How to Take a Euro Kids Franchise in India: Investment, Cost, and Profit Margin

The pre-school industry is flourishing because children are increasingly being sent to pre-schools, where they are shaped and properly prepared and educated, before being accepted to primary classes in mainstream schools, even in smaller towns. The quality of a preschool is one of the most essential factors in determining its level of success.

How to Take a Euro Kids Franchise in India
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With that in mind, the following provides information about the Euro Kids play school franchise, which has established a high level of quality and gained fame in India as well as in several other countries. You’ll learn about the costs and expenses involved in setting up a franchise for a Euro Kids school and the possible return on your investment. Let’s check out how to take a Euro Kids franchise in India below.

About Euro Kids

EuroKids is one of the top five preschool franchise chains in India. It provides aspiring business owners with an investment-friendly opportunity and is capable of yielding decent returns. This is made possible by the company’s experienced management and its professional team of kindergarten specialists. The establishment’s unrivalled expertise, scalability, and monitoring capabilities and its one-of-a-kind material make up its unique selling proposition (USP).

Additional services have been added, including teacher training and book publication, to the company’s pre-school offerings. In addition, EuroKids provides operational assistance, training, skill building programmes, and other similar services to its franchisees to run their businesses successfully. As a result of these traits, they achieved the honour of being regarded as the fourth-best franchise in all of India in 2010, according to the Annual India Franchising Rank.

In addition, the organisation has formed a partnership with the State Bank of India (SBI) to cater to the franchisees’ financial requirements. In addition, the Edge 360 degree project will likely be beneficial to the business in the long run.

History of Euro Kids

2001 marked the beginning of operations for EuroKids International Ltd., which owns the EuroKids pre-school brand. Egmont Imagination (India) Ltd., a book publishing firm, was the previous name of the business that presently owns the pre-school. Since it began approximately 17 years ago, Euro kids have had great success guiding and educating children in their care via the provision of educational services.

This school has increased the expectations of every parent. As a result, it has prepared the path for the development of EuroKids, which now has a network of around 900 schools located in over 311 towns and cities throughout the nation. The year 2003 saw the beginning of not just the EuroJunior and EuroSenior programmes but also the opening of EuroKids’ 100th pre-school location, which was located in Lucknow. In 2004, EuroKids opened its first preschool outside of Europe after a management buyout and a change in ownership.

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Euro Kids Franchise
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EuroKids was recognised as the “Franchisor of the year” in 2008 and “The finest franchising programme” in education in 2011. Both of these accolades were granted every year between 2008 and 2011. The preschool was awarded “The Best Educational Business of the Year” for the second and third year in a row (2012 and 2013), in addition to “The Best Education Franchising Award” and the “Indian Education Award for Early Child Playschool Chain” in 2012 and 2013.

In 2015 the pre-school established a milestone by launching over 900 facilities throughout 350+ towns and cities around the nation. In addition to that, they were given the awards for “Power brand of the year,” “Hall of fame,” and “India’s most trusted brand.” In 2017, EuroKids introduced a whole new collection of kid-friendly furniture and the MyBuddy Smart Locator.

Along with the debut of their new-age Mindful Curriculum EUNOIA and their onsite and near-site childcare facilities in 2018, EuroKids also received an award from The Economic Times for being the Best Education Brand in the country.

What is the USP of Euro Kids?

Through their 5-point safety feature, Eurokids ensures that every child is accommodated in a risk-free setting. EuroKids provides a secure atmosphere reminiscent of a home for the children by using a five-point safety system is one of the company’s most valuable selling points (USPs). Every youngster at EuroKids is kept secure from harm thanks to round-the-clock surveillance through CCTV and specially designed, child-friendly furnishings and decor throughout the establishment.

They have also been awarded the designation of a safe school, which gives parents an even greater sense of confidence that the institution will keep their children safe and sound. After completing a thorough investigation into their backgrounds, the Pre-School also hires female staff members.

If there is an accident, they will also supply a first aid pack and medicine for emergencies. In addition to this, EuroKids offers a comprehensive engagement and education approach. Your kid will feel like they have a second home at EuroKids because of the comprehensive engagement strategy. This includes the following steps:

The teaching staff encourages young students to socialise with other children. They also aid in growing and building up the mental capacity of youngsters. They also encourage children to meet new people and establish friends to assist youngsters in developing their social skills. In addition, every kid receives instruction at the school to emphasise maintaining a healthy physique to live a healthy life.  Last but not least, the school and its instructors assist each child by developing long-lasting life skills and developing their creative potential.

