How to Start Meat Export Business in India

India started production and meat export in 1969. It has become one of the largest producers over the past 49 years. It has evidenced a massive growth in the production and export of meat. This business is successful if you plan in small and big units. As the intake of meat has increased with the increase in population worldwide, the meat production and export businesses have been increased and have seen a huge success rate. Let’s check out how to start meat export business in India.

How to Start Meat Export Business in India
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Market potential of the meat exporting business in India

The reason for the quick growth in demand for processed meat is for the increasing awareness of protein-rich diet also about the diversities of the processed meat available in the market that will aid to boot the meat processing business. So, you do not need to think much, about starting this successful business idea. There are various types of meat processing plants which are available that are categorized as mentioned below: 

  • Chicken processing plant
  • Pork processing plant
  • Goat processing plant
  • Sheep processing plant
  • Freshwater fish processing plant
  • Seafood processing plant 

How to start meat export business in India

Step 1: Design a perfect business plan 

This is the first and most important step to start the business. Hence it has to be carefully designed by considering all the requirements. Planning properly is really essential for any kind of business. It is very crucial to streamline the business with various important components of the business. Because every small point such as name, logo, license, and registration, finances required to invest, list of documents, profit analysis, and many more.

Step 2: Registration and license 

For this business, you need to register in the APEDA (Agricultural and processed food products export development authority). It is required for this kind of business to start in India. This helps you to get the idea that will help your business to flourish. This license is required to start any animal husbandry business.

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Registration and license 
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Foreign countries have a huge demand for processed meat as it has high protein content. Hence this has been marked as a top business to start. The demand is increasing day by day, and hence the business will be a great hit if you start and run it in a proper way. The major licenses required to start this business are:

Business Registration Certificate

This will be issued by the Indian government, which verifies the credentials and gives the certificate to start the business. To get this, you need to submit the details such as an address, owners, etc. Because all these details will be given in the certificate.

IEC Code

It is really essential for any kind of exporting business. The code is 10 digits and describes your business. This is essential for importing and exporting business goods and services. This is also required for filing the RCMA. 

GST Registration

This is required for every business. It gives various opportunities for all the businesses and assists in getting all the recognition. This registration assists in getting recognition for your business. GST plays a crucial role to contribute to the economy’s GDP. The other two important licenses are Trade License and establishment license. 

Step 3: How to reach the clients? 

This is the major step to approach the clients. For this, it requires potential buyers to enhance your business. You have to identify the customers. Buyers will approach you automatically if they identify your high-demand markets. You can do your business online as you might release good offers because of the digital boom in the current and future scenarios. Make digital approaches more because nowadays most of them are adopting more things online. The reach will be more, and the quick communication is left delayed that forgets your deal. The follow-up can be done easily through email or call. 

Step 4: Manage finances

Submitting samples for approval after obtaining the order. It is a key step used for transacting the orders, which is very helpful and meets the client’s requirements. Payment terms should be discussed properly. Payment terms are generally discussed, and mostly the terms should be specified specifically and properly.

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Step 5: Area required to start meat processing unit

The processing unit requires a minimum of 1500 square feet. You also have to decide on a location to ensure the accessibility of the market and the raw material supplies. You also have to make sure that your plant area should have common amenities such as water supply, drainage, and electricity because you have to set up a refrigerator system to avoid bacterial growth. 

Everyday sanitization is a must and should be in order to maintain safety and hygienic purposes. This also prevents your workers from infections. Meat processing machinery is a little risky to handle. So you have to hire the most experienced people to start the business. Training is a must and should be for every employee you hire. 

Step 6: Raw materials required 

To set up a meat processing plant business plan in India, the major raw material used in the meat processing industry is livestock. You must choose the raw material as per the procedure and need to acquire the livestock repeatedly. For producing value-added items, you must also obtain different kinds of sauces, onion, edible oil, pepper, salt, and spices.

Apart from this, you must acquire the packaging materials based on the product you are making in your meat processing industry. The list of packaging the raw material used in the meat business is mentioned here.

  • Aluminum cans for canned, processed meats
  • Polyethene
  • Skin packaging
  • A single/ multilayer film

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Aluminum cans for canned and processed meats
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Step 7: Meat processing 

There are various types of methods of processing meat. You must determine the technology and method by proper research, and for that, we are providing you with a few methods of processing meat. The first stage of meat processing is the slaughtering of livestock. Then you must proceed with skinning the carcass, then trimming and separating the different parts of the body. Then you must sterilize the meat to evade the bacteria that could exist in the meat.

The treatment period for sterilization is based on the bacteriological quality of the meat. And it is also based on the nature of the meat where the incidence of a high degree of fat in the meat will impact the sterilization process. Other factors comprise slaughtering conditions and sanitary circumstances after the slaughtering. Then the meat is cooked in the sauce along with other components and canned at last.

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Meat processing 
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Step 8: Packaging

The next step is the packaging. While packaging the processed meat you have to follow all the procedures and maintain the quality standards. It should also meet all the quality inspection terms. Exporting quality meat is difficult as it is perishable. Hence you have to follow quality assurance and need to use palletized packaging to reduce the risk of contamination. You also have to guarantee by following plastic wrapping and vacuum wrapping procedures. 

Step 9: List of machinery required

  • Automatic rapid patty maker with a meat grinder 
  • Sterilisers for dehydration and hydration 
  • Meat blender 
  • Vacuum sealer for sausage links 
  • Slaughtering arrangements and chillers for sausage stuffers electronic rail scale slaughtering arrangements and chillers captive bolt stunner and splitting saw 
  • Plastic barrels 
  • Pressure exerting pumps 
  • Trolley rack and hydraulic lift 
  • Weight scales 
  • Bacon slicer 
  • Vacuum tumbler 
  • Band saw knife sharpener 
  • Meat injectors and mixer

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Hydraulic lift 
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Step 10: Transportation

Transport is an essential part of this business. You need to have a plan to reduce transportation costs in order to maintain good profits. It is better to buy your machinery and tools rather than going for lease or rent.


By going through the steps, you might get a clear idea to start the meat processing business. As the demand for meat is growing day by day with the increasing population and the nutritional benefits, you can make huge profits with this, by following all the steps carefully without any delays. Meat export is one of the best business ideas to start with. This article helps you to get a complete picture in detail.

Frequently asked questions on meat export business (FAQ)

How to sell meat at a farmer’s market?

You can focus on establishing the circulation network in the local market. Also, look for about sell meat at a farmers market as this is also one of the markets for the meat processing business.

How to sell processed meat at the wholesale market?

Moreover, dealing with departmental stores, supermarkets, and retail chains is essential. Also, you can think through contacting the restaurants, big hotels, and resorts in the wholesale market as big hotels, resorts, and restaurants are the main consumers of processed meat.

How to sell processed meat online?

B2B websites: To capture the online meat business in India, it is very important to register your business on B2B websites like Alibaba, Indiamart, Tradeindia, Exportersindia where you can sell your product on bulk orders.

B2C websites: The B2C websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Bigbasket, are also perfect platforms where you can sell your product which is directly reaching the customer.

Is meat processing a profitable business in India?

Processing meat has marvelous demand in the export market as well thus it is suggested you look for about the meat export business in India, to begin the export of process meat you must apply for the IEC code which is compulsory to export or import any product.  Additionally, you must focus on developing brand awareness among the people for your meat processing business.


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