How to Take a Cream Stone Ice Cream Franchise in India: How To Apply, Cost

In India, ice cream is a popular dessert choice for almost everyone. A person’s face lights up when they hear “ice cream.” Since ice cream is such a popular treat, many people and company owners consider opening an ice cream shop. There are hundreds of Ice Cream Franchises to choose from these days. It’s hard to select among all the franchises, but Cream Stone Franchise is one of the most popular. Let’s check out how to take a Cream Stone ice cream franchise in India.

How to Take a Cream Stone Ice Cream Franchise in India
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History of Cream Stone 

Viren Shah owns cream Stone. For his hotel and catering business, his father founded Scoops in 1989, an ice-cream company. Vegan ice cream was sold at Scoops. The demand for Scoops ice cream grew due to a positive reaction from customers. They opened parlors in five-star hotels, shopping malls, and other tourist hotspots, and their brand has now spread to more than 5,000 locations, 36 distributors, and two manufacturing facilities. In the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra, as well as Karnataka, Scoops have done a great job.

Cream Stone was born out of a desire to adapt to the ice cream tastes of individual customers. In 2009, Cream Stone was introduced in Hyderabad. There are 13 locations in Bangalore, one of the busiest cities in India, with 56 locations. Viren’s family owns another ice-cream production firm, Scoops, and Temptations, so he’s no stranger to the industry. Using his knowledge, the firm has gone far. Viren has looked up to his father throughout his life as an example of success, and he feels that he has learned the importance of money from his father.

What is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of Cream Stone?

Cream Stone was the first ice cream shop to provide a customizable ice cream option, and it quickly became an industry standard. Ice cream lovers flocked in massive numbers to the concept of creating their dessert by picking their favorite flavor. In addition to choosing your ice cream flavor, you can also watch as the ice cream is made right in front of you.

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This concept of teaching consumers how ice cream is produced from scratch is unique to this specific ice cream parlor. So naturally, this attracted the public’s attention, and they began flooding the ice cream parlors, making them very popular. Sales of ice cream were also significantly boosted as a result of this.

Advantages of owning a Cream Stone franchise

Consistent Assistance

To assure the company’s success and growth, they perform surveys to research customer intensity, the potential of a shop, and the competitive intensity. In addition, they will assist in selecting the proper vendor to have a better understanding of the sales system points and the relative strengths and weaknesses of the franchise.

A Reputable company

A partnership with Cream Stone, a well-known name in the ice-cream sector, increases the brand’s legitimacy and draws new customers. People never get tired of ice cream, and because Cream Stone is so well-known for its ice cream-making method and wide range of flavors, partnering with them is a highly respectable opportunity.

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Assured success

Cream Stone is a well-known brand; therefore, the franchisee is guaranteed to succeed and benefit from working with and for the firm. It’s not only the delicious ice cream and shakes that draw customers to these businesses; they also get a kick out of showing their children how their favorite desserts are created.

Opportunity for self-improvement

Franchisees will learn all they need to know about running a company, from how to hire employees to what marketing strategies are most effective. Joining forces with Cream Stone will provide you with the expertise and experience to help your business flourish.

Requirements for starting a cream stone franchise

Area required

At least 30 square feet of space is required to launch a Cream Stone franchise in your city. According to Cream Stone, this amount of space is needed to accommodate all the kitchen equipment and provide a friendly environment for customers to enjoy their ice cream.

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Skills and expertise

Even if you don’t have any expertise in the ice-cream sector, you can still start a Cream Stone franchise if you have any entrepreneurial experience. But, of course, you’ll have a better chance of acquiring the franchise if you’ve already started your firm. 


Cream Stone is stubborn about not granting franchise rights to anybody seeking to operate the brand as a joint venture or partnership. One of the requirements for applying for a franchise is that you must live in the same city where the franchise is located. In addition to these, they see the following elements in the franchisee:

  • Entrepreneurs with a genuine desire to succeed.
  • Making it a full-time operation.
  • They’re looking for someone with the resources and passion to establish a name for themselves in the marketplace.
  • As a result, Cream Stone is looking for franchisees that are prepared to put in the time and effort necessary to succeed in the Food and Beverage market.

Cream stone franchise cost in India 

Cream Stone, a well-known brand, and its many services, support, and perks are more than comparable in price. Purchasing a Cream Stone Franchise requires a down payment of around Rs 30 lakhs. Additional costs must be paid before you can begin operating your outlet. You’ll also have to pay a marketing charge, which the company will use as it sees fit to promote your store.

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On top of that, you’ll have to make regular monthly payments to the brand as royalty. So every time you spend 50 lakhs, you get all of the services you need, such as the supply chain, management, etc.

Years of bond

Five years is the length of the franchise agreement. Joining together with Cream Stone is a definite way to increase your bottom line, as they are pushing the limits of what is possible in the world of conventional ice cream.

How to take a Cream Stone ice cream franchise in India

There are many people interested in becoming a Cream Stone franchisee since the brand is so well-known. To get a franchise, you need to follow the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Cream Stone franchises can only be obtained by visiting the company’s official website and submitting an application.
  • The franchise evaluation team will undertake a comprehensive assessment of the application after it has been filed. Entrepreneurial talents, financial capability, and other factors are taken into consideration.
  • Franchisees are also required to present a business plan outlining their long-term goals for the business.
  • You should expect to speak with the franchisee in person about things like the franchise fee, royalty charge, and any other issues that may come up.
  • In addition, the team will inspect the site to see whether it meets the company’s requirements.

As soon as your franchise application is accepted and you have paid the franchise fee, you will get your franchise license and be ready to operate a cream stone business.

Training and staff requirements 

3-4 staff personnel are needed in smaller locations. On-site training will be provided so they may give the best possible service to clients. Larger areas need a large staff. They should be able to communicate effectively with customers and inform them of seasonal specials as they decide what to order from the restaurant’s extensive menu.

They supply operating system instructions that must be followed religiously. With their expertise, they can create an exceptional client experience. They provide on-the-job training for its employees, which results in better performance. Regular audits and reviews are conducted to uncover the weaknesses and correct them to provide the most satisfactory service to their customers. They aid in placing orders for essential equipment, ensuring that only reliable companies are used in the process.

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Cream Stone offers clients a wide variety of flavors to pick from, and they create them directly in front of their eyes, blending each flavor in the correct proportion to please the customer’s taste buds. Premium ice creams are their specialty, and customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. So you can’t go wrong with this ice cream brand, which has mouth-watering flavors.

At Cream Stone, visitors can see an ice-cream manufacturing process directly in front of their eyes before they are given their custom-made ice cream. Constant support, guaranteed development, and high-level training for management staff are just a few perks of owning a Cream Stone franchise.

Frequently asked questions about the Cream Stone franchise (FAQ)

What is the Cost of the Cream Stone franchise?

Cream Stone is a well-known brand, and all of its services, support, and advantages are more than equivalent in price. A down payment of around Rs 30 lakhs is required to purchase a Cream Stone Franchise. Before you can open your shop, you’ll have to pay additional fees. In addition, you’ll be required to pay a marketing fee, which the corporation will use to any use it sees appropriate.

Do cream stone items have eggs?

Bakery staples like cookie dough, waffles, and brownies all include eggs, including French Vanilla ice cream. Their signature cakes also have eggs.



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