How to Take DTDC Franchise in India: Investment, Cost, and Profit Margin

The DTDC company is based in India and runs a chain of messenger stores around the country. It is often tasked with carrying cargo of varying quantities all around the country. More than 10,000 different locations make up the organisation, each of which can deliver packages domestically and globally, depending on the consumer’s location. People living in India have the opportunity to start their DTDC franchise businesses thanks to DTDC. Let’s check out how to take DTDC franchise in India.

How to Take DTDC Franchise in India
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DTDC is in the top 100 most well-known corporate brands in India and is one of the country’s most successful businesses. Their channel partners make up more than 80 per cent of first-time company owners, which gives them a particular advantage over their competitors and a vast reach throughout the nation. As a result, DTDC is fruitful in expanding its business, and it also offers gratifying experiences to those who want to do business with it.

The investment required to start a DTDC franchise in India is very low. Because of the various ways it has triumphed over the difficulty, the commercial enterprise is now the one in the nation expanding at the quickest rate. By establishing a DTDC franchise, which can be done from India, a person in any part of the country can start a messenger service by themselves.

The significance of courier and cargo services has dramatically expanded across all scales of urbanisation, from tiny towns to the nation’s capital. According to Abhishek Chakraborty, who serves as executive director of the firm, preparations are now being made for opening other locations by the development plan. It is possible to purchase a DTDC franchise in a large metropolis, a small city, or even a village. DTDC allows its customers to launch their businesses. Only 50,000 rupees would be invested initially for this purpose.

Overview of DTDC

In the year 1990, DTDC began its operations in Bangalore under the business name DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd. Within 17 years; the courier services franchise was able to grow its network to include all of the United States to an efficient network of business partners is maintained. It has been distributed to more than 5800 prosperous channel partners located across the nation.

It is among the major networks in the Indian Express business owned and operated by private operators. This franchised products delivery services business was the first firm in the Indian courier sector to pioneer the idea of franchising. As a result, it now operates the most extensive domestic delivery network.

How does a DTDC franchise work?

Booking with DTDC is a breeze thanks to the company’s one-of-a-kind mechanism. The ‘e-booking @ DTDC’ service offered by the goods delivery services franchise makes it simple for any person to send documents to any region globally, no matter where they are situated in the nation. Moreover, for the courier services franchise customers to do their task, there are only three easy actions that they need to complete: book, pay, and print.

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DTDC franchise structures 

Single unit franchise (SUF)

With the help of this programme, you won’t need more than one site to launch your business. It is one of the most essential and growth-oriented programmes in its corporate structure since more than 95 per cent of the DTDC’s company was founded via this programme, and 75 per cent of its revenue comes from this model.

Within the framework of this particular franchise model, the proprietor is responsible for the growth of the franchise and the provision of customer service within a certain geographic territory or postal district.

Master (DTDC) Franchise (MF)

A Master Franchise Agreement between the DTDC company and ourselves. This programme also results in the formation of the franchise owner. The master franchisee must be situated within the city boundaries of the Regional Office.

It is the responsibility of the franchise owner to oversee the working unit within those limits, which must include at least one reporting franchisee. It makes no difference what role the SUF is supposed to perform; this MF is in charge of the responsibilities and the advancement of the other franchises that fall under its control.

Super Franchise (SF)

A super franchise is a franchise run in an independent territory or a specific section of an existing region by one or more franchisees working together. This type of franchise might have a single owner or several owners. Because it is an extension of the business, it is responsible for the growth of the firm’s operations and providing excellent service to customers.

Corporate Syndication (CF)

An experienced industry expert must have the appropriate office infrastructure, investment money, and the business contact information of the corporate houses to gain this franchise programme. This is done to boost the overall expansion of franchisees.

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How to take DTDC franchise in India: Steps

DTDC franchise cost in India

Depending on the area, the total initial expenditure required to begin operations at a single DTDC franchise unit ranges between 50,000 and 2,00,000 Indian Rupees. A commercial area that has a high volume of foot traffic is the ideal site. The bare minimum that must be present is 250 square feet. The return on investment that is estimated is somewhere around 20 per cent. In most cases, the investment can be obtained in two years.

Area requirements for a DTDC franchise

A delivery company needs access to substantial storage space to handle packages effectively. You need to have at least 300 to 450 square feet of area to administer your courier service effectively. In addition, the position needs to be on the roadside and the ground level, and it should be seen by those walking down the street.

