowing your concentration to a single area. Artwork, lighting, and kitchen utensils are among the most popular home design categories.

To find a market for your products, choose a sector you’re enthusiastic about. In addition, when you get a better understanding of your target market and the products that sell well, you can always add or remove categories from your home décor business.

Create a website for your online home décor business

If you’re looking to sell your home decor online, a visually appealing website is necessary. Customers can learn more about the product’s features and benefits by reading a detailed description and specification brochure. For significant products such as a bed or modular kitchens, you should create video content and upload it to your website. This will allow you to demonstrate the product’s functionality and features from various angles.

Additionally, users should easily navigate through all items by clearly highlighting product categories. Having a web development staff on call to keep the site current is critical, given the constant addition of new items. There are certain situations when reading the testimonial section on the website that displays the brand’s classic characteristics is enough to persuade buyers. If feasible, include video testimonials shot on-site at your customers’ homes.

This will have a greater impact and assist convert potential clients more effectively. Consequently, your website will see a significant increase in traffic. A common blunder made by website owners is employing a less experienced web development team to save money. Don’t take such a significant risk with your online home décor company brand’s face, which is your website.

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Take care of the shipping of your online home décor business

Products must not be damaged while transportation by your business. You can assure the safe delivery of delicate items by joining up with a reputable shipping provider. To improve customer happiness, you must have a Return or Replace policy if the customer is not happy with the goods.

Pich the right delivery and return strategy 

Once a consumer has made a sound purchase, the package must be delivered safely to the intended recipient. Make agreements with local logistics businesses in each place where you do business to ensure damage-free delivery. There should be a ‘Return’ and ‘Replacement’ options for clients who desire to return or exchange their order. These steps should be completed with very few clicks to make your consumers’ lives easier.

Take care of installation procedure 

The goods must be installed after being delivered to the customer’s address. Making your business look unique from the competition requires a well-trained installation staff that can handle the various items. The installation staff should also be given enough training so that they are capable of carrying out their duties. While making any online purchase on a website, clients are looking for a product that is assembled well.

Promote your online home décor business through various blogs 

Online retailers are embracing this new trend, and it’s being used by several high-profile home decor businesses as well. It’s good to get bloggers to visit your business and get a first-hand look at your products. Various blogs and websites will then publish the original content these bloggers have written about your firm’s products, quality, and other aspects. These bloggers must have a lot of followers so that when they write about your business, their words reach a large audience, and your brand receives a lot of awareness.

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Because they have taken the time to visit your plant and write about your goods, you can compensate them according to industry norms. You can also request that they provide frequent client feedback on their posts so that you can enhance your items and develop plans in response to the comments you get. You may also provide the affiliate links to get them to collaborate with you.

Selling in bulk to well-known e-commerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, and the like is an option for online home décor firms. Because your brand is featured on their website, it will be seen by many people. In addition, these sites are not your rivals; thus, selling on these sites is a viable choice.

Profit margins of your online home décor business

To avoid losing clients to your competition, it is essential to establish the most appropriate profit margins on all of your items. If you’re running an online business, customers are more inclined to search for the same product on other websites when they have spare time. They are more likely to look at various e-commerce sites and personal home décor websites to compare pricing.

However, even if you can’t always deliver the greatest discounts, you can do one thing. You can offer designs that are only accessible on your website so that your consumers have no option but to purchase them from you. You can help your business stay afloat in today’s competitive market by following these steps.

Obstacles to starting a home décor store online 

It might be harder to exhibit your items’ quality and other characteristics on a virtual platform than physical locations. You must do all you can to inform potential customers about your home décor goods on your website. Internet customers expect a customized buying experience. A lack of personalization in internet enterprises results in a lack of repeat clients.

Your customers should feel that their preferences and wants are being considered. Logistics and e-commerce delivering items can be a problem for many online firms. Trying to do this on a large scale and finding a reliable delivery service might take along.


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