The students at EuroKids have been given cutting-edge technology as part of their education. The school’s primary philosophy, which they refer to as “Child First,” served as the inspiration for developing a modern, attentive curriculum called EUNOIA. This particular programme has been constructed based on three pillars. First, development in children should be holistic and should be mindfully spaced and integrated.

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Fun-centred activities, games, and educational tactics are all part of the package. This helps set the groundwork for the children’s long-term growth. In addition, the school offers parents a “Buddy mobile app” that allows them to stay connected with both the institution where their children are educated and their children. They also offer interactive fitness programmes and music-based learning programmes like EuroFit, YogaKids, and EuroMusic. These programmes are all aimed at children.

What are the benefits of having a Euro Kids franchise?

The EuroKids “Franchise in a box” idea offers a variety of benefits that can contribute to the excellent success of your franchise venture. EuroKids is a well-known multinational brand that operates more than one thousand and more than two hundred and fifty schools throughout India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Parents’ confidence in this institution provides franchise owners with an additional competitive edge.

In addition, the franchise owners participate in intensive training programmes that provide them with the information necessary to operate and successfully run a preschool business. Both the franchise’s employees and the franchise itself will get initial and continuous training on the EuroKids Curriculum and how it is intended to be delivered to youngsters. In addition, the school offers each of its franchisees a specialised support staff that assists them in various areas, from marketing for leads to determining the most appropriate site for the school.

In essence, they assist their franchisees with their operational requirements and ensure that their questions are satisfactorily answered. In addition to this, they supply the franchisees with a business management system that assists them in monitoring the day-to-day operations of their businesses and the overall performance of their enterprises.

How to take a Euro Kids franchise in India below: Steps

Requirements for Euro Kids franchise 

Area required

A minimum of two thousand square feet of space is necessary to establish a Euro Kids franchise. The land needs to be on the ground level, and there ought to be a play space inside it; a secure boundary wall ought to run through the whole area.


The instructors must have prior experience working with children and assisting them in acquiring fundamental skills. In addition, teachers need to have a level of determination that allows them to pay attention to the requirements of every student.

They should be aware of how to teach children proper manners, and they should encourage children to develop healthy eating and excellent hygiene practices. Euro kids is already doing business in several different places, including Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka, Mumbai, Haryana, Punjab, and Assam, amongst many others.

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Kids Education
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The Euro Kids brand provides its instructors with extensive professional development opportunities. In addition to this, the head office will give the instructors direction. Furthermore, the central office supplies an ambience handbook to ensure that the specifications of the guidebook create the new school building.

The central office will provide the new franchise with instructional materials, such as textbooks, lesson plans, and other necessities. In addition, the duty of consistently finding solutions to the challenges faced by the franchise has been assigned to a group.

Minimum staff

A school should have one teacher for every ten kids; thus, if there are 30 students, there should be three teachers and a headmaster, one security guard, and two maids. This is because the teacher-to-student ratio should be 1:10. This indicates that if you have 30 pupils enrolled in your school, you will have six faculty and staff members.

Euro Kids franchise cost

To establish a Euro Kids franchise, you will require an investment of 14 to 20 lakhs of rupees. This amount covers the cost of the ambience, the setup, and the equipment. The majority of the capital is used toward paying the rent on the land and the building, the employees’ salaries, the cost of the electricity, and any other miscellaneous costs. EuroKids has formed a partnership with the State Bank of India (SBI).

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As a result, prospective business owners interested in taking advantage of this opportunity can apply for loans in the amount of money they need without collateral. These kinds of loans don’t need any security, and they often have a term length of five years. However, according to the moratorium, the payment of the principal and the interest will be put on hold for three months. As a result, female business owners can see a drop in the borrowing rates they pay.

Term of the franchise agreement

The franchise deal is made for five years, but it can be renewed for five years. After a moratorium period of three months, you will be able to receive your full investment back, along with interest on it.

Profit margin of Euro Kids franchise 

It is anticipated that the franchise would generate an ROI of 50 per cent. However, it will take time to recover the initial investment might range anywhere from one to 10 years. The amount of profit made by opening a Euro Kids preschool franchise depends on several variables, including business management ability, location, operating cost, etc.

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Many Euro Kids franchisees have discussed their experiences of opening a Euro Kids pre-school and have reported making a healthy profit and achieving breakeven quickly. By this, we can say that the Euro Kids franchise is a profitable business in India.



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