Documents required for a DTDC franchise

  • For the deposit and the setup fee, send a demand draft.
  • A driver’s licence or a voter identity card is issued to the franchise owner.
  • Ration card, phone bill, or landline account statement
  • Agreement on the ownership of land.
  • It is possible to demonstrate that you are financially stable by providing a bank statement copy or a duplicate of your chequebook.
  • As part of the usual subsidised rural and satellite DTDC franchise, DTDC conducts a background check on all applicants.
  • Selecting franchisees is based on the availability of accessible areas in the district and the potential for development in the sector from those regions, as determined by the organisation.
  • Applicants are also given information and assistance in selecting the best franchise for their needs by the organisation throughout the application process.

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DTDC education and training 

DTDC’s success and the remarkable DTDC Training and Development programme that boosts this performance are founded on the chosen establishment-based model, which serves as the company’s foundation. When prospective franchisees are selected, they must participate in an enlisting programme, also known as a meeting. They are provided with an overview of all aspects of operating a business.

They are given a welcome set or unit by DTDC, containing all the essential gear and supplies required to send out a DTDC courier. Additionally, a unique hatching cell is established to instruct the franchisee constantly, particularly in the first few weeks of the business’s operation. Finally, by logging into the franchisee intranet, franchisees also have access to their industry’s most recent and relevant data.

Qualifications of franchisee 

The organisation has several standards that must be met before an individual can be considered for the role of DTDC franchise owner. The following are some of them: An individual entrepreneur who fully commits to the adventure, a person who already possesses a proven track record in a business that is comparable to the one being considered, which will be a plus, and a person who shares entrepreneurial values such as pure interest, dynamism, team spirit, and willpower will be advantageous.

How to apply for a DTDC franchise?

You can apply to a DTDC franchise in the following ways. First, you have the option of submitting your application online. To establish a franchise in a particular place, DTDC must first go through several stages.

  • To a large extent, marketing, advertising, reference, personal connections, and other similar channels are used to locate people interested in purchasing a franchise.
  • They are given fundamental information about the firm after the first round of conversation, and they are also walked through the terms and conditions at that time. After that, they need manual navigation to go across the waterway.
  • The premises being considered, such as an office space, are examined.
  • The applicant is responsible for filling out the application form.
  • Include the following with your application form

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Demand draught for the payment of the setup fee and the security deposit by the specified criteria, a driver’s licence or a voter identification card, a ration card or a landline telephone bill, Agreements on the lease and use of the premises or the owner of the building, Financial credential: Bank passbook or bank statement, a letter of reference

  • Documents are examined as well as checked for accuracy.
  • Greenlight is required from the RCM/ZCM, the RM/REGIONAL HEAD, the ROM/ZOM, and the GM.
  • The applicant will get an email about the code activation from the general manager’s office.
  • The channel department offers on-the-job and off-the-job training for new franchisees, operations, IT, CSS, and Accounts and Sales, respectively.
  • The RM or GM will sign a certificate of training given to the franchisee.
  • At the Regional Office, the franchisee is presented with the welcome package and introduced to the heads of the department.
  • The franchisee launches their business.

Staffing requirements for a DTDC franchise

Two individuals are needed for a single-unit franchisee. The master unit franchise requires a minimum of three members. The super unit franchise requires at least four members to operate.

Support from DTDC

Systems and procedures that can be taught replicated and carried out profitably. Access to ongoing research and product development, advice on marketing and promotion, and help from information technology—management and strategic planning for businesses; strong support for operational activities and the Standard Uniform policy.

Is the DTDC franchise profitable?

DTDC’s family of franchisees is continually increasing, and at present, the company’s network is developing at the pace of three new franchisees every day. DTDC is one of the top 100 most well-known business brands in India. They have prosperous channel partners throughout India, with over eighty per cent of them being first-time entrepreneurs. As a result, it is simple to conclude that owning a DTDC franchise is lucrative and gratifying.

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Profit margin of a DTDC franchise 

The return on investment for any form of DTDC franchise that you purchase is greater than 20%. There are three distinct DTDC franchise models: Category A, Category B, and Category C. The total investment required for these different franchise models comes to anywhere between 50,000 and 1,50,000 rupees.

And the earnings that we receive are somewhere in the range of 50,000 to 1,50,000 rupees for all of the franchise models discussed before. This is the DTDC franchise monthly income range. Therefore, it is safe to assume that investing in a DTDC franchise in India is a financially sound move to make.